Chapter 03: 1981 – April, Hong Kong

Recollections - Book by Sahaja Yogis

First programmes in Hong Kong

My friend Emily arranged for Mother to stay in a suite at the Hilton Hotel, Hong Kong, to have Her first official press conference with English and Chinese newspapers and two public programmes, one at a very prestigious venue and one in a large Hindu temple. Through her connections in TV and radio she arranged for Shri Mataji to have a half hour television programme and a whole afternoon on English radio. These two things particularly pleased Mother because She said through the ether She had at last penetrated into communist China.

Emily was not completely clear and Mother used this to Her advantage during the television programme in Hong Kong. Shri Mataji explained how when the Kundalini rises, if there is a block it can be seen throbbing as it tries to clear the blockage. To demonstrate this Mother asked my friend to go to Her Feet and told the camera man to film it. He was not sure how to do it and missed the evident pulsation at her liver. Shri Mataji said we should do it again and this time I should point to where the Kundalini would be working. She said it would not be so obvious because it had already cleared a lot. It was true, it only throbbed half as much, but nevertheless the liver catch was filmed for posterity and was televised to a vast Chinese audience.

Kay McHugh

Divine timing

Emily noticed that Mother mostly arrived after the advertised starting time of the programmes. She had Her own very good reasons for doing this, never did anything by mistake and often graciously apologised for Her late arrival, giving logical and unavoidable reasons. Emily had little understanding of the ways of the divine and asked Shri Mataji to please come on time, saying the Hong Kong public wouldn’t wait, because they were busy people.

‘Of course, of course,’ said Shri Mataji.

The Hong Kong programme venue was ten minutes away from the Hilton Hotel and a limousine was booked for exactly ten minutes before the programme start time. Shri Mataji entered the limousine at the appointed time while Emily was waiting outside the venue to greet Her. The start time came and went, ten minutes passed, twenty minutes and half an hour.

My friend’s anxiety levels were rising and she paced up and down outside the hall. Finally, forty minutes late, the limousine drew up, with Shri Mataji apologising. The driver, who spoke no English, had misunderstood and taken them to the airport! Strangely not one busy Hong Kong person had left the hall.

Kay McHugh

The shawl-bearer to the Goddess

After the 1981 programme in Hong Kong, we went back to the hotel in the hotel car and I got out, said my pranams, goodnight to Shri Mataji, and bowed down.

‘You must come,’ She said. I was in my dress with just my handbag.

‘But I haven’t got anything to wear, Mother,’ I replied.

‘You must stay with Me,’ She said. ‘You can wear some of My clothes. Come along.’

‘Oh, my goodness me,’ I thought. So I ran back to the car, grabbed my handbag and then proceeded upstairs with Shri Mataji.

We went upstairs into the hotel room and talked about this and that and then She eventually got into bed and was reading the hotel magazine. We got up in the morning and ordered breakfast, the breakfast came and after that we went out. It was a Diwali day and it was also my birthday.

‘Will I need My shawl?’ She asked me.

‘I don’t know, Mother, but it’s looking cloudy, so perhaps You may.’ She looked out and to the distance and gave bandhan to the clouds.

‘There, now I’ve cleared it up a little bit. But,’ Shri Mataji said, ‘I’ll take it. Here, you carry it.’

‘What a great day to carry Your shawl, Mother, because it’s Shalivahana New Year day,’ I said, or something similar. She touched me on the back.

‘You’ve got it,’ She said, because Shalivahana means the shawl-bearer to the Goddess.

I felt very privileged on my birthday to be the shawl-bearer of the Goddess on Shalivahana New Year day. We went shopping and had lunch somewhere and Shri Mataji clinked my glass with Hers.

‘Happy birthday,’ She said to me over lunch. It was my best birthday.

Walking down the street with Shri Mataji in Hong Kong was incredible because Hong Kong is so crowded that you can’t walk abreast. I was walking behind Her and watching all the people’s faces as they were looking at Her. I saw the amazed look on their faces and virtually saw their Kundalinis come up as they focused on the face of this remarkable Indian lady walking through this crowd, down on the crowded streets of Hong Kong.

We went into a Chinese emporium and saw some lovely Kwan Yins. Shri Mataji bought beautiful teacups and tea sets for Her daughters, and also make-up. There were shopping lists of this and that we were buying and toys for presents and different things.

‘How much do I owe them?’ She said in the end. ‘Oh, I need some Hong Kong money,’ She said and I lent it to Her.

‘Now you must remember to tell Me to pay you back when we get to London because I can’t owe people money in this lifetime, otherwise I’ll have to come back and pay you back in another lifetime.’

‘That’s all right with me then, Mother,’ I said and She laughed.

‘But,’ Shri Mataji said and laughed again, ‘do you realise how difficult it is for Me to incarnate?’

Kay McHugh

Overcoming negativity

We were walking down a street in Hong Kong, shopping, in 1981.

‘Negativity – I don’t want to destroy negativity; after all, I created it,’ Shri Mataji said. ‘I want you people to become so powerful that negativity runs away in your presence. If you can do that, I won’t have to destroy it.’

Kay McHugh