Chapter 05: 1993 – October, America

Recollections - Book by Sahaja Yogis

You are the only one who talks today

In October 1993, I was asked to present Shri Mataji at the United Nations, New York, where I was working as a Senior Regional Officer. As there were numerous situations to solve at work that day, I did not have enough time to prepare the presentation, and an hour before the public programme, I began to organize my thoughts for this special occasion. When Shri Mataji entered the main UN auditorium, which was packed with yogis and new seekers, I received Her with flowers, and She knew I was worried about what I was going to say in front of Her.

So, you are going to talk today,’ She said to me.

No, dear Mother, You are the only one who talks today,’ I answered, and the presentation went on with no problem. At the end of the programme, She took my hands in Hers and I knew that She knew everything.

Graciela Vázquez-Díaz

Shri Mataji at the United Nations

The vibrations were so strong

When I was living in Manhattan, it was wonderful to meet the collective and sometimes stay on the weekend, at the ashram of New Rochelle. One Saturday, I slept in a room on the second floor. When I went into the bed which was in that room, I felt very strong vibrations under the sheets, like a strong massage to all my chakras. I felt such a joy and went into a profound rest all night long.

The next morning, I asked one of the Yoginis at the ashram who had slept there, and she told me that our Holy Mother had stayed at that room when She visited the ashram.

Graciela Vázquez-Díaz

United Nations programme

It was September of 1993 when Shri Mataji came to New York, just a few weeks after bombs had been placed at the World Trade Center and at the United Nations. Many Chiefs of State were coming to the UN General Assembly, and because of security reasons, only people with diplomatic identification could enter the premises. We had arranged a public programme at the United Nations, but we asked our Holy Mother if we could change the site to the place where we had been regularly gathering to meditate for the past year, the UN Kindergarten, which was on 45th Street, just across from the General Assembly. The arrangements had to be done only an hour before the programme, and people kept coming in, and we had to keep the doors open onto the street because there was a multitude of people outside who could not come in, but who could see and hear Mother.

New York City had not been an easy place to have a good number of people in Sahaja, but the public programme was a complete success. The next day we went to the airport to see Shri Mataji leave for London. She was sitting at the airport surrounded by all Her children. Shri Mataji called me, and while I was kneeling at Her Lotus Feet, She took my wrist with Her hand and put it up in the air.

Manhattan has taken off,’ She said.

Graciela Vázquez-Díaz

I did not know you had a baby

One time Shri Mataji visited the United States, in 1993, She gave a public programme at a Buddhist Temple. People kept coming in until there was not a single place to sit down. I sat at the back. There were around five hundred people and Mother was beginning to speak, when a young oriental couple came in with a baby in their arms. I offered to take care of the baby while Shri Mataji gave realisation, so they could surrender with no distractions. The eyes of both of them shone with the awakened Spirit.

When Shri Mataji was going out, She briefly stopped in front of me with a big smile.

I did not know you had a baby,’ She said.

Graciela Vázquez-Díaz

The hall was packed

New York 1993. With upwards of 10,000 entertainment opportunities competing for attention on a Saturday night in Manhattan, the question always is: will anyone show up? Preparations for the programme which had been ongoing for months were now in full swing.

The hall was packed, upstairs balcony full, wall to wall yogis standing, folks queuing outside. There were bhajans in Marathi, Hindi and Sanskrit which boomed out, bringing applause from the seven hundred and fifty or so in attendance. After talking, Shri Mataji invited questions. Someone asked why falling in love is so painful.

It’s because you fall. One should rise in love,’ Mother responded. Questioned as to what was Her greatest disappointment, Mother countered: ‘I have no appointments or dis-appointments.’ The audience roared its appreciation. Handling enquiries on a wide range of subjects, Mother explained She was an expert on answering questions. The point being proved, self realisation was granted.

Instead of going straight back to the hotel, Mother was driven down to Battery Park, and had pizza with some of the organisers.

