Chapter 03: 1999 – January to November, India, Europe, America

Recollections - Book by Sahaja Yogis

Looking so fresh

It was my first time to go on the India tour in the late nineties. I was so sleepy to begin with, but as the trip progressed, even after a long evening music programme, although I would still doze off occasionally, I would wake up and see Shri Mataji looking so fresh, as if She had just arrived, even at four in the morning. Her face would look so different to when She first came in, like a little child.

Selvi Naidoo

Come, sit at My Feet

In 1999 I offered two small paintings of Shri Ganesha to Shri Mataji at Shri Shivaratri Puja. When I went to Shri Mataji’s Feet, I was the last to give a gift.

Come, sit at My Feet,’ She said.

The next time, in 2000, I brought Her a picture of Shri Ardhanishwara, Shri Shiva as half Shri Shiva and half Shri Adi Shakti.

In 2001 I put an exhibition on at Ganapatipule. First I showed Shri Mataji all those paintings, and then exhibited them. Someone took me to Shri Mataji and for half an hour I was sitting on the ground there.

From My Feet, vibrations are flowing,’ She said. Shri Mataji explained that the white spot in one of my paintings represented the Kundalini coming down and spreading the vibrations.

In Delhi She called me to Her house in Palam Vihar to do some paintings there: the ceilings, all golden work. Shri Mataji liked those golden paintings. She said I should teach this style of painting to people.

Sachin Dev

Shri Mataji blesses you – in style

In April 1999 I had just spent the winter in Delhi, India studying sarod. My ticket was booked from Mumbai through Dubai to London. I had a vague idea that Shri Mataji was also travelling to the West at that time but I wasn’t sure of Her schedule. When I arrived in Dubai I found out that my flight was delayed for six or seven hours. I had the number of the Dubai leader so I gave him a call. He informed me that Shri Mataji was soon to arrive in Dubai for a two day visit. He suggested I change my ticket and stay, so I did.

We spent an incredible time together. The first day was spent in a small puja with Shri Mataji. I remember Shri Mataji drinking tea and spilling a little bit onto Her sari. A yogi looked up in disbelief thinking, ‘How could something like this happen to the Goddess? She is perfect’. She smiled, looked at him, looked at the teacup and commented, ‘What an odd shaped tea cup!’

The Dubai collective had rented a boat, so I watched the full moon reflect over the water running through the surrounding desert as we listened to the sweet collective presentations of music and dance. There was something extremely magical about being in Shri Mataji’s presence in the Middle East, where spiritual roots run very deep.

The next puja was Easter Puja in Turkey and I was dying to go but couldn’t change my ticket. I was able to reserve a seat by phone but couldn’t change the ticket and didn’t have the money to buy another one. I decided to go to the airport on the same morning as Shri Mataji’s departure just to see what could be done.

I went to the ticket counter, to check into the flight that Shri Mataji was on and to my surprise the agent said, checking the computer, ‘No problem’. I bandhaned and watched as Shri Mataji passed behind me to check in at the First Class ticket counter.

But sir, this ticket is to London.’ The agent said to me.

Yes, but it has been changed,’ I replied.

Oh OK, one moment,’ she went on, and proceeded to change the ticket on the spot. ‘But sir,’ she said, and I thought this was going to be the end of it, ‘We don’t have seats in Economy, you’ll have to travel in First Class.’

What a flight, what a time! But it was not over. When I arrived in Istanbul I saw many intrigued faces of yogis as I got off the plane with Shri Mataji. Someone then pointed out that I would need a visa, as an American going to Turkey. Big problem? Not when you are travelling with Shri Mataji. Somehow or other I just followed through in the wind tunnel of love right on through customs without being checked. Miracles, miracles, miracles.

Stephen Day

Such a rapid recovery

In March 1999, our younger son, nineteen years of age at that time, suddenly felt ill and was taken to hospital with the diagnosis of leukaemia, where they started chemotherapy. My wife, our elder son and I hugged each other and said, ‘We are in a war, we will not think, fight only!’ The yogis did a great job, doing workshops at the hospital and at home, but unfortunately the first chemo was not successful.

When Shri Mataji came to Turkey to have a public programme and the Easter Puja, our son had to go the hospital for the second chemo. After the public programme, the leader called me, and told Shri Mataji that our son had leukaemia. Looking directly into my eyes, She asked what he was doing. I replied he was preparing for the exams to enter the university.

