Chapter 03: 1993 – August, Russia, Ukraine and Western Europe

Recollections - Book by Sahaja Yogis

The purpose of that talk in Kiev

There were Russian/Ukrainian tours from 1989 to 1996, during which Shri Mataji visited the cities of Moscow, Leningrad – now renamed Saint Petersburg, Kiev and sometimes Togliatti. The sequence of the visited cities each year was different. Usually there were one or two public programmes in the cities visited. Later on there was a puja too during the tour. Shri Mataji visited Moscow and Leningrad a few times more after 1996 without coming to Kiev.

It was at the end of the July tour of 1993. Kiev was the second city, visited after Moscow. The next ones would be Leningrad and Togliatti. Shri Mataji stayed at Ukraina Hotel, then one of the best Kiev hotels. As usual, a lot of yogis from Kiev and other Ukrainian and Russian cities crowded into the hotel lobby and the streets around the hotel in their hope to see Shri Mataji somehow, but admission was restricted. Our leader Galyna was allowed to see Shri Mataji to discuss some local matters and I was blessed to attend her as an interpreter.

We came to Shri Mataji’s suite, took off our shoes, and entered the sitting room. Shri Mataji was sitting on a sofa. We bowed to Her and She invited us to sit next to Her, but we refused and sat on the floor at Her Feet. She did not object. Then She started to ask about our health and said Sahaja Yoga could cure many diseases without taking any medicines and She Herself didn’t take any medicines. Both Galyna and I related that we suffered from some severe diseases before Sahaja Yoga and recovered soon after getting to Sahaja Yoga. Being a Sahaja Yogi for a few years, I considered our recovering was a rather common thing; so I expected the Goddess to speak about some very high or global spiritual matters and not of common Sahaja Yoga things; but I accepted this, Her humanlike Maya. We continued our chatting about some local matters for a while and then took our leave.

The mystery was cleared up in a couple of days when Galyna and I were sitting at the public programme at the October Sport Center in Leningrad. There was a space without chairs before the stage and many yogis were sitting on the floor there. They formed about two dozen lines and Galyna and I also sat there, just in the middle. Shri Mataji started Her talk with an explanation of how many benefits Sahaja Yoga gave to its followers, especially in improving their health. She said many Sahaja Yogis who suffered from severe diseases were now completely recovered and did not take any medicines.

Here they are sitting, you can ask them,’ She said suddenly, and pointed directly at us with Her hand! It was unbelievable that She could spot us immediately among the crowd of many hundreds of yogis, but She pointed to us exactly and without any scanning the audience. Then we understood what the purpose of that talk in Kiev was.

Yuriy Dobrovolsky

Public programme at the Palace of Sport

Yubileiny’, St Petersburg, August 1st, 1993

Can you cure Me?

Shri Mataji had come in August 1993, and was suffering and walked with difficulty. She came to Togliatti, Russia where I was invited to be with Her.

Sasha, can you cure Me?’ She said.

God…’ I thought to myself. I could not say it, but I had to try somehow. To say, ‘I will cure You,’ would be super impudence. But I thought for a minute and said, ‘Shri Mataji, I have never treated Gods.’ She was laughing so much, and the other Sahaja Yogis there were rolling with laughter. Shri Mataji clapped me on my shoulder, because I was massaging Her. However, it worked out – in some five or seven days She started walking. The massage helped.

Alexander Solodyankin

A powerful bandhan

In 1993 I was in Shri Mataji’s wooden house in Moscow and She asked me to take all the puja presents from Adi Shakti Puja from Togliatti to Cabella.

I am a little bit worried about the Russian Customs and amount of presents,’ I told Her. I was sitting in front of Her on the ground and continued, ‘I will give a bandhan.’

I will give a bandhan too,’ Shri Mataji said, and after She gave the bandhan, She looked deep in my eyes and said, ‘It is cool, isn’t it?’

About thirty Austrian yogis were on Moscow Airport flying back from the Russia tour. I was in charge of the flight tickets and the check-in with a Czechoslovakian airline, which does not exist anymore. We had half a busload of Russian puja presents from over 6000 yogis in our bus to bring to Austria and then to Cabella for Krishna Puja. Without Bogdan’s presence and deep faith in the all-pervading power of God I would have collapsed. He told me and others to put our attention constantly on our Sahasraras. The check-in manager saw the huge amount of luggage we had and just crossed all normal rules and told me to tell my group to take all our luggage and packages like carpets, handmade textiles and vases straight through the Russian passport control and put it on the airplane seats. The Russian officials at the border were quite calm about it and when we left Moscow Airport I broke down and cried about Shri Mataji’s immense power.

Walter Saatzer


Where the children’s camp is held

Shri Mataji said Daglio, where we also have a property and have the children’s camps, would be good to have as a clinic. In this area there is no industry and that is why the air is clear.

Akbar Samii


Shri Mataji at Daglio

Shri Mataji sat on the terrace

I was living up at Daglio, up the valley from Cabella, where the children’s camp is held. We had a house up there and Shri Mataji came up one time. So we cleaned everything and Robert Hunter came with Mother in the car and came to our house. I did the aarti when She came in.

Shri Mataji sat outside on the terrace with Her three grand-daughters. She was drinking coffee and saying how nice it was, the view and everything. Then She went into the room to rest and the grand-daughters went to the mountains to see them.

Later, we came back and Shri Mataji woke up and came out of the room. She said thank you very much to us and then She went. She didn’t talk much because She wanted to rest.