Geoff Godfrey

The Grand Canyon

Shri Mataji, during Her many, many travels all over the globe, would often ask yogis and yoginis to accompany Her. On one such occasion I had a delightful experience with Her. We were travelling from NY to LA and at one point Mother looked out the window of the plane and commented that it was so ‘chaitanyamay’ (full of vibrations) out there. Looking out all I could see was pitch darkness and lo! within five minutes the pilot announced that we were now flying over the Grand Canyon.

Madhuri Dunphy

Give the sun a bandhan

All around America, in the Autumn of 1993, in every city, on approaching every airport, we were informed of low ground temperatures — five degrees Centigrade or similar, by in-flight announcements.

In each instance, Shri Mataji just smiled, raised Her right side and, upon landing, the temperature had eased upwards. Often dull days turned into bright sunny ones.

Just give the sun a bandhan,’ Mother explained. ‘The sun is being very obedient.’

Coming into Heathrow Airport, England after the tour ended Mother raised the right side and we stepped out into a bright sunny morning.

Mother indicated we should pay more attention to the weather and note down how it supports our work.

Geoff Godfrey

Shri Mataji spoke of the Holy Koran

The Vice President of the Islamic Circle of North America and Canada came to meet Shri Mataji in New York in 1993. His responsibilities included liaison with 300,000 Muslims. He hosted a weekly TV programme, shown on Third World Broadcasting. He said his role was cultivating a knowledge of the purpose of life, beyond the material distractions of the late 20th century.

Openheartedly he said he wished to help. To make sure he knew what the subject was, Shri Mataji asked him to sit at Her Feet. He exclaimed that he had wanted to be at Mother’s Feet right from the start, and asked why we had given him a chair. He said that he wasn’t a government minister. Glancing at his watch, the gentleman said it was time to do his Namaas, or prayers. He namaskared to Her, said Allah-u-Akbar, and Mother raised his Kundalini.

Look, he’s got it!’ She said.

After this he quoted from the Vedas and the Gita, whilst Mother spoke of the Holy Koran. As he left he was a transformed man, whose watering eyes glistened with a new joy. On leaving he expressed the wish of seeing us again, to work together.

Geoff Godfrey

I’ve been waiting for that question

The Mayor of Yonkers, his wife and two children arrived to meet Shri Mataji. This was in a hotel situated on the corner of 5th Avenue and Central Park, Manhattan. Yonkers is a town of 200,000 people just north of Manhattan.

They were introduced to Shri Mataji and during Her conversation with the mayor, incredible vibrations flowed. Before long, questions turned to ‘What is truth?’ and ‘How do we get this state within?’ Then they just came out and asked for self realisation.

I’ve been waiting for an American politician to ask me that question,’ Shri Mataji responded with a big smile on Her face.

Both the children and their father immediately got it, amazed at how easily they felt vibrations.

It’s cool,’ the children informed Mother.

The mayor’s wife wasn’t so sure, so Mother invited her to sit at Her Feet, where she was worked on for fifteen minutes or more. Then there was a very powerful moment as the wife burst into tears, unable to choke back the emotion. Her heart chakra had been blocked and had opened; this emotional release is often accompanied by a healthy flood of tears. Mother explained collective consciousness and how now the woman had brothers and sisters everywhere. Shri Mataji indicated to her that she thought too much and vibrated some sugar for her. The whole meeting concluded with much laughter and joy, as this young family stepped out into the turmoil which is New York.

Geoff Godfrey

There’s innocence

Shri Mataji observed a child.

There’s innocence…..and look how we are all glued to it,’ She pointed out, then indicated part of the reason for attacks on children, and child abuse, was that evil forces are frightened of the power of innocence.

Geoff Godfrey

United Nations programme

That evening, in October 1993, Shri Mataji gave a short talk to an audience of about a hundred and twenty, over twenty from UN departments. Questions followed on; their nature varied, and Mother’s answers were clear and strong. On morality, Mother indicated marriage was natural and complimentary to spiritual ascent, providing a wholesome environment where children can be raised in a moral way. Other questions touched on the power of the brain.

