Chapter 04: 2000 – January to July, India, Europe and America

Recollections - Book by Sahaja Yogis

An inspiration

On 26th January, 2000 (Indian Republic Day), Mother gave statues of Shivaji and inspired the Pune Yuva Shakti with his great deeds of valour.

You must remember, you must become ideal Sahaja Yogis, because you have to transform the whole world. That is what your Mother expects from you,’ She said.


Shri Mataji really appreciated the place

In about 2000, Shri Mataji was in Australia with Sir CP, for the launch of his book The Life of Shastri. We were fortunate because Shri Mataji was staying at Palm Beach for about a month, and we were able to go up there and talk about the book launch. We would sit and ask him about various aspects of Shastri’s life. Having read the book a few times I was asking him a few questions about it. Shri Mataji was sitting in the other room and would sometimes make suggestions, as to how an incident happened.

We spent a lot of time just sitting with Her looking out over the water. Shri Mataji and Sir CP talked about their days when he was running a maritime organisation in India, and She said She really appreciated the place we had found because She could watch the boats and the harbour. We were a bit apologetic because we did not realise that next door there was a boat repair house and during the day there were always the sounds of men scraping boats, and working on them, so we pulled our ears. But Shri Mataji said She liked the sound of people working on boats, and it reminded Her of Her early married life.

We got to the day when we had the big launch. It was quite an event. It was held in a room of the parliament and we were met by the Deputy Premier and a number of dignitaries. At the end of it Shri Mataji wanted to take us all out for lunch to thank us for all the work we had done. We wanted to take Her for lunch, but She insisted on taking us, and about thirty of us went to The Rocks, a seafood restaurant.

So there we were, about thirty of us all sitting round Shri Mataji, feeling very shy. The leaders were near Her, and those of us who had been involved in the book launch were at the bottom of the table. Shri Mataji told us to go and sit with Her, and that the leaders should take our places. So we sat down next to Her, and She started talking just like a mother – about health, jobs, children and family. It was very difficult not to get into a very chatty way with Her.

I had heard it said that you shouldn’t actually look directly at Her face, because in Shri Rama’s time Shri Laxshman always looked at Her Feet, so I was keeping my eyes down. She knocked Her napkin off the table with Her hand and my first impulse was to reach down and pick it up. But if I did I might brush Her sari, and I knew the protocol was that one shouldn’t touch Shri Mataji. I was very unsure, and I was about to move my hand, then did not.

You can pick it up if you want,’ Shri Mataji said eventually. I replied I was sorry, that I should have picked it up sooner, but She said it was very sweet that I had that protocol.

Shri Mataji was talking about all the things that are now in Sir CP’s book Corruption. After lunch we went down onto Palm Beach and watched the sun coming down. Shri Mataji spoke in beautiful terms about Australia and how blessed we were to be in this country. She said something about Shri Shankara’s story of the Southern Cross and how all the stars came down there.

We would go and stay at Shri Mataji’s house. We would go and work, so we would leave in the night and when we drove back together, we saw that the time you spent with Shri Mataji, She gave you little things, and encouragement that you can take with you in your life. We have this desire to try to pay Her back in some way, by what we have to do in this life. Shri Mataji spoke about that in a puja at Kalve, India.

Chris Kyriacou

Asking Shri Mataji to open our hearts

I am from Romania and was at Shivaratri Puja in 2000 in Pune. I had been in Romania for two months and our leader gave me the present of a crystal bowl to take up on the stage. We had a card, which I wrote in, in Hindi. My handwriting in Hindi is very bad, but I wrote it in poetical Hindi asking Her to open our hearts. We had mixed feelings, because what can you give Shri Shiva? We had mixed feelings again when we went on the stage – are we capable of going in front of Shri Mataji?

The moment I stepped on the stage it was a vacuum – all the thoughts ceased and nothing was there. It felt like the Mother Divine was sitting there and I am sitting in front of Her, Her child. First of all I handed over the card and Mother started reading it, and I was feeling shy, because my Hindi writing is so bad.

