Chapter 23: 1992 – October to December, Europe and India

Recollections - Book by Sahaja Yogis

Diwali Puja 1992

The first Diwali Puja in the Eastern Block in the presence of Shri Mataji took place in 1992, in Timisoara, close to the Hungarian border.

Mihaela Balasescu

The deep consciousness of divine vibrations

Shri Mataji was in Romania at Timisoara at the time of Diwali Puja in October 1992. I had the great chance and blessing to travel with other Sahaja Yogis in the same plane going to Romania.

For about twenty minutes during the flight I had the possibility to sit just on the left hand side of Shri Mataji. I talked with Her about several aspects of my job and about solar techniques and building. After some time I felt that it would be better to sit in the back and was also aware that I had not the full consciousness about whom I was sitting next to.

Half a day later we again had a wonderful opportunity to meet Shri Mataji in Her apartment in Timisoara, which had been very nicely prepared by the Sahaja Yogis from Romania, and were several hours with Her. After some time I was so drenched in Shri Mataji’s vibrations and we were all not only joyous, but felt the gratitude and love, granted by Her. We were deeply relaxed and drenched in divine bliss. At a certain moment Shri Mataji looked at me.

Oh, you are also here! How did you come here?’ In a split of a second, in my mind I answered, ‘Shri Mataji, I came with You in the same plane!’

The next moment I understood what Shri Mataji wanted to bring into the light of my awareness and I just can interpret it like this: Shri Mataji’s question was, ‘How did you come here?’ – meaning in the realm of heaven – the very deep consciousness of divine vibrations and union with Shri Mataji. The experience showed me what a big difference it was to be with Shri Mataji, meaning in Her realm – only with Her permission in deep union, or to have the illusion to see Shri Mataji or to talk to Her, but without that deeper connection.

Franz Mekyna

A lesson of love and patience

During the fall of the same year, 1992, Shri Mataji blessed Romania again with Her holy presence. She came to Timisoara, where Diwali was celebrated for the first time in a country from Eastern Europe. The puja was attended by hundreds of Sahaja Yogis from Russia and other ex-communist countries, but not so many from the West. We had also invited many Indian brothers and sisters. Only two to three months before the puja, the Romanian authorities decided to impose severe restrictions for admitting people from certain countries, including India, into Romania. All our actions ran into closed gates and we gave up. At that moment, we got a call from Italy, announcing that Shri Mataji also needed an entry visa. We went immediately to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where someone suggested to contact the Indian Embassy.

There we found a fax from an Indian Sahaja Yogi who came forward as guarantor to all the Indians on an attached list including all our brothers and sisters invited to Diwali. With the list favourably endorsed by the Indian Embassy, the same day the Romanian authorities gave their consent to the admission of our invitees. Such a quick and sudden change of attitude just a day before the puja was a real miracle. As a matter of fact, Shri Mataji was a bearer of a diplomatic passport and needed no visa.

Accompanied by Sir CP, Shri Mataji arrived by flight from London to Bucharest and from there took the train to Timisoara. This was the city where the Romanian Revolution had started making possible the opening of Romania toward Sahaja Yoga at the same time with the beginning of a new era exempt of Communism. After arriving at the Continental Hotel where an apartment was booked for the guests of honour, Sir CP shared with us his good memories about his former visit to the Romanian shipyards.

In the evening, after fireworks at the city’s stadium, we had the puja and Sahaja Yogis from various countries performed a musical programme. Then, Shri Mataji offered in person presents to each participant (there were hundreds, maybe one thousand) until 6 am. This was another lesson given to us by the Divine Mother: of love and patience. Mother had asked me to tell Her about each lady if they had a long or short hair, so She could accordingly offer them either a hairpin or another ornament. Later on She had told me that women should fasten their long hair. Only the Goddess can wear loose hair.

Dan Costian

Shri Mataji knows us best

In 1992 I was in Timisoara. After the puja Shri Mataji was talking with yogis on the stage. The other Sahaja Yogis walked up to the stage to do namaskar and give their flowers. I also made namaskar and when I raised my head I saw Shri Mataji’s eyes looking through me like X-rays. In this short moment I realised that Shri Mataji knew everything about me, much more than I do myself.