Are we here to move a pendulum?’ Shri Mataji replied, this being the latest trick of one of the false gurus, to lure seekers.

Mother gave realisation and the programme concluded with yogis singing Binati Suniye. All in all, it was a strong and to-the-point programme. On the way home in the car with Her we listened to a tape of the Calgary Boy’s Choir singing a rendering of Binate Suniye, which Mother enjoyed very much.

Back at the hotel Mother watched the movie, Leap of Faith, starring Steve Martin, who is portrayed as a fake travelling evangelist. Mother particularly enjoyed his dance steps, which we rewound to watch a second time.

Geoff Godfrey

Shri Adi Shakti in Queens

We had a television interview arranged on Asianet Cable TV, in Queens, New York, in October 1993, for the culture and philosophy slot. During the course of the programme, Shri Mataji outlined the historical backdrop behind self realisation and the place of Sahaja Yoga in the modern world. Billed as a fifteen minute interview, the proceedings over-ran and over thirty minutes of footage were recorded.

Renu Mehra, the senior correspondent, presented the show. She was concerned about her health, as she had been off work sick for three weeks. Afterwards, Mother took Renu to Her Feet, saying she would be all right. Shri Mataji worked on her. Renu exclaimed she was frustrated and angry with false gurus, who had obviously done harm to her and others in getting themselves broadcast. Chatting at the end, Renu mentioned that a man called Debu Chauderi was due at 2 pm that very afternoon. Mother suggested, with a laugh, that Renu should ask Debu if he knew of Mother.

By chance or design, Debu and his entourage arrived two hours early. Delighted, with face beaming, because he knew and recognised Shri Mataji, he couldn’t believe he was seeing Shri Adi Shakti in Queens, New York.

Geoff Godfrey

Extra-additional programme

As a result of Mother’s visit to New York at the start of the tour in October 1993, the Indian society had requested an additional programme, offering to sponsor it, and supplying the venue and publicity. This was squeezed in, by delaying departure to the evening. As we left the hotel with luggage bound for the airport, Mother was on the way to Queens for the last engagement. A Sahaja Yogi delivered the introduction to a full to capacity hall, reportedly with folks still outside. Mother later said She was happy that Indians in America were now beginning to come along.

Geoff Godfrey

Shri Mataji raised Her right side to the left

I was on the flight from New York to Toronto in 1993 with Shri Mataji. At the start of the flight the steward announced that the ground temperature at Toronto was 8° Centigrade, or roundabout there. Shri Mataji raised Her right side to the left a few times.

Before landing Shri Mataji asked me what the temperature was in Toronto and so I answered 8° Centigrade as had been announced on departure. She told me to ask the steward again: the temperature had risen to about 17° Centigrade!

Antony Visconti

Canada calling

Tuesday morning, on the American tour in October 1993, and it was off to La Guardia Airport, New York, to catch a flight to Toronto.

The Canadian yogis received Mother silently and sweetly; you could sense the peace. Shri Mataji stayed in a hotel, in the Prime Minister’s suite, which was somehow secured at fifty per cent of the normal cost. Two Sahaja Yogis massaged Shri Mataji’s Feet for three hours.

After eating, the advance party set off for the public programme. I gave the introduction, and had to stretch it to seventy minutes, with a slide show of miracle photos and an impromptu question and answer session, before Mother arrived.

What did you tell them?’ asked Shri Mataji.

Everything!’ I replied.

Geoff Godfrey

One of my most beautiful memories

It was 1993 and we were in Canada to help with the Sahaja Yoga public programmes in Toronto. The Canadian yogis in the ashram hosting Shri Mataji asked me and another yogini to go shopping for handkerchiefs for Her in case She needed them or should ask for them.