What poetical verses, what beautiful Hindi! Who wrote in Hindi from Romania? You?’ Mother said, and I had no words because I was just watching Shri Mataji and there was nothing else coming in my mind – it was all blank. When Mother started speaking about the bowl which we had given Her – which had twelve petals – She praised Romanian art, but again She looked towards me.

Beta (son) what are you doing there?’ She said. ‘What are you doing?’ She said again, speaking Hindi.

Mother, I am in computers,’ I said.

You are a computer engineer?’ She said. I am just an operator, and I thought this to myself but couldn’t speak out.

She changed the subject and asked me if I liked the food there. I was amazed, because we had gone with the gift, and I could feel something working in my heart. It was opening and Mother was transmitting very strong vibrations to just open the heart. She asked me if I had a house to live in, and whether I was doing Sahaja Yoga work there. I told Her that we had just bought some land in Romania, and asked if we could build an ashram there. Mother was impressed that I had done so much Sahaja work even though I had only been there for two months. She said I should do the work of Sahaja Yoga and all the rest would be solved. I felt I had not done that much, and anyway, She is the doer.

It was when I came down from the stage that I realised what I had got there. Before going I had so many emotions and feelings, and when I was there it was a vacuum, but coming down off the stage I felt something had been worked out in my heart and that state is still maintained. Deep detachment, deep within me, Shiva tattwa and that detachment was established then and has stayed with me ever since. Whenever there is a problem in my life, somehow Shri Mataji, in Her nirakara form, takes me to that state of detachment, and again I become a detached witness.

Rajan Tomar

She was very happy

I was a cook at the International Sahaja Health Centre at Belapur. I worked there for four years. Shri Mataji came in 2000 and it was very nice when She entered. Professor Rai offered a flower to Shri Mataji and She smelled it.

Thank you,’ She said.

She went into the meditation hall and sat there for about two hours. The Sahaja trustees and some Sahaja Yogis were there. She was talking with everyone and afterwards went to the bathroom to refresh Herself. I was standing outside the bathroom and was alone there.

You have all decorated the whole meditation hall like the palace of the king,’ She said to me in Marathi. She was very happy. She sat about half an hour more and then left. After She left there were so many vibrations there, and when She was actually there we did not feel such strong vibrations as that. We were all very happy afterwards. Some people were serving the food to Shri Mataji and She was enjoying that food, and suddenly She put attention on us.

Is all this food for Me or is there some for the kitchen boys?’ She said.

Nilesh Rajguru

I have already cured his problem

Shortly after his birth, my second son manifested a bleeding disorder. He started vomiting small quantities of blood. He got medical treatment for a month and a half, but that did not help and he was weak. Shri Mataji was consulted before he could be admitted in the Vashi Sahaj Health Centre as he was a very tiny child, but She said he could. We came all the way from Delhi to Vashi and I spent twenty days with him there.

We both received vibratory treatment from Sahaj doctors during which period he was still vomiting, but somehow I was not afraid any more and had full faith in achieving the expected results. My brother, also a doctor, could not understand my decision and was worried about the baby being there rather than in a regular hospital. The baby could not digest milk. After twenty days of treatment with vibrations, he was cured and we went back home. Again after some time, he vomited a little bit of blood and I got worried. 

No, no, she should not worry, I have already cured his problem in Vashi,’ Shri Mataji said, when it was reported to Her. Though She Herself was not physically there, the Sahaj doctors would be the instruments of Her vibrations on the patients. From that day on, the bleeding never happened again and the child is perfectly all right now.

Madhur Rai

So they would not be homeless

This is a story of Vaitarna, where the Music Academy is situated. About five or six years ago, in about 2000, we talked to Shri Mataji about some people who were occupying the land there. We did not know whether we were to make them leave, or what. Shri Mataji in Her compassion said not to, because they were all villagers and they may be doing some agricultural work there. She said that we should demarcate some land on the side, on the border, and give it to them, and let them use that land so they would not be homeless or landless.