Bozena Czachowska

Hoping to stay closer

In 1992, in October, in Timisoara, after the artistic programme for Diwali, Shri Mataji was distributing presents to everyone in the hall. There were some thousands of people and everyone got a small present, according to his or her age group or gender. Young girls got nicely decorated hairpins and some gentlemen got rings. When my turn came, I went close to Her armchair in the middle of the basketball court, bowed and picked a hairpin. I longed to stay near Her a bit longer, and expressed that wish in my mind. I do not know for how long I was there, next to Her, but it was quite some time.

After a while, She invited me to pick another hairpin, the signal for me to step back. For a long time afterwards I wore the two hairpins to hold the hair on the two sides of the head. Their vibrations were perhaps working out my ego and superego. I went to sit behind Her armchair, where a girl in her early teens was checking the vibrations of the pop singer Michael Jackson. It seemed an unusual thing to do when Shri Mataji was there, but people with all kinds of backgrounds and interests were then attracted to Sahaja Yoga.

When seeing Shri Mataji off at the hotel, the lobby was full with people waiting for Her to come down from Her room. We were all holding flowers in our hands, eager to offer them to Shri Mataji as a sign of our love and gratitude. When She came, She started walking slowly towards the exit, collecting the flowers. Shri Mataji accepted my flower, I again hoped to stay a few moments closer to Her, and for quite some time it seemed that She was accepting the flowers from all the people present without moving from my side.

Alexandra Dumitrescu


Diwali Puja, Timisoara

Bible Enlightened

We returned with Shri Mataji to the palace, where She was staying in Romania, in 1992, I had the courage to present Mother with the manuscript of the ‘Bible Enlightened’ of which I had just completed the first part. At that time, the book had no title. It was chosen later on by Shri Mataji. She opened the manuscript at a specific page and showed me a mistake I made translating a Sanskrit word. I was amazed: She went directly there! Then She decided the book would be printed in India.

I felt extremely happy being thus encouraged to go on with this work. I had finished reading the Holger Kersten’s Jesus Lived in India and had some uncertainties.

Shri Mataji, did Lord Jesus really die on the cross?’ I asked.

Yes,’ came Her answer, ‘He died, indeed, then He resurrected.’ Then I asked if the Turin Shroud had belonged to Lord Jesus, and Shri Mataji confirmed that fact.

Dan Costian

The tulips bloomed

While we were at Pratishthan from 1992 to ’95, looking after the farm at Shere village and the gardens of Pratishthan at Pune, we were lucky to get the blessings of Shri Mataji. A lot of things happened due to Her blessings which would not have been possible otherwise. These could be termed as miracles.

At the Birthday Puja in 1992 in Delhi the Malaysian Sahaja Yogis had given some tulip bulbs to Shri Mataji. These flowers are found in cold climates and are not available in India. They were packed in a special jar containing some preservative chemical.

The bulbs were sent to Pune to be planted. As the climate of Pune was not suitable for growing tulips, we kept the jar and waited till Shri Mataji came there. We raised our doubts and Shri Mataji instructed us to plant the bulbs and spray water from Her Lotus Feet on them. To our utter surprise, the tulips bloomed and were shown in the flower show held at the Botanical Garden, Pune. This was published in the Marathi Sakal newspaper. Shri Mataji translated the news into Hindi for us.

Satish Chandra Sharma

The cool breeze started falling on the sack of seeds

The Dehra Dun collectivity presented some very good quality basmati rice seeds to Shri Mataji. To vibrate those seeds, Shri Mataji asked us to put the bag of seeds near Her. When we put the bag in front of Her Lotus Feet, we felt that a cool breeze was blowing from them. The whole hall became cool and the chaitanya lahari (cool breeze) from our Sahasraras started coming in a big way. The cool breeze started falling on the sack of seeds.

The crop yield was more than the normal and the taste was also very good.

Satish Chandra Sharma