The yogini and I went to many different shops until we found what we thought were the best handkerchiefs that we could offer the Goddess. We bought twelve beautiful handmade cotton ones, with simple but beautiful designs, then we returned to the ashram and gave the hosting yogis the handkerchiefs to offer to Shri Mataji.

We were in Toronto for about four days, helping with the public programmes: postering, cooking and cleaning the ashram. After all the activities and the programmes, Shri Mataji was ready to leave and we were all at the ashram to say goodbye to Her. As we waited for Mother to come down the stairs, I started to think about the handkerchiefs we had bought for Her. I started to wonder if She had liked them and if they were appropriate for Her.

As I thought about this, Shri Mataji reached the bottom of the stairs. She stopped suddenly, and then smiling, very gently opened Her handbag. She took out a white handkerchief and held it high.

Thank you for these. They are very beautiful!’ She stated, still smiling.

Anna Mancini

I love You, Mother

After talking to the six hundred onlookers at the Toronto programme in 1993, Shri Mataji asked for some questions. A very large, forceful looking one hundred and fifty-plus kilogram man, wearing a dark overcoat, came forward from the back of the hall, down the centre aisle and attempted to climb the steps to the stage. We felt Mother was testing the Centre Heart. He was persuaded to remain in front of the stage and he was tentatively handed the portable microphone.

I am Chief Agada from Nigeria,’ boomed the voice. ‘My sister came to this country four years ago and got involved with Your organisation, with Your people! She was ready to commit suicide.’ It felt like there was about to be an unfortunate incident. You could hear a pin drop. ‘With Your people,’ he boomed, ‘she went up and up. They helped her so much.’ Stunned, the audience sat in silence as Chief Agada announced, ‘She loves You, Mother. I want to help You. I want to pay.’

The audience erupted into applause. We had to make him take back the hundred dollar bills he was throwing on the stage. Mother explained that there was no need to pay.

How is it You are so powerful? Why do You have so many powers?’ continued Chief Agada.

Because I’m a Mother,’ Shri Mataji replied.

I love You, Mother,’ Chief Agada’s voice rang out.

The audience broke out into applause and the Centre Heart had opened.

Geoff Godfrey

Shri Mataji shopping in Toronto

Vancouver Public Programme, 1993

A letter of congratulations was received from the governor of British Colombia, and was read out at the public programme. It thanked Mother for visiting Vancouver. The well-attended programme, with more than five hundred present, went smoothly and after questions and realisation, Shri Mataji received over a hundred people onto the stage.

One lady with hands and body shaking came to Mother’s Feet. She told Shri Mataji how it came and went; it was obviously uncontrollable and quite severe. After a few moments, Mother indicated it was a problem of the Vishuddhi and told her to ask and affirm the following:

Are You the Holy Spirit that Christ has sent?’ Then, ‘You are the Holy Spirit that Christ sent.’ The lady’s upper body, arms and hands shook uncontrollably, and then stopped completely.

There, look it’s gone now, finished,’ Shri Mataji said.

She worked on a stream of people who had been given mantras by false gurus. Indians whose family deities were Shri Vishnu and Shri Krishna had to ask Mother the question for that deity, (Shri Mataji, are You Lord Krishna?’) before feeling the flow of cool vibrations. One man, a teacher, informed Shri Mataji he was partially blind in the left eye. The remedy, She said he should ask Her a question.

Are You the teacher of all teachers?’ and he was to then affirm, ‘You are the teacher of all teachers!’ He did this.

How do you see?’ Shri Mataji asked. His eyesight was restored, everyone applauded.

The last person to arrive at Shri Mataji’s Feet, was a thirty something, head shaven man. He presented Her with some beads. She asked what the beads were for, and what the problem was. It turned out he had been seeking everywhere and had been given a mantra and explained he was completely broke on account of having given his house rent to his guru.

Mother instructed him to repeat the mantra he had been given to Her, over and over again. He did this then went thoughtless and lost the mantra. The vibrations flowed incredibly strongly.