Hari Jalan

Sahaja Yogis do not need them

In the year 2000 I was confronted by an architecture student with an ardent desire to resolve the contentious issue of the use of Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra. In the same year I was present when Shri Mataji pronounced judgment on this issue. She declared that these principles do, to a certain extent, help to establish the Shri Ganesha principle, but the Sahaja Yogis do not need them.

Virendra Verma

Editor’s note: Feng Shui is a Chinese philosophy which is involved with how and where buildings should be constructed. Vastu Shastra is similar, of Indian origin.

A letter replied

I had a statue of Shri Radha and Shri Krishna in the temple in my home. Earlier, I used to meditate in front of it every day and only took my meals after putting Bhog (offerings) in front of the statue. Somehow, I neglected this after becoming a Sahaja Yogi. This upset me and one night Shri Mataji appeared in my dream.

Son, I am your Mother and I am Radha Krishna,’ She said. ‘I am the Primordial Mother of the world.’ I was not convinced. The next day, when I went to the public programme where Shri Mataji was, I wrote a letter to Her.

You appeared in my dream and told me that You were Radha Krishna,’ I wrote. ‘Why do You not visit my place and prove to me that You are Radha Krishna?’ I took the letter with me.

A large number of people ask Me to visit their homes,’ Shri Mataji said in Her speech before I could tell anyone about the letter. ‘There are four thousand people here. If I start visiting every one of them and spend five minutes with each of them, you can imagine the time I will take. Meditate in front of My photograph and I will be with you in Nirakara. I am your Radha Krishna and your Sita Ram. You will always find Me as you perceive Me.’

Thus She replied to my letter without even looking at it. The next morning at 6.00am two Sahaja Yogis came to my house and gave me a photograph of Shri Mataji.

KK Agarwal

Dreams come true

All of us have a dream. When I heard about the construction of Shri Mataji’s house in America in New Jersey in 2000, I had the feeling that this event was one of the great opportunities that happen just once in life. I was able to work there and then the time was coming to an end and I was supposed to go back in the middle of March, when Marcelo Peluso, another Yuva Shakti from Brazil, and I received the present from the Mother — a ticket to India to attend Birthday Puja. Amazing.

Shri Mataji gave us more. When we gave the present from Brazil, She knew that we were working on Her house, so She comforted us from all the suffering that we had in the hard, cold days of New Jersey, saying, ‘Are they working there? Must be very cold,’ She smiled.

Those were the simple words that just one Mother said to Her sons to give them the strength to continue on their way, now with fire in their hearts.

Daniel Jesus

One powerful sound and many miracles

When our Holy Mother was here in Istanbul in 2000, She performed some miracles for the new people who came to the public programme. The programme was very successful. The hall for approximately fifteen hundred people was overfilled. People had to stand and sit wherever possible and we estimated the total number to be about two thousand.

As soon as Shri Mataji entered the hall, it started raining. We could hear the rain pouring outside, and it was raining almost till the end of the programme. We could not see what was going on, but one lady had to go out for some reason and what she saw was not just rain but a storm that is rarely seen in Istanbul. Then she turned back towards the hall, which was in fact a big tent and saw the following scene: there was like a huge invisible umbrella over the tent. The rain was pouring down, but not a single drop was falling on the tent!

Shri Mataji talked about inner peace and transformation, because the mechanism of Sahaja Yoga had been already explained by yogis. She gave realisation in a very simple way: She just asked people to put their hands towards Her, like in namaaz, and to feel vibrations, then asked us to check vibrations above our head.

While giving realisation, Shri Mataji, as always, was blowing in the microphone. As soon as She started, we heard a long and powerful sound of thunder and it lasted as long as She was blowing. The sound was very similar to the sound of the blowing, so they merged into one powerful sound. It was magnificent. I was filled with joy from witnessing what a wonderful thing Shri Mataji had done.

When Shri Mataji was giving realisation, some people saw that a black cloud formed over the audience. Then it slowly moved towards Shri Mataji and vanished. She extracted all the negativity from the people and just destroyed it.