That’s it! Too much thinking and worry,’ She said, and explained that we should carry on with the candle treatment. She asked for a photo of our son. In the next few days I prepared a file with all the articles in the media about leukaemia in the last ten days. I took this and went to the hotel where Shri Mataji was staying. I was allowed to see Her and it was like being in heaven, Shri Mataji and I in the room alone. First She paid some attention to the file, then began to speak to me as if She was my own mother, asking very softly what I was doing and how I could improve my business etc. On the same day the doctor was checking the results of the chemo in the hospital.

During all the years of my career I never observed such a rapid recovery!’ he said several times to my wife.

We cried a lot, thanking Shri Mataji. Until today we always have tears in our eyes when we tell this miracle story.

Saffet Cicekdag

You may go now

In the year 1999 while in Turkey, I asked Shri Mataji for permission to leave Romania and live with the rest of my family, who were in the United States.

You may go now, Sahaja Yoga is established in Romania,’ She smiled at me and said.

Dan Costian

I just felt so happy, feeling the cool breeze

My first meeting with Shri Mataji was in the public programme in Istanbul, Turkey. I had been in Sahaja Yoga for only six months. We had a lovely puja, Easter Puja 1999 and after that we had a public programme. When Shri Mataji arrived in the room I couldn’t stop myself, when I saw Her I cried and my heart realised and I couldn’t stop my crying. After the public programme they said that all the new people could go near to Shri Mataji and talk to Her and ask questions. Some very new people went to Her and kissed Her hands, and they asked Her everything. My friend from Anatolia pushed me, because they didn’t want the Sahaja Yogis to go, only the new people.

You go because you are new,’ my friend said. So although I knew Shri Mataji would know, I went. As I went close to Her I felt the cool wind coming from Her. I was so happy, I didn’t have any question and just felt so happy, feeling the cool breeze. She smiled at me.

She’s all right,’ Shri Mataji said after some minutes, and nodded Her head. Then they announced, ‘No Sahaja Yogis!’

Oslem Lamaison


I was at the evening programme before the Sahasrara Puja 1999. Shri Mataji had been in Turkey just two weeks before this, and I had had the chance to play for Her the raga Jaijaiwanti on the Turkish folk instrument, the jumbush. She was pleased with it. When I arrived at the pendal in Cabella on the Friday evening, the programme had already started and Shri Mataji was there. When I entered through the door near the stage, She saw me and called me near Her. I was quite thrilled that She noticed me and wondered what would be coming. When I got near Her chair facing the stage, and did my pranams, She started talking to Sir CP about my playing the raga on the jumbush.

Is your instrument with you?’ She said, when they finished talking, and asked me to play.

Unfortunately I had not brought it with me. I was lost in two opposite feelings, one the gratitude that Mother had enjoyed and shown interest in my music, and the second a feeling of collapsing as I was not able to fulfil what She wanted from me. She realised that and consoled me saying that it was alright, and made me sit close to Her chair. I did not remember anything about the programme except an intense desire to have my instrument there.

When the programme finished, late in the night, I noticed with surprise that my mobile telephone had coverage at the pendal. This was a new thing at that time. I phoned my wife in Istanbul, told her what had happened and that she had to take my jumbush in the middle of the night to one of the yogis who were coming to the puja on the Saturday. So the next day my instrument arrived in Cabella and I was called on the stage when Mother arrived. When She saw me with the instrument, She had that big warm smile which we are all in love with. I was just enveloped in that and told the audience that through Mother’s blessings it had reached Cabella. When I played I had not practiced, but I had no thoughts, and whatever came out was spontaneous and Shri Mataji was pleased.

Selim Ergen

I am your Mother, you know

At Shri Adi Shakti Puja 1999 and I was blessed by being able to put perfume on Shri Mataji’s Feet and hands. It was an amazing moment of bliss and when I was to put the perfume on to Her hand, time stood still and for some reason my hand did not move either. Then She pulled Her hand gently away from me so that the perfume would go onto Her hand. What came to my attention was the She did it just like my own mother would give me a hug on my cheek. It was just the same movement as if to say, I am your Mother, you know.

Sidsel Mugford

I am freezing, mummy!

I got my self realisation in the end of January 1999 in Bangalore, India, although, I live in New York. At that particular time I was into a system which unfortunately turned out to be very damaging and for which I had paid a lot of money. I had just given up my career as a surgeon, because of a problem with my lower back and neck. 

Prior to the public programme of New York in June 1999, Vishwa Nirmala Dharma (the American Sahaja Yoga organisation) had arranged a reception for dignitaries and newspaper reporters at the Nirvana Restaurant on 59th Street in Manhattan. I managed to pick up an invitation I had given to a friend who owns a television studio. 

