Chapter 23: 1997 – March to June, India and Cabella

Recollections - Book by Sahaja Yogis

These souls are always working

About ten days after our second son was born, in 1997, we took him to Shri Mataji. She held him in Her arms and She gave us the peda. Traditionally the parents give the peda to everyone else, but She gave the peda to us. She said that he was Her child, and how like Her he looked. She said he had come from the moon on Shri Shiva’s forehead and he was a pundit. He had been born at the same time as Shri Mataji had come into Pune and the same time that the moon was sighted over Pune at the feast of Ramadan, so She gave him the name of Chandrakant, which has a meaning for both Hindus and Moslems. The work on the house at Pratishthan had been stopped for some months because of some problem, and She said it was by his desire that it had started again. She said these souls are always working, and this was an infant of ten days, and I think She said it because the power of meditation doesn’t depend in any way on the state of our physical being.

Patrick Redican

Thank you for coming to India

It was 1997, and it was the first occasion that I went to India for Birthday Puja in Delhi. When I arrived in the middle of hundreds of people at the airport, a young man came to me and said, ‘Jai Shri Mataji!’

It was a complete week of celebrations for the 75th birthday of our Holy Mother. Among all these activities, there was a special recognition of Shri Mataji by the Medical Society of India that declared Sahaja Yoga as the cure of psychosomatic diseases, and they mentioned the miraculous cure of my son, who at long distance had been cured in Mexico. At that time our Holy Mother had tears in Her eyes and full compassion for the young man who was suffering of amyloidosis, a mortal and incurable disease. When the ceremony was over the Divine Mother came out just where I was standing, and I told Her that I was going back to Mexico that night.

Thank you for coming to India. May God bless you,’ Shri Mataji stopped in front of me and said.

I wanted to kiss Her Lotus Feet and thank Her for all She had given to me, but we were standing in a narrow corridor surrounded by a crowd of doctors, and I only could bend my head to say ‘Thank You Mother,’ from my heart, and She went out.

Graciela Vázquez-Díaz

The three candle treatment 

The three candle treatment was shown to me by our Divine Mother in 1997 when I was subjected to a tantric attack by a colleague in the army. I was posted in Madhya Pradesh, India and was called by Shri Mataji to Delhi when She came to know about my ordeal. I had been fed tantric food and it had gone into my Nabhi, and I had been passing blood for more than three months.

The method is very simple. One candle is placed in front of the photograph, or it can be a diya – oil lamp. The left hand is put towards the photograph with the second candle in front near the left thumb (left Swadishthan). The third candle is put at the back, near the left Swadishthan, a few inches away so as not to burn your clothes. The right hand should be on the Mother Earth. We should avoid sitting on a carpet while doing this treatment – Shri Mataji advised me to sit on the floor, in direct contact with the Mother Earth. As the left side gets heated, the negativity is transferred via the right hand into Mother Earth. We can recite the Shri Ganesh Artharva Sheersha with the attention on the Sahasrara chakra. It is done to clear the left side, especially left Swadishthan and left Mooladhara as both get affected when the left side gets caught up. It should not be done as a ritual but with your heart, with complete faith in the Divine Mother.

When the left Swadishthan is badly caught up black smoke will emerge from the candles. Black soot will collect on the candle and this signifies effective clearance. When the left hand feels cool and light you may stop the treatment and put off the candles. It must be done every time before you settle down for meditation, in serious cases. We must meditate for some time after that with both hands towards the photograph.

The answer to my question as to why a Sahaja Yogi should be affected by a tantric attack was very revealing. Shri Mataji said that everyone who comes to Sahaja Yoga has to be tested. Some tests are easy and some are difficult. Mine was difficult, but after that I have experienced complete lack of fear of negativity, as I know I can handle it.  

VK Kapoor

God came on the earth for a short while

Once Shri Mataji told me to put my back towards the photograph, during three candle treatment, so the Swadishthan was exposed directly to the photo. She told me it would take a long time in clearing and not to get disheartened. For nearly ten years I used to first do three candle treatment for about twenty minutes and then do meditation for about forty minutes, day and night. On that day She also cleared me with Her Holy Feet, worked on my back for about thirty minutes and told me that my chakras had got displaced due to the extremely tough physical training in the army.

How can we ever repay our Divine Mother for what She has done for us? God came on earth for a short while but at times I feel that we did not have the wisdom to be fully conscious of this.