OK, now cleared!’ Shri Mataji exclaimed. She then said he should ask and affirm, if Mother was Maitreya, the future Buddha. Suddenly he knelt at Her Feet and asked for a name. He was called Mark, so he was named Markandeya. Mother told him he must tell all his friends, so as to end their sufferings.

Geoff Godfrey

God gives light to those who want to help

During the car journey back home, after the public programme in Vancouver in 1993 Shri Mataji asked how it was that a damaging cult could use Ayurvedic medicine, an ancient and authentic practice, to market their meditation, which spoils seekers’ Kundalinis. Then She slept. It was after 2.00 am when we woke Shri Mataji. We entered the house, ate dinner and Shri Mataji told us an instructive story, which went something like this.

There was a saint on his way to visit God and along the road, he came across a fellow praying, singing, working hard, trying to get to God. The saint stopped to talk to this chap. He asked the saint if when he visited God, if he would ask when he might meet God. Further on down the road the saint stumbled across another fellow lying in the street, he too enquired where the saint was headed.

Ah,’ said the second man, ‘can you let God know I haven’t had my food yet!’

When the saint did indeed meet God, he remembered to pass the messages on.

He hasn’t had his food yet,’ God exclaimed and immediately summoned some angels, who took the man his food. Regarding the other fellow, God told the saint to instruct him to work a little harder.

You tell both fellows that you saw a giant camel passing through the eye of a needle, when you were with me,’ said God, before the saint left.

What did you see when you were with God?’ asked the fellow who was told to work harder. Hearing about the camel passing through the eye of a needle, he responded, ‘Impossible. Just because you saw God there’s no need to lie and tell stories.’ Continuing on his way the saint arrived at the other fellow, who was now eating his food. He too asked what the saint had seen whilst with God.

Something impossible, miraculous, unbelievable. I saw a giant camel passing through the eye of a needle.’

Why is that impossible? God can do anything – that’s simple stuff for God,’ said the second man, continuing his meal.

It was apparent Shri Mataji had recounted this story regarding folks who are easily impressed with outside miracles obvious to the eye, like the teacher whose eyesight had been repaired. Such cures and healing were all right, in fact Mother said She had already exceeded John’s prophesies in the Christian testament.

Yet where are all the people? They get cured but they don’t come back and settle down and deepen, so why bother?’ She said, and went on to say that God doesn’t give the light to those who aren’t going to use it to enlighten others, only to those who wanted to help transform and save the world.

The Kundalini gets raised then it drops down again. God gives to those who want to help. People just come for curing; and compassion sometimes runs ahead of wisdom. They are not good lights and it is better to repair lamps able to give light to others.’ Mother recounted stories of folks who had got cured from one ailment, guru, or another and then returned to old patterns of behaviour, and gone down again.

Geoff Godfrey

Nostradamus talked about Me

Whilst touring with Shri Mataji in the Americas in 1993, I think in Vancouver, Canada, and being very interested in books, research and knowledge about the advent of the Goddess throughout history, I would often pop out if there was a local large book store. Somehow I was talking about different prophecies whereby Shri Mataji commented, ‘Nostradamus talked about Me in his writing’, at which point upon my next visit to a bookshop I bought two or three different editions of Nostradamus’s Quatrains. 

Geoffrey Godfrey

16,000 lightning strokes

I was travelling with Shri Mataji from the airport to the ashram in Vancouver, on Her North America tour in 1993. On the way to the ashram Shri Mataji was talking about Shri Vishnumaya, and about the way She works. When we got to the ashram, She was sitting in the sitting room and some Sahaja Yogis were massaging Her Feet. A thunderstorm came and while She was sitting there, a lightning stroke came right through the room, right in front of Her Feet, as a manifestation of Shri Vishnumaya. We could all see it, in front of Her.