Roxana Sindici

It was like heaven

Shri Mataji once came up to Daglio, the place where we have the children’s camp. She was out on the balcony, and had a meal here on the balcony.

There was quite a mess up there because we used to bring all the stuff up from Cabella. We had hidden all this. We cleaned the bits where Shri Mataji would pass through, but we felt it was too much to clean the whole place. She drove into the place between the two dorms with the car, then walked through the flat and had lunch with Her family. Then She had a rest and put Her Feet towards the valley. It was like heaven and there were just four or five of us yogis here, serving the food. We were outside on the balcony and it was such a blessing.

When Mother came to leave, the driver had already turned the car round, but he couldn’t get the car out past the corner between the buildings. He tried and tried, but he just couldn’t manage it. Then he asked Shri Mataji and She told him to open the big door of the one dorm, and said the car could go through that dorm to get out the other end. That dorm was the one where we had put all the mess, because we had wanted to hide it! So She passed through the dorm and could see everything, but She did not say anything.

Ezio Prandini

It is not important

One time, the men at Cabella who had been working came to give Shri Mataji flowers, but they did not want to come forward because they were in their working clothes.

It is not important,’ Shri Mataji said, and wanted to take their flowers.

Roxana Sindici

Shri Krishna Puja August 15th 1993 (email report)

The festivities began after dinner on Friday evening, as we waited for our Divine Mother to join us, and a spontaneous international bhajans team started up. Shri Mataji kindly came to join us at around 11 pm, and blessed our music-making with Her Divine presence in the puja tent.

On Saturday a havan took place at Shri Mataji’s request at which a hundred and eight names of Shri Vishnu were read. The havan was held on the terrace outside the Daglio ashram under a hot sun. After the names all manner of baddhas were offered to the fire for purification by the three hundred or so yogis present.

After lunch, the weekend’s activities carried on with a sporting competition, held on the Cabella village football field. This was at the suggestion of our Divine Mother, who had said that this puja was a good opportunity for games. Several teams, based loosely on countries, were formed. The first game was a tug-of-war, in which our team (Switzerland and Belgium) faced the village sports club (i.e. not Sahaja Yogis). The sports continued with an egg-and-spoon race, a caterpillar race (in which the team members sit on the ground one in front of another, each holding the ankles of the person behind him), wheelbarrow races, a contest of throwing water-filled balloons, and other events.

In the evening, as the last preparations were being made for the evening’s music programme, we were surprised to see all the leaders walking into the tent wearing splendid turbans (actually scarves tied in Gujarati style headdresses) decorated with strings of pearls. These were presents from Shri Mataji; as it was a time for fun, and Shri Mother had made all the leaders like Christmas trees! A musician played some ragas on a simple flute made of hollow bamboo. The concert came to an end around 3.00 am.

As Shri Krishna was born at midnight His puja is often celebrated at night. This year it began early Sunday evening. Shri Mataji arrived at around 7.00 pm., and gave a long and rich discourse about Shri Krishna and the Americas and their problems. The puja seemed quite short, and the leaders of the countries of North and South America offered symbolic crowns to the Lotus Feet of the Empress of the Universe. At the end of the puja, as an expression of our love and gratitude to our Divine Mother, who has given us everything, She was presented with a beautiful necklace of emeralds and other precious stones set in gold. Our Divine Mother offered little toys and dolls, which looked Russian, to all the children who had taken part in the puja.

Shri Mataji requested us all to have our attention very much on America. In particular She asked us to have our attention on the Jews of America, not only because they are so influential there but also because many of the Jews who come to Sahaja Yoga make excellent Sahaja Yogis. Shri Mataji also mentioned the need for us to have attention on the Iranians, whom She will be seeing in a special programme in Los Angeles, and on the American people in general. After a short break we were re-joined by the musicians, who completed the recital they had begun the previous evening with more delightful ragas. Shri Mataji took leave of us around 2.00 am.

Phil Ward

The same as when Christ walked on the water
It was in a public programme at Nervi near Genoa in 1993. The place was so beautiful, in a rose garden with thousands of roses. Shri Mataji was standing effortlessly while She was giving realisation to the people, and I, and a few Yoginis seated with me noticed that She was not standing on the stage but was floating a few centimetres above the ground. Her Feet were fully covered and surrounded with vibrations, and the rest of Her body too. It was clear to us that it was the same effect and type of energy as when Christ walked on the water.
Ornella Bollani


After the Shri Krishna Puja in Cabella in 1993, I had the good fortune to be on the same flight as Mother back to London. At Heathrow Airport, while waiting at the luggage pick-up belt, Shri Mataji, seated, turned to me.

So you are from Singapore. I saw you at the puja. Did you enjoy it?’ She said in a most sweet and motherly manner.

I replied the affirmative, with my head a little bowed. She remembered me from the brief encounter at the Royal Albert Hall. I had the feeling that Shri Mataji was peering through my entire inner being and working something out.

We tried before in Singapore, but it didn’t work out.’ She continued, ‘but don’t worry, they will all get their realisation.’

When we finally got our luggage and Shri Mataji got into Her car to leave, She looked at me once again and with the most radiant and Motherly smile, waved a farewell at me. There was so much motherly love emitting from Her.

I returned to Singapore in 1995 and even though there was not a single Sahaja Yogi there at that time, the words and memories of Mother kept me strong.

Gerald Lim