The programme finished but the miracles didn’t finish. Next day we had a follow-up programme. Shri Mataji did not come there and a yogi was leading it. After he had finished, he asked if somebody had any questions. One lady stood up immediately; obviously she was eagerly wanting to say something. Before the public programme she had been speaking on her mobile phone and the battery had finished, so the phone switched off automatically. After the programme she tried to switch it on, hoping that she would be able to speak at least for a few seconds. To her complete amazement the battery was fully charged! After she had shared that story with everybody, many people came to us and said that they had experienced the same thing. Shri Mataji’s vibrations had charged many mobile phones on that day.

Lev Dorosinski

Public programme in Istanbul, 2000

A gift from the Israel collective, Easter Puja 2000

The owner was amazed

In Turkey we went to a silver shop and Shri Mataji bought almost the whole shop. The owner was amazed. She asked for a discount, but the shop owner himself gave one. This often happened. It was like the Mother of the universe out shopping — always big amounts and for lots of Sahaja Yogis or relatives.

Akbar Samii

More than I ever desired

At the Nagpur Academy 1999 and 2000 the very air was filled with inspiration. Baba Mama would sometimes come to tell us about Shri Mataji and deities. I would write poetry with a pen and sometimes go and type it using the Academy office computer in Baba Mama’s house. While typing I felt my poetry changing and would not to only rewrite the entire collection but also to write many there on the spot.

At Sahasrara Day 2000 Shri Mataji granted me five minutes during the evening programme to read and gift The Goddess to Her. Having Her direct attention on you is completely overwhelming, and so subtle at the same time. Taking the form of Shri Mahamaya Our Divine Mother lifted us in the highest height without our even noticing it. I remember expecting some explosion-like sensation before and then sitting on the stage, thinking, ‘Wow, this feels completely normal and natural. I wish I would always feel like that.’

You are very deep, I have to say,’ Shri Mataji said after reading my poems, and I did namaskar to Her Lotus Feet. While reading, I only saw Shri Mataji.

These five minutes were more than I ever desired.

Arno Krimmer

Shri Mataji is not human

I had arrived in Cabella for Sahasrara Puja 2000 just after attending two evening programmes in Vienna. Though I had been seeking for long and had had self realisation for almost five years, I was still ignorant about puja in Sahaja Yoga, and Shri Mataji’s identity.

On the day of the puja, I sat right in front, absolutely unprepared for what came next but nevertheless upright and joyous. Mother arrived in a burst of gold and took Her place on the stage. Then She spoke about the beginnings of Sahaja Yoga and it seemed to me that She was explaining personally to me, how this unexpected world of beauty contained in this industrial hangar somewhere in Italy actually came about. The people from many nationalities were all dressed in Indian festive clothes, looking so dignified and radiant, the music and everything.

She spoke about the kinds of people that She encountered as Sahaja Yoga developed: those who insisted on following their ‘own path’. As She said these words She looked straight into my eyes and I was spontaneously sucked into those large dark orbs. Between the words ‘own’ and ‘path’, I floated in an endless and eternal dark space peopled by tiny sparks of which I was one. After an aeon I heard a thin voice calling from far off, my own, ‘That is no human being, you can’t stare at Her like that’. The shock pulled me back and I was there seated with all the others, Mother had looked away and spoke on. My consciousness was consumed, I was an outline. What was in me was outside and vice versa. I was in bliss.

Then the puja started. I am Indian by birth, so performing puja to Mother overawed me. After that the songs and the mantras, each a subtle explosion in my consciousness, gave me names for that which I experienced.

Next morning, when I left for Milan airport in a bus full of Russians, I wept because I was sure that I would never experience such beauty and depth again. Little did I know that we Sahaja Yogis are blessed to adore our Mother as often as we like and that She always abides with us.

Mandakini Pachauri

The blessings and pleasure are so intense

It is an amazing blessing, being a pujari. It is an extraordinary happening. In 2000 Shri Mataji turned to us during the puja when we were rubbing Her Feet, and She looked down.

It really is quite hard work, isn’t it?’ She said, and as She did I felt it was wider. On that occasion we had been running around quite a lot – I don’t remember which puja it was – it was the idea that it is a bit of a work, but the blessings and pleasure are so intense that the work aspect isn’t important.