VK Kapoor

Absolute silence

In 1997, I took Jalil, a Sahaja Yogi, from Marrakech, Morroco to meet Shri Mataji at the time of the Birthday Puja in Delhi. When we arrived at Her house in Noida, we were immediately invited in, and were treated very hospitably, being offered sweets and tea. After that we were allowed to enter Shri Mataji’s room, and we namaskared at Her Feet.

Shri Mataji wanted to know details and we told our experience with a man in Morocco called Mohammed. We had had our first workshop in a hotel room in Marrakech, and after about twenty minutes there was such a deep atmosphere of silence. Mohammed opened his eyes and looked at Shri Mataji’s photo.

I have had a good communication, and I can feel Her,’ he said, and then said that the silence told him the truth. Later we asked him why this was, and he explained that his father had been a Sufi, and told him that if he ever found something that gave him absolute silence, then at that moment he would meet God. Shri Mataji liked this story very much.

You have to prepare Morocco for My coming,’ She said.

Franz Mekyna

Vishwa Nirmala Dharma

There exists only one religion in this world, and we call it Vishwa Nirmala Dharma,’ Shri Mataji said to a visiting Sahaja Yogi.

Franz Mekyna

She thanks the children so they learn

Just before my son was born Shri Mataji asked us to come and live at Cabella, because we were living in Milan at that time. We came in 1997, after the baby was born. After the Krishna Puja that year She called me up, in the night, so I went up and Shri Mataji was in Her room. I knocked on Her door.

Come in,’ She said. She asked me about another lady from Shillong, (the part of India where I came from), who had got married and was living in America. I was able to ask Shri Mataji about my son, who had a lot of allergies and was full of rashes and so on. She said it was liver. A few hours later my son woke up, and everything was fine: the rashes had gone. There were just a few marks left on his face, and after that day he never had any problems. The next day Shri Mataji sent down some vibrated sulphur and asked me to do this cure with sulphur, water and honey. I had to mix a little bit of gheru and sulphur powder in hot water with a bit of honey.

There were many occasions when wewent up to help Shri Mataji. She used to show us how to fold the saris and blouse and petticoats, She used to arrange everything.

Push this in there,’ She would say, so the whole case was properly filled up with no space over. Once Shri Mataji showed me a Paithani sari, and I was so embarrassed because I did not know much about it. I have been here in Italy for many years, but being an Indian I felt I should have known all about these saris. She would often ask one of us for a certain sari, ‘That bengani colour one,’ bengani is purple, but we were so used to thinking in Italian or English that we would miss it. She was always very sweet – She looked at you and watched everything, such as how you fold a sari. One time we couldn’t get all the saris in Her case.

No, this is not the way, you have to put them the other way around,’ Mother said, as if She had been watching the whole time, even though we thought She had been sleeping.

On Mother’s Day one year, we all had been to Shri Mataji and most of the people and children had an allergy from the pollen. Mother asked about it and said it was from the liver and everyone should do a strict liver diet. She also said children should wear dark glasses against the strong sun.

Shoma Arciglio

Mother supported artists

Mother invested so much time and energy in artists and we have to remember this. Art enriches our life. Artists in Sahaja Yoga often make enormous economic sacrifices to develop their art, to express themselves and to offer that richness to society and the Sahaja collective.

Mother always supported them, especially these great Indian musicians. She supported artists to a great extent, so Sahaja Yoga can be fun and interesting. Mother often gave special attention and special care to artists in Sahaja Yoga. She said artists today are like cactuses in the desert. They are very prickly on the outside. They have to be like that to survive in the desert. But if you want water in the desert, you have to go to the cactus.

Robert Hunter

Art is spiritual

Shri Mataji said that Indian art is very refined and very dignified, especially the art of miniature painting because it’s – I don’t remember Her exact words, but She explained it was very close to the spiritual, where each and every event of the incarnations is described using seasons, colours and everything.

Shri Mataji spoke about Roman art and about how important it is to build up strong and solid roads and buildings. Then She said that St. Petersburg, which was designed by an Italian, if I’m not mistaken, is so beautiful because it is so well done from every side that you cannot make out which is the back. Whenever Shri Mataji said something about art, it was in some way connected to the Spirit because, for Her, art was a very spiritual experience.


Why do we have these arts?

Once Shri Mataji was talking about the purpose of art.

Why do we have these arts around us?’ She asked. She was concerned that if fine art is not given patronage, it will soon die out. She said that the real purpose of fine art is to awaken the subtle sensitivities within us: it should make us thoughtless, not make us think, like modern art.

Shri Mataji spoke about Iranian art, saying it is so dignified and intricate. She also said that Iranian art is one of the world’s best arts, followed by Italian. Akbar Samii brought some artifacts from Iran. Even a small piece of a stone will be beautifully decorated with calligraphy, floral designs and detail. She held these things in Her hands.