Shri Mataji had just arrived at the venue when I reached there with my nineteen year old daughter Sheethal. Andrea Cousins introduced Shri Mataji and She gave a small introductory talk. 

I am freezing, mummy!’ my daughter kept saying the whole time. I was very surprised she was saying that because I was sweating. We were very privileged to shake Shri Mataji’s hand at the end of the reception. Shri Mataji shook my hand and then my daughter’s hand.

She is already realised,’ She said.

I kept wondering about my daughter, who had not done any affirmations – how could she be realised? 

  Pushpa Rao

Editor’s note: A lot of the children who are born to seekers are born realised, that is they got their realisation in past lives, and also people can easily get realisation just by seeing Shri Mataji’s photo.

A special moment

A few years before my realisation, at an exhibition, someone told me that one day I will be known internationally as an artist, but in a special moment, to someone special! I forgot it. However, some years after my realisation, Shri Mataji bought the land at Canajoharie. In the summer of 1999 we had a beautiful puja on the land, we left around sunset time to come back home, and the sky was so beautiful we were stunned to see something so bright and full of colour. Two days after, at home, one night, I couldn’t sleep so I when in my studio, took a big canvas and started to paint these beautiful memories of the sunset all through the night.

I knew I couldn’t keep the painting, because it was of Mother’s land, so the Sahaja Yogis of the Montreal Collective suggested that we should give it to Shri Mataji at the next international puja as a gift. After the puja I brought the painting to Mother, with another yogi, and when we took it out, in front of Mother, Her eyes were full of joy.

Show it to Sir CP,’ She said.

He was sitting with the yogis. It was very silent and suddenly Sir CP started clapping and everyone else did too. It was a special moment.

Louise Ruelland

An email for volunteers

We received an email for volunteers to go and help at the Canajoharie puja in 1999. I had a very strong desire to go and help – in the email it said that we were needed to help with Shri Mataji’s needs, but I was a new yogi. Soon after I arrived I was asked if I would like to help in Shri Mataji’s kitchen. That night I was invited to go to the station to receive Her, and we were two cars full of people. When She arrived She was looking radiant. She arrived with Her granddaughter, and it was quite a family scene. They all got into the car and were talking to each other. I thought that was it – I had seen Shri Mataji so close, I could not ask for anything more.

The next evening was the music programme, and I was about to go to the tent to get ready when a yogini came running up.

Rani, you have to go and do aarti to Shri Mataji,’ she said.

I couldn’t believe it! They told me what to do, and Shri Mataji sat down. I started doing the aarti, the wrong way, and not coordinating with the other yogini who was holding the thali. Shri Mataji looked at me, and I apologised to Her for not doing it quite right.

The next day I was helping in Shri Mataji’s kitchen, and She was staying in the next cottage. The door opened and Shri Mataji walked in and looked at me directly. The rest of the time She was sitting in the living room with the family, and I could hear Her singing to Her great grandchild Anant. Like a great grandmother, not the Goddess, but the vibrations were so strong, that one could not doubt that it was the Goddess in the next room.

Later on that day I was washing dishes, and suddenly I turned my head and saw Shri Mataji had walked into the kitchen. She was standing with Her back to me with Her hand on the door jamb and the other hand holding the door open. She was just a few yards from me and I immediately turned to Her and started praying, thanking Her for this wonderful opportunity I had been given to see Her every day so close and to feel such strong vibrations. I must have been there with my head down for at least a minute, and when I looked up She was still there – almost as if She was listening to my prayer.

When I looked up She went into another room and shut the door. At that moment I panicked, because I knew Shri Mataji would come out again and would look at me. I didn’t know what the correct protocol was and everyone else had disappeared. I apologised in my heart if I was doing the wrong thing, then went on washing the dishes. As soon as I started washing the dishes, Shri Mataji opened the door and there She was looking at me directly, with an amazingly radiant smile on Her face. I could not look at Her directly but bowed down to Her to thank Her again for this tremendous blessing. When I got up Shri Mataji had already walked into the other room, but that was a smile I will never forget – it went straight to the heart.

The next day was the puja, and at one point they asked for seven married ladies. I thought there would be a lot of yoginis getting up to go so I didn’t bother but a lady from Colombia nudged me and persuaded me to go, so up I ran. We had to sit on the stage for a good twenty minutes while the leaders washed Her Feet. It was as if time stood still; the vibrations were so strong up there. My hands were cold, and after that we held the sari. I kept looking at Shri Mataji and kept my attention either on Her face or Her Lotus Feet. After the puja She was there for a very long time, giving gifts to everybody.