Shri Vishnumaya is the principle of the ether, and the manifestation of lightning and thunder are manifestations of Shri Vishnumaya. When there is a lightning storm it is a manifestation of Her power. Another interesting thing is that there was once a puja to Shri Vishnumaya in North America, and there was a big lightning storm in Canada, and they counted 16,000 lightning strokes. The 16,000 powers of the Vishuddhi, so that’s the way the Vishuddhi manifests in nature.

Antony Visconti

The weather changed dramatically

A warm autumn day greeted Shri Mataji in Vancouver, along with a hundred or so blissful yogis in October 1993. Arriving after an hour’s drive to Abbotsford, we could easily see the beautiful Mount Baker, snow clad and majestic. Mother took a light lunch and chatted as two Sahaja Yogis massaged Her Feet for nearly three hours. Another yogi, at Mother’s direction, pressed firmly on Her right elbow, which is the Right Nabhi. This person described what felt like an intense pulsation which was the incredible strength of the vibrations in Mother’s arm. This caused the yogi’s arm to move and also his whole upper body and shoulder moved with this intense power. This went on for the best part of an hour and Mother also directed us to Her wrist, Vishuddhi, and various fingers, particularly the Right Agnya. Russia is the Right Agnya, and Mother repeatedly asked what was happening with Russian news.

We flicked through Vancouver’s TV channels and came across a half hour Sahaja Yoga slot. The programmes had become so popular that the station used Sahaja videos as a filler, whenever other shows were cancelled, or if there was a broadcasting gap.

As Shri Mataji’s Feet were massaged, during the course of the afternoon the weather changed dramatically. Thunder and lightning struck the whole house, and this was followed by sheets of rain and hail stones. It had been dry for several months. News reports indicated that in Rapid City, further east, a surprising weather picture was unfolding, temperatures fell from 94° Fahrenheit on Wednesday to an expected 44° Fahrenheit, or lower on Thursday, a swing of 50 degrees. Mother just smiled.

Geoff Godfrey


Shri Mataji asked if Eskimos were different from American Indian tribes. She was told that they seemed more innocent, as they hadn’t had to deal with what the American Indians had faced, due to two hundred years of mistreatment at the hands of invaders and settlers.

Geoff Godfrey

Los Angeles

A mid-morning flight on Friday October 8th, 1993 allowed us to see the cloud break over the Rocky Mountains as we approached Los Angeles. The airport was teeming with yogis excited to see their Mother. A PA system and reception room had been arranged for what seemed like two hundred yogis to greet Her.

As flowers were offered to Shri Mataji, a group of Chinese tourists recognised the innocence and sweetness of the moment and spontaneously added their applause. A yogi was questioned by a couple of travellers.

Who is the lady?’ one of them asked.

My Mother,’ came the reply.

What are you celebrating?’

Life,’ he responded.

Shri Mataji was delighted to see yogis who had come from Australia, Canada, South America, Russia, New Zealand, Japan, Europe, Malaysia, and across the United States.

Back at the hotel, Shri Mataji settled everyone down with stories, for example about how Cabella was bought just days before Guru Puja 1991. Discussions soon moved onto the schedule for the next four days. Once these were agreed, the topic changed to predictions in the 12th chapter of the Revelation of John.

Geoff Godfrey

Editor’ note: this chapter starts with the following verse: ‘And there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars’. ‘The woman’ refers to Shri Mataji.

A door into the kingdom of God

Saturday, 9th October 1993 witnessed a number of meetings and a programme was arranged for some Iranians in Los Angeles. In the afternoon Shri Mataji went shopping and took twelve yogis to a pizza restaurant. Meanwhile some Sahaja Yogis had been orchestrating preparations to make sure the evening meeting was well attended. Beautiful bhajans filled the room, which heralded the start of a wonderful and worthwhile programme.

You are opening a door into the kingdom of God for the Persian people,’ Nellie said to Mother. Not surprisingly there were plenty of questions, and after giving realisation Mother worked on members of the audience.