Often I would come and be a pujari on the Sunday evening and the puja would finish at 3.00 in the morning, and we would spend two hours washing up and then I would sleep for half an hour and catch the early flight back to Belgium, and work the next morning, Monday.

It started on Saturday when we cleaned the silver. While you were rushing about and thinking – do we have everything there? – all the right ingredients, all the things we needed – at that moment your whole attention went on the puja. So while doing a lot on the right side, in one sense you were not, because your attention was just on doing the puja. You wanted it to be nice and right.

Sunday arrived and the only thing on Sunday for me was the puja. We had to collect things and drive back and forth. The attention was always on the Sahasrara, and the minute it isn’t something went wrong. You dropped or forgot something. We felt we had to be very careful.

This Anthony was never responsible for any part of it. He just helped and was part of it. But routinely Shri Mataji said, ‘Why did you do this? Why is this like that? Why did this happen? Why didn’t you feel the vibrations?’ so for me the attention was completely in the Sahasrara.

The attention was there and we did everything with the attention, and we were trying to balance. We tried to stay in that moment, that same attention as when Shri Mataji was there, but it started on the Saturday. We wondered, and we checked – is this going to be the right size? And inside we knew that Shri Mataji would tell us what She wanted to happen and when. Things got faster and faster, and puja in Cabella was quite an efficient machine, yet there was always time.

Anthony Headlam

I know You know it’s here

During the preparations for the Berkeley public programme in June 2000, I was asked to check the parlour facilities and make them nice for Shri Mataji’s use. Several of us tried to go to the theatre early, but it was locked. The management had set a time when it would be opened for preparations, which was just shortly before the programme. The theatre was a little dilapidated, as it was a simple Community Arts Center.

We only had about forty-five minutes before the start of the programme, but we started to remove equipment, which was in the room, and clean it up. We were working relatively quickly because we had so little time. We placed the saris as we went around the room. As we finished circling the room, we had exactly the right number of saris and exactly the right number of tacks. A chair had been covered with a sari and a stand next to it had a flower arrangement. An oriental rug, a long runner, had been brought to cover the uneven walkway from the stage. The flowers filled the area with a lovely scent.

We went to the programme area just before Shri Mataji arrived. It was an incredible programme and She was so loving. The hall looked and felt like an intimate, cozy living room, especially interesting to those of us who had seen it beforehand, as a dilapidated theatre. Now we were sitting close to Shri Mataji.

You all have been seeking for so long,’ She said, as She leaned forward to share with such heart. ‘You’ve been seeking so hard. Now you have to know that you have found what you were seeking. Now, you have to stop. You have found it. You’ve found the joy.’ And at that moment, everybody was completely in joy.

After the programme, I went back to the parlour to take down the saris. Shri Mataji had never left the stage to go there, but when I opened the door, the room was so cool, full of the cool vibrations, the same cool that fills a room after She has left.

Oh, thank You Shri Mataji. I know You know it’s here.’ I said to myself. It was still amazing to me to feel this cool from the room. It was so unique.

Heidi Zogorski

A programme that seemed unique

There were just three programmes in Berkeley, California: one very early one, one in 1997, and I was able to attend the last one a few years later in 2000.

We were a small group but everything worked out absolutely smoothly, and before we knew it Shri Mataji had landed and was settling in at the White Hotel in the hills. It had a lovely rose garden in front which looked like an arboretum and Her suite seemed very bright with natural light. Everyone took part in the preparations and many ladies got to help prepare food items, arrange flowers and prepare the hall. It was such an honour for such a tiny collective to host Her, and see Her with seekers from our town. I tried to stay out of the way, but I did get to see Shri Mataji when She arrived. Suddenly She was coming down the hall with just one person pushing Her wheelchair. There was just me and one small child to greet Her before She entered the suite.

How are you?’ Shri Mataji pointedly asked. I didn’t know that She was talking to me, but then I became alert and said I was well. The little girl and I gave Her flowers and She went inside.