The next day again a yogi came when we were having breakfast.

Come with me,’ he said. We followed him and he took us in a car to Shri Mataji’s house. It was like a dream, every day going to Her house and seeing Her so close. This time he needed us to move some things out of the house. We spent a lot of time clearing up and packing Shri Mataji’s things, and She was in the next room. When She left there were about six of us and we all stood outside and we bowed down to Shri Mataji individually, as She sat in the car, and then She left.

Rani Varde

Shri Mataji in Washington in 1999

How blessed I was!

We left Canajoharie for Washington, in 1999, where Shri Mataji was having a public programme. She was to stay in a hotel and they had to get a lot of things organised. In New York I had been helping out in the kitchen so I saw what they gave Her for breakfast, and the other yogis did not know what to do, so I told them what I had seen. Immediately they asked me to help set up Shri Mataji’s room, and that night She arrived. There were a lot of us sitting outside Her room meditating, and I had started feeling very sleepy. Finally one yogi came out.

Is there anybody here who has done aarti to Shri Mataji before?’ he said, because they wanted someone who had done it before to be with the others who had not. So they called me in, when I said I had done aarti before. They gave me the incense, but somehow when I tried to blow out the fire on the sticks, it wouldn’t go out, even though I kept shaking the incense. So finally I had to give the incense to someone else, but Shri Mataji looked at me.

Take the incense away before the fire alarm goes off,’ She said.

We went back to our room in the same hotel, and then the phone rang and Shri Mataji sent a message that She wanted to see the Indian girl. They sent me up and I was nervous because I didn’t know what She wanted to see me about. I went into Her room, and She didn’t say anything so I sat down and started meditating.

Where is the light? Where is the door for the bathroom?’ She asked me.

I felt She was making general conversation to make me comfortable because She could sense how nervous I was. Shri Mataji asked me to take some cream out of Her bag and massage Her fingers and hand. She made me massage all the fingers individually, and also asked me to massage Her back, over all the chakras, from the heart down to the Swadishthan. She was directing me, and then asked me for another cream.

While I was massaging Her hand She talked to me and asked me where I was from. At that point there were very few yogis in Aruba (an island in the Caribbean) and She had not yet appointed my husband as the leader.

So, your husband is the leader of Aruba?’ Shri Mataji said.

I just nodded. Shri Mataji asked how we came to Aruba, what we were doing and a lot about our life there – very general questions – and where we were working. Then Shri Mataji told me I could go, and as I was leaving, She told Manoj Kumar to wake Her up at seven or eight o’clock.

I went to my room and the yogis gave me Shri Mataji’s sari to iron. Sleep had vanished, and I was as wide awake as could be and there was not a thought in my head. While I was ironing I remembered that it was the time Shri Mataji wanted to be awakened, but people kept coming and saying She was still sleeping. I wondered why no one woke Her, but later learnt that you never woke Shri Mataji if She was sleeping.

In Washington I was in Her room and somebody had made some ladies’ fingers (okra) for Her, and I was frying it, but it took a very long time and I was so worried that they were not alright. Afterwards someone came back and said, ‘Oh, Shri Mataji loved the ladies’ fingers and said they were very good,’ so I got my answer!

The last day was the public programme and I had a desire for one more close up look at Shri Mataji before She left, but at the programme I was very far back. When we went up to Her room afterwards to tidy up, there She was, just coming out in Her wheelchair, and She passed just a metre or two away from me. What a wonderful time that was and how blessed I was!

Rani Varde

Shri Mataji graciously accepted the gift

I had the opportunity to meet with Shri Mataji during Her visit to Washington DC in 1999. It was my birthday, and I presented a cake to Her, and a heart shaped paper weight with an engraving of the serenity prayer. Shri Mataji graciously accepted the cake and the gift and wished me a happy birthday. She also mentioned that because it was my birthday She should actually be giving me a gift and then just smiled. I didn’t know what to say so just bowed my head, looking very embarrassed.

I never really thought much about this interaction but was very happy having met Her. It was only six years later that I found out that Shri Mataji asked Her personal caretaker to carry the gift to Cabella, and placed the paperweight right next to Her bed. I was astonished and pleased at the same time and can now relate how the gift given to Her from the heart had such an amazing significance, because a few years later Shri Mataji married me to someone from England – the Heart of the Universe

Trisha Pearce

In the cooling evening

The two different programmes I saw in Washington DC were really special. We enjoyed singing and playing the bhajans together beforehand. One of them took place outside in the cooling evening at a very important monument which always had lots of tourists. It was well attended, and when Shri Mataji gave realisation over a very powerful amplification system, it was said that every person in quite a large area received their realisation.