Geoff Godfrey

The need to get together

Shri Mataji met a Native American tribe in Los Angeles in the autumn of 1993. There were two groups of the Tumesh tribe – a younger group and an older group. One of the things they spoke about was of trying to regain property and land. Shri Mataji explained that the Native American people would probably never have any power in the country until they got together, to represent themselves as a national group, to get over the fact that they had been dispossessed.

Phil Trumbo

Shri Mataji hears our thoughts

Before Shri Mataji bought a house in Calabasas, California, She would stay in a hotel. I was asked to decorate the suites. We would bring in every kind of art object and redo the place from floor to ceiling. Once I saw a beautiful, gold-plated Shri Buddha and bought it for Shri Mataji. I placed it on the TV and bowed my head.

Shri Mataji, this is for You,’ I said in my heart.

She came and stayed and when it was time to go, the yoginis were helping Her pack.

That is for Me,’ She said, pointing to the Buddha.

Jeff Raum

Native American nations

On Her 1993 tour, Shri Mataji met Native Americans from the Gabrielino/Shoshone and Tongua nations. She received gifts from both groups, which included a sage plant. This is used as a sacred healing and ceremonial plant of all native peoples. After this the meeting began. Shri Mataji recounted how when She first visited the Americas, She had asked to meet with indigenous peoples. At one meeting with Native Americans, Mother told a variety of stories illustrating examples of divine powers, such as the power of the bandhan, and explained the very efficient divine powers of love.

You have to take the help of God,’ She said.

On this occasion Shri Mataji was informed that the Europeans used Native Americans as slaves to build missions, forced them to work in them, and once freed, they were not entitled to any land. They had no rights, no title or deed. Mother suggested that some land should be given to the Native Americans. Mother’s guests explained their philosophy of being caretakers, using the land as their ancestors did. One such approach was to never take a decision until its impact on the land for the next seven generations was considered.

You are a very natural people,’ Shri Mataji continued. ‘My attention is on you. There is so much land, I am sure something will happen. You have all My blessings and love. Thousands in America have so much compassion, thousands in America have so much concern and thousands in America have so much guilt. They feel inside they have done something wrong. You just start, you’ll get money; money is never a problem for a good cause.’

How do we come together, so many dispersed peoples, now we are so few?’ Mother was asked.

Hold out your hands. Feel, easily you just get it. You are very close to God. Since you were sitting here, I was just enjoying. You are a very ancient people.’

Geoff Godfrey

Shri Viratangata Virata

On Sunday October 10th, there was going to be a big West Coast puja, maybe three hundred or more yogis from around the world. We began the three hour drive to Big Bear Park, and climbing above the Los Angeles smog, you could sense the bright morning would turn out just wonderful. The camp setting was peaceful and just before Shri Mataji arrived we spotted the moon to the left and the sun to the right of Mother’s chair, just another of those small details to be enjoyed.

After the puja, where Shri Mataji mentioned 16,000 yogis in the Americas, we headed off back to Los Angeles. Something had happened to the bhajans in the puja. They were being sung as never before in the land of the Vishuddhi, and the bottle neck was clearing.

Dr Worlikar delivered introductory talks to a programme for Indians. Shri Mataji was happy that so many had attended and after giving realisation She stayed to work on the seekers. This is when the full power of the post puja bhajans kicked in. By now a large contingent of yogis had arrived from Bear Mountain and unleashed the joy they were experiencing in song. Any doubt about the role of the Vishuddhi was dissolved.

Geoff Godfrey

Judgement time

After a hasty lunch, on the 10th October, we dashed off to a recording studio, where two half hour programmes would be recorded. Questions were wide ranging and Shri Mataji went through the process of realisation on camera.

The studio crew argued with the show host Audrey Hope over the shooting of the second segment, as the studio time had now been well overrun. Mother relaxed in Her chair. It was agreed to go ahead with the second half hour show of Reel Women. Strong statements came in response to questions.