Later we enjoyed a programme that seemed unique. The little hall was packed and those attending seemed very keen, and Shri Mataji was very pleased with the people who came. One lady had seen the website and taken her Realisation, and she stood up and spontaneously sang a very beautiful rendition of Ave Maria. Others asked very respectful questions. Shri Mataji seemed to like the intelligence, spiritual nature and sense of responsibility of the people in that academic town.

There is an interesting story about an artist, the father of one of the yoginis. Shri Mataji enjoyed his painting of tulips which had been placed in Her suite. She asked about the artist and mentioned the training at the Academy in India, and how one artist had applied his new skills with miniatures and was doing well painting on plates Europe. The painting was given to Shri Mataji, and since that time the artist has continued to paint many new and beautiful works, and many have sold or won awards.

Elizabeth Singh

Cooking with love

I didn’t learn cooking while growing up but when I was married tried a few dishes for my husband with guidance from my sister-in-law. I had no confidence in my cooking.

In 2000, I went to Los Angeles for the puja. I was taken to the house where Shri Mataji was and was given the responsibility of making a dish for Her. I didn’t want to but couldn’t get out of it, made Chicken Hariyali and prayed it would be edible.

I went back home after the puja. Then one day, I got a phone call and was told that Shri Mataji loved it and said that I had made it with lots of love. I cried. At that time of my life, I was going through a tough time and felt the need to be away from Her physical presence, as I thought I was just a source of disappointment. At the same time, I had such a strong desire to be loved. Love was missing in my life and that’s all I wanted. Shri Mataji gave me that at that moment.

Shruti Jalan Gupta


People say I make good French fries – or potato chips as they are called in some countries – and they are one of the few things I know how to cook. One day I was serving Shri Mataji in Los Angeles, and seeing everyone cook with so much love for Her, I had a strong desire to make some French fries for Her. I went ahead and made them despite the fact that they did not fit with any of the other Indian dishes prepared for that meal. I knew that She was eating very little from each dish at that point, and in fact She almost always wanted less than what we wanted to serve Her. So I served Her very small portions, and put very few French fries on Her plate.

To my surprise, She looked up and motioned to me that She wanted more! Such was the love of our Mother. She did so not because She needed them, but just to make me happy, because Our Mother knew everything, and above all what was in our hearts and minds.

Calin Costian

Shri Matai knew everything

One time in Vancouver, I was helping in the hotel. One lady had the primary responsibility of helping Shri Mataji. I had a strong desire to help. One afternoon as Shri Mataji was napping, the yogini went to take a shower. She asked me to sit by the bedroom door in case Shri Mataji needed anything.

Ah, the delight! And then the mental battle began. I tried to meditate, but the thought kept coming, ‘Oh, I wish Shri Mataji would wake so I could help with something.’ The next moment I would tell my brain to shut up. ‘If you desire things, the Goddess is listening and She will not be able to rest. Try to meditate.’ Back and forth, back and forth, these thoughts bounced like a ping pong ball. With this small hurricane of thought and desire outside Her door, Shri Mataji came out, saying She was cold. I was delighted to be able to give Her a shawl. At last, I had been of help.

As Shri Mataji was looking out the window at the Vancouver harbour where the cruise ships were, She commented on how noisy it was. I said something like, ‘Yes, the passengers are getting on the cruise ships.’ As soon as the words left my lips, I felt the incredible stupidity of saying something so mundane and obvious to the Adi Shakti. Unable to speak in Her presence for years, and this is what I came up with? Then Shri Mataji further clarified to me that She does, in fact, know everything. She looked at my sari, one I had always doubted choosing and had therefore never felt quite happy about, and commented on how beautiful it was.

Pramod Shete

Receiving a name

For many years I had desired a name from Shri Mataji. One year I was helping another yogini in a hotel room in Vancouver. While she was rubbing Shri Mataji’s Feet, Shri Mataji gave her a name. So my husband seized the moment and asked if Shri Mataji would give me a name as well. I was called in. I couldn’t even enter the room, I was so nervous. I stood about a foot from the door with my hands open, trying to be in a state of meditation. As Shri Mataji put Her attention on me, I could feel my nadis vibrating like plucked guitar strings. I felt overwhelmed, burst into tears, then, embarrassed, ran out of the room! Immediately I told myself, ‘You cannot run out on the Adi Shakti,’ so I went right back in.