Elizabeth Singh

Shri Mataji at the Lincoln Memorial, Washington DC

Ice cream

We were assembled in Washington DC in 1999, to assist in organising public programmes and to look after Shri Mataji on the occasion of Her visit there. Mother was staying in a hotel and we were lodged in a room right across the hall. I served Her dinner, and at one stage She asked for ice cream, saying that Sir CP had suggested it to help to sooth Her voice. So at a fairly late hour, two yoginis were sent out on a mission to bring back some ice cream for the Adi Shakti.

Successful, we served Her two flavours of ice cream (vanilla and chocolate I think), and later when I came back in to collect Her plates, She said that CP was right – Her throat felt better! We were all intrigued to hear this having always believed that ice cream was not good for Vishuddhi; yet here Shri Mataji was, in the Vishuddhi – eating ice cream.

Kristine Kirby

Drenched with vibrations

At the end of Her stay in Washington, when Mother had vacated the room, I went in with another yogini, an Indian sister who was the wife of the then leader in Washington, to help clean up and close up the room. I had been aware that one must collect all of Shri Mataji’s hair from the bathroom, dressers and pillows, which we did. Then we were about to collect Her sheets, and the Indian yogini said – wait – we must check the sheets carefully. So we kneeled down close and sure enough, there were numerous hairs which we collected – and we were absolutely drenched with vibrations as we performed this privileged task.

Kristine Kirby

Editor’s note: It has been said that there is as much power in one of Shri Mataji’s hairs as in the whole of the solar system. However, unless She actually gave them to anyone, they had to be collected and returned to Her.

A very solid country

All around the world we met Shri Mataji at airports. It was such a rare moment when we could be there and just give Her flowers. Once in a while She would have something to say to us, or we would sit at Her Feet, and She would share beautiful words and pieces of advice, like, ‘How is it going there?’ and ‘Do you have a good job?’ and ‘How are the children?’ One time we were in Washington, and the economy was going down at that time, and the company my husband worked for went bankrupt, so Shri Mataji advised us to go back to Austria.

Your husband will find a good job there. You are moving around too much,’ Shri Mataji said, because we had moved twenty times. ‘Your children need roots. It is not good that you move so much. If you go to Austria the children will get a good education because it is a very solid country. If you go there everything will work out for you.’

She emphasised that children must get a good education and they need to be qualified and it is important to study, and She elaborated quite a lot on this point. Sure enough the education system in Austria was wonderful, my husband had a good job at the UN and I was working out so many things in the strong and beautiful collective. It was such a blessing to get this advice from Shri Mataji.

Angela Reininger

I wanted you to work it out

I was at Cabella at Shri Ganesha Puja in 1999 and had the opportunity to see Shri Mataji because She wanted me to do a job for Her. When I was there I noticed my ego a lot, and was feeling some reaction from people and thought, ‘Maybe I have an ego problem.’

Shri Mataji, I think I have ego,’ I said, as Shri Mataji was there.

No, no,’ She said.

I know I have ego.’

Do you think you know, or do you know you know?’

I’m feeling the finger and can feel the reaction of some people. When I was sitting in Your room waiting to see You, I was putting my left to my right and noticed that my tone of thoughts changed from being quite analytical and intellectual and a little harsh to being gentle and sparse and compassionate. That was the difference between being in the right and being in the centre. So I must be in the right ordinarily.’

Very good, I could see it before, but I didn’t want to tell you because I wanted you to work it out,’ She said. I was very embarrassed.

Shri Mataji, it is so bad,’ I said. ‘You’re the Goddess and it is so bad to have ego in front of You. It’s very depressing.’

Don’t worry, all Australians have ego,’ She replied.

But what do I do? How do I treat it?’

You just put the ice here and the ice there and just humble down and try and help people. Because when you help people, when you subjugate yourself, you become humble like that.’

Then She went into meditation. She just sat there and went into a very deep meditation in front of me and I thought I must have put Her to sleep with my story. She meditated for quite some time and I didn’t know what to do, so I sat there and thought I’d better meditate as well, then She came out of the meditation.

It’ll be okay,’ She said. Then I went away.