Look how beautiful those artisans are! I would really like to promote this,’ She said. Shri Mataji wanted to bring fine arts and artifacts from all over the world, so that She could help, because She was very touched by the plight of these craftsmen, who have been exploited by certain entrepreneurs. While Shri Mataji was examining the artifacts from Iran, She told us many things.

These stones are black, but when you cut them, they become white,’ She said, and noticed the beautiful way they have of combining materials.

Shri Mataji also spoke about aboriginal tribal art in India. She wanted to bring terracotta from India, to promote or sell these artifacts to Europe.

Look at the beautiful artifacts made by these aboriginals,’ She said. ‘You see these colours? You know what you do? You take a mango bark, grind it into a paste, mix it with soil, put it on the pottery and when you put it in the fire, you get rich red colours and all kinds of shades. These things are full of vibrations because they are made by simple innocent people.’

Mother wanted these things to go in each and every house, rather than plastics and all kinds of synthetic materials.


She went into meditation

I was alone with Shri Mataji in Cabella.

Mother, will the whole world be saved?’ I asked Her. She went into meditation.

Evil was, is and will be. They don’t deserve it,’ She said.

Christine Haage

Punyas of previous lives

Once at Cabella, I was in Mother’s room.

How is it,’ She asked me, ‘that you people took immediately to dharma in this crazy world after your realisation. Every time we switch on the TV, we see a man with his hands on a woman who is not his wife.’

Before Sahaja Yoga,’ I told Her, ‘I didn’t lead a saintly life, but I was always longing for the purity I found in Sahaja Yoga.’

This is because of punyas of previous lives. You were all great people,’ Shri Mataji explained.

Christine Haage

She knows everything in the cosmos

I had an idea concerning Sahaja Yoga, and had kept it to myself for five years. I even did not tell my wife about it.

Sasha, you have an idea. It is wrong,’ Shri Mataji said once, when I was massaging Her at Cabella. So, I did not think of it any more. Then She asked me, taking into consideration that my wife and children were in Russia and I was in Italy, ‘Sasha, do you know what your wife is doing now and where she is?’

Where can she be?’ I thought, and I could not look at my watch because I was massaging Shri Mataji. ‘Shri Mataji, I am sorry, I do not know where my wife is and what she is doing,’ I said.

And I know,’ She said and started telling me where my wife was, what she was doing and what she was saying and thinking about. Then Shri Mataji said, ‘and where are your children?’

I reckoned that one should be at school and the other – also at school and She again told me where my children were and what they were doing and thinking about.

And where is Dr Bohdan?’ He might have been in Moscow or he might have left already.

Shri Mataji, I am sorry, I do not know where Dr Bohdan is,’ I said.

I know where Dr Bohdan is,’ She said, and started telling me about him, what he was doing and thinking.

Shri Mataji said that She knew everything that is happening in the whole world, about each person and what he is thinking about and doing, absolutely about everybody, not only on the planet but also in the cosmos. She is verily Shri Adi Shakti and knows absolutely everything.

She said that to read thoughts is the easiest thing in spirituality, but as we are only starting we cannot do anything so far. However a time will come when the ego and superego will go down and we will be nearer to Shri Mataji. When you are near Her everything flows in a different way. There is another state there: you are completely in love, as if there is no other world. You are beside God.

Alexander Solodyankin

My recognition of being Her child

In 1997 I came to live in Cabella. On many occasions we would go into Shri Mataji’s rooms and lift big boxes with gifts, and open them. A few times She would ask us to stay after the job was finished, then She would talk about all kinds of things. Sometimes She would offer us tea and vibrate the sugar, and it was always in that loving, Motherly way.

The first time She actually called me by name, I was very proud somehow, because that was my recognition of being Her child. It was the end of that year that we had a meeting with an accountant who did not speak any English and I was there to translate. That was a very beautiful moment because I was there next to Shri Mataji, next to Her chair, just like Shri Ganesha is sitting, and I was completely empty and there to serve Shri Mataji. One year later a child was born to us – our second one. We got a chance to ask Shri Mataji for a name for our second child.

What is the name of your first child?’ She asked us. She gave three different names to the first one: Shridar, then Shrikant, then Shrinath. He finished up with two names, Shrikant and Shrinath. Concerning the second son, and every time we saw Her She would say, ‘I still have not the name of your son.’ It was very sweet, until one day, just five minutes before leaving to go to India, She gave him a name – Varada.

Marco Arciglio