Janaki. She was also very emotional,’ Shri Mataji said, as I stood there helplessly weeping quietly.

Pramod Shete

A day with Shri Mataji

In the year 2000 I went shopping with Shri Mataji to downtown Toronto to buy tea sets and silver spoons. The leader was with us, and a few others, including one man from France. She was looking at the prices of the cutlery.

Why is it so cheap?’ Shri Mataji said. Everybody was giving reasons as to why it was so cheap, and then Shri Mataji repeated the question and everyone had different ideas.

Shri Mataji, it is so cheap because You want it to be cheap,’ somebody said, and She waved Her Vishuddhi finger.

That’s it, that’s why it is so cheap!’ She said.

The man from France who was with us was looking at some special pottery.

This is from France,’ said Shri Mataji.

Shri Mataji,’ he asked, ‘You once told me I had to fight the negativity in France, but I could not do this. What did You mean by this?’

Now I have sent you to Montreal,’ She said to him. ‘That is where you have to fight the negativity, and you can do it.’ It was very strong and everybody became very silent when She said that. It was in the middle of the store.

We drove Shri Mataji back to the hotel, and She had a flight back to New York that night. There were also two interviews booked, so one of the yogis asked Shri Mataji if She could stay a bit longer, another day. She looked at us.

I knew what you were up to,’ She said, but then said She would have to go back to New York. We didn’t know how we were going to manage this because we were stuck in rush hour traffic, as it was six o’clock. It started pouring with rain, which often happens when Shri Mataji is in America. When we got into the hotel there was a reporter there to interview Her and we heard that the flight had been delayed. He was a seeker and did a radio show, and had been to Tibet and done all those exotic things. His little daughter was with him, and Shri Mataji was fascinated by her. She kept on asking her name, but the little girl would not talk to Shri Mataji at all.

You are asking so many questions!’ Shri Mataji said to the interviewer at one point. She reached over and put Her Agnya finger on his forehead and everything slowed down. I watched his face just pause, and he stopped and for about forty seconds he just couldn’t say anything. He was completely silent.

That was really great,’ he said. ‘Can you do that again?’ Shri Mataji just started laughing; She was very pleased with him.

I am so glad I have met a real Canadian today,’ Shri Mataji said. Then we had to rush Her to the airport in the rain, and found that the person who had said the flight was delayed had got the time wrong. I had Her luggage and went to the check in counter, and the lady said there was no chance because the flight was closing. All of a sudden Shri Mataji arrived at the counter with a lot of Sahaja Yogis behind Her.

What’s the matter?’ She asked.

The check in lady picked up the phone and tried to stop the plane leaving. Shri Mataji was just looking at this lady, and sort of giving Her vibrations. We started running with Shri Mataji’s luggage, but She missed the flight. Shri Mataji got on the next plane, which was only forty-five minutes later, and which we didn’t know about earlier.

Mohan Gulati

Shri Mataji raised my Kundalini big time

My profession is a hairdresser and in the year 2000 I was asked to be ready to meet with Shri Mataji to cut Her hair, when She was to be interviewed by some press people concerning the medical benefits of Sahaja Yoga. It was about 7:30 pm when I finally went into Her bedroom. Shri Mataji sat in a wing-backed burgundy coloured chair and I proceeded to cut Her hair, being careful to catch any falling strands.* The haircut was soon finished and She began to speak to me, asking me simple questions. I was now facing Her, about two feet away.

Where are you from?’ She asked and, ‘How do you like your work?’ etc.

As She was asking this something profound was going on inside of me. It happened three times and each time I had to stop talking because it was so profound. There was intense pressure rising from my lower abdomen to the top of my clavicle area. It was only in the centre and from the bottom up, and I held my stomach. Shri Mataji was watching every move. After the third time of this pressure the conversation ended and I had finished helping the Goddess, although it was the Goddess who helped me. She very carefully raised my Kundalini big time.