That night, there was a fellow who I had had a confrontation with and he told me in no uncertain terms that I had a big ego. Normally, I would have been justifying, but suddenly, when the word ‘ego’ was mentioned, I went into this incredibly deep meditation, like ‘I’ wasn’t there at all. Even though he was speaking very harshly to me, I realised that was what Shri Mataji had been doing at that time when She went into meditation. She was projecting into that point, so She could pull me up, so I could absorb what this fellow was saying. I realised this was a very big blessing for Her to do that for me.

Mark Williams

A castle in France

In 1999, Shri Mataji wanted to buy a castle in France and create a centre for well-being where people would receive ayurvedic treatments and massages. This castle is remarkable and was in a famous French tourist guide, so I decided to show it to Shri Mataji if I had the opportunity. I did, and showed Her some books on the area. First I handed two other tourist guides and She looked at them a little while.

Where is the guide book with the photograph of the castle?’ She asked, but nobody had told Shri Mataji about this book.

A beautiful castle which was for sale was found in Jausier in the French Alps and Shri Mataji came all the way by car to see it. Two cars full of Yogis travelled to this remote place to welcome Her and bring food for lunch. When Shri Mataji arrived, She didn’t speak much but went to a room where the shutters were closed and while there She was concentrating intensely. We did not understand why at this time, but Shri Mataji finally bought the castle and then a strong negativity revealed itself in France, and tried to drive Sahaja Yoga out of the castle by illegal means. It ended up in the law courts, where we won all the cases.

Christophe Rivaud

Apollo is Shri Rama

The Diwali Puja 1999 in Delphi, Greece was the most blessed puja in my life. I had a chance to be with Shri Mataji for the whole week.

One of the best moments was the day after the puja, when it rained so much that the local people said that it had never rained like that before. We left from the villa in Delphi to go to Athens. As I was driving Shri Mataji’s car, and we left Delphi village, a big beam of light shone on our car and another beam went up into the sky. We noticed that it was coming from the ancient site where there is an ancient Apollo temple, and a Shri Ganesha swayambhu is located there, just outside Delphi village.

It’s coming from the Apollo temple,’ Shri Mataji said, or something similar, ‘Apollo is Shri Rama.’ We were so amazed by this.

It was raining and was dark. Delphi is located on a high hill, so there were lots of turns in the road. I noticed that whenever our car was coming near a turn, there was lightning without any sound, so it was very easy to drive, as if someone was helping me to see the road clearly in the dark night and the rain.

It will happen a hundred and eight times, and when we will reach the bottom it will stop,’ Shri Mataji said, when I mentioned it to Her.

She said this was happening because it was a Lakshmi Puja and we did not have good fireworks the day before, so the divine arranged it. When the lightning came, the whole mountain shone with different lights and the whole atmosphere was showing us that this was the place of God, the Dev Loka. When we came down from the mountain and joined the highway, there was no sign of any rain nor was there any more lightning, just as Mother said.

It was an amazing divine experience and the love of Mother had manifested in the entire atmosphere.

Vaibhav Khopade

Diwali Puja Greece 1999

Public programme in Athens, 1999

A part of the history

For a few years, a number of us had been talking about the possibility of collecting our personal recollections of Shri Mataji, over the last twenty years or so, or even longer. In fact Shri Mataji had also asked some people to do this, unknown to those of us talking about this.

In December 1999, Shri Mataji unexpectedly called to see me at Her bungalow at MTDC, Ganapatipule. I did not say much during this meeting, which mainly concerned the other people in the room with Her, and I was mostly just looking at Her beautiful face, and bathing in Her heavenly vibrations, as She resolved a certain situation. Then I realised that although I hadn’t noticed their departure, the other people had gone away, and I was alone with Shri Mataji.

Mother may I ask You a question?’ I said, because it seemed to be no accident that I had made the mistake of not noticing the others leaving.

Yes,’ She replied. I asked if we could make a book of our recollections of time spent with Her. She replied that it was the human side of Her incarnation and a part of the history and should be done. That was how it started, because we needed Mother’s permission to go all out for this sort of a project.

Linda Williams

The new millennium

It was the last day of 1999 and we were at Ganapatipule. In the morning we had done a thousand name havan for the new millennium and in the evening Shri Mataji came and about ten thousand Sahaja Yogis were honoured to be in Her presence during a music programme. I noticed that at the very moment of midnight, the change of the millennium, some Turkish ladies were doing a dance for Her. It seemed very right, being as Turkey is the bridge between the West and the East, and the country where so many people from a Muslim background have recognised Shri Mataji.

Linda Williams