Maryanne Berman

Editor’s note: Shri Mataji’s hair is very powerful and must be returned to Her if any strands are found.

Shri Mataji was laughing so much

It was at Canajoharie in 2000. Another lady and I were asked to go and help with the daily work at Shri Mataji’s house. Eventually someone took us in her car. It had been raining and there was a lot of mud – I even fell into a hole up to my knee and was dirty. I was wearing Western clothes, but had a sari to change into when I got there.

When we arrived we could see Shri Mataji was seated in the garden. We were going to have to pass just in front of Her, all dirty, and carrying our bags. We didn’t know what to do! So we went, trying to avoid Her. We put our hands on our hearts and passed into the house.

The lady with Shri Mataji was taking pictures, and later sent them to us, and once more we saw the human side of the Goddess. She was laughing so much at our worries and excessive concerns in this simple situation.

Valeria Ferreira

Valeria and her friends arriving to clean Shri Mataji’s house

The heaven I had seen as a little girl

A special and unforgettable event was being in the same house as Shri Mataji — the Great Goddess. It happened in Canajoharie, USA, on the 1st of July, 2000, when, most unexpectedly, I was invited to help in the house where Shri Mataji was staying, and I was so happy.

During the years, seeing Her in Brazil or in Cabella, I’d seen a lot of sisters around Her and had never imagined myself being part of this group. But some questions used to pass through my mind: ‘Do they offer to do it, or are they invited? Do they stay near Shri Mataji or are they chosen by someone?’

All of a sudden, I was there, in the kitchen, washing Her dishes and cutlery, in Her room doing Her bed, cleaning Her bathroom, looking at everything in that little divine universe within reach of my hands and eyes.

Always during these eight years in Sahaja Yoga, I had longed for a lengthy period of thoughtless awareness, but they used to come only in flashes. On this day, the first of July, I could experience what’s really being the witness — for hours on end — and it was really simple, soft, although almost impossible to describe. I saw everything, registering the colours and forms, but there wasn’t any sound, just a silence and coolness that I would love to have around me all my life.

I think the heaven I had seen as a little girl was like that — maternal.

Valeria Ferreira

Now that’s emotional intelligence!

In 2000 I went to Canajoharie to the Shri Adi Shakti Puja. I had a nice present from South Africa, a colour etching of the words in Arabic ‘Allah hu akbar’ – in pink and green, very ornate and delicate, with a yellow six pointed star behind. It was also nicely framed. I also had another present we had bought at the puja. At the puja Shri Mataji spoke a bit about emotional intelligence. Afterwards I took the present up and explained to Mother that it had been made by one of my students, a Moslem girl who had had her realisation. Mother looked at it, seemed to like it.

Now that’s emotional intelligence!’ She said.

Linda Williams

What can I say to Shri Adi Shakti?

Right from the beginning I recognised Shri Mataji as Shri Adi Shakti and was in awe of Her. I felt bad when in front of Her, because I would think, ‘I am nothing, what can I say to Shri Adi Shakti?’ Many times I offered a present to Shri Mataji for Argentina, but felt very scared. Once, before going to Shri Adi Shakti Puja in America in 2000, I had a dream, and in the dream Shri Mataji was a little upset and said, ‘I cannot understand why all the yogis cannot see Me like a mother, people see Me like Adi Shakti. Why can’t you speak with Me like your mother?’ It was a long dream and finally, in the dream, I talked to Her like a mother.

After this I had confidence. At Shri Adi Shakti Puja in America in 2000 there was no one to prepare the food for Shri Mataji and we from South America were asked to do it. So I prepared food and made the house nice like for a mother. I waited in the house for a long time, and felt I was in my mother’s house. Then Shri Mataji came at about eleven o’clock at night. She took the food, and was really like a mother, not like Shri Adi Shakti. The house was very small and we waited outside while She ate. After dinner Shri Mataji came and saw us.

What are you doing there? It is so cold!’ She said, and I never felt scared again.

That time, at Shri Adi Shakti Puja, I went up with a present and could talk to Her.

Patricia Wolfmeyer