Now is the judgement time and if you don’t get it now, you’ll miss out forever,’ was one example Shri Mataji gave.

Afterwards we made our back through the Los Angeles haze. Shri Mataji, having obviously enjoyed Herself, was pleased with the afternoon’s events.

Geoff Godfrey

Alive and Well TV programme

Grateful for lessons in protocol

After the Shri Viratanga Puja in the mountains outside Los Angeles in 1993, Shri Mataji gave a public programme in the Los Angeles area. As She entered the hall, I snapped a photo of Her. Glancing up from behind the camera, Her penetrating glance made me realise the breach in protocol that I had committed.

After Shri Mataji had addressed the audience, there was a short entertainment programme offered by an Indian classical dancer. Then Shri Mataji remained to personally greet the newly realised seekers who desired to pay their respects. I headed toward the front to join in singing bhajans. On my way, I met a Sahaja Yogi who had come from abroad and had lived with us in the early 1980’s. He declined an invitation to join me in singing bhajans on account of having a sore throat. We sat down in the back of the hall and spoke together.

A short while later I was summoned to the front by Shri Mataji. I bowed before Her, and Shri Mataji asked why I was sitting talking at the back. I humbly asked for Her forgiveness, and She told me to go and sing with the bhajan singers.

Back home Shri Mataji came to me in a powerful dream that night. I placed my head at Her Feet and bathed in Her ocean of love. The world, the space, all sense of time dissolved. Waking up, I felt cleansed and forgiven. I am deeply grateful to our Holy Mother, the Counsellor, the Comforter, the Redeemer, for the lessons She has given me.

Tracy Tischuk

Shri Mataji can move mountains

I had desired so much to reach the LAX Airport in time, in October 1993, to offer Shri Mataji flowers, even though my flight was arriving slightly after Her plane was scheduled to come. Fortunately, Her plane got delayed and I could reach there on time. The Los Angeles yogis had prepared a chair and an airport conference room for Shri Mataji where She sat and received flowers from all of us.

When my turn came, I was so full of emotion that I did pranams to Her and then kept my head bowed, without looking up to Her, while holding up the rose for Her to take. I was feeling that, as She was God, I could not possibly look Her in the eyes. And, to my surprise, the flower did not get taken from my hand. Seconds continued to pass, and eventually I had to raise my eyes to see why She was not taking the flower. As I was slowly raising my gaze to Her, I could see such a big smile on Her Face, radiating boundless love and joy. She had patiently waited as She wanted me to have Her full darshan, and only when I looked into Her limitless eyes She took the flower from my hand with such infinite grace. Then She looked at me intensely, as if trying to figure out who I was, and asked me where I was from. I said I was from Romania.

You are the son of the leader!’ She exclaimed. I confirmed this, and Shri Mataji was very surprised. ‘I couldn’t recognize you – what happened to you?’ I didn’t know what it was, and as I did a quick mental check trying to figure out if it was my vibrations that had gone that bad, Shri Mataji said, ‘You are so thin!’ I had indeed been on a student budget diet, spending the absolute minimum on food, and putting my Nabhi to a big test by eating the same cheap food every single day.

I’m working too hard, Shri Mataji,’ I replied, not knowing what to say.

That night there was some food served to the yogis in the same room, after Shri Mataji left the airport, and meeting Her had a great effect on my Nabhi: I was so hungry all of a sudden that I helped myself three times. It marked the end of my Nabhi ordeal, and as I was going to see, good times for my Nabhi were lying ahead (I was going to get married in a couple months). That night, the yogis from Cincinnati teased me that Shri Mataji couldn’t see me at the airport, because of how thin I was.

A couple days later, at the end of the Shri Viratanga Puja in Los Angeles, when I offered the present from Indiana, where I was living at the time, I told Shri Mataji that ever since She had talked to me at the airport, I had started to eat heartily and that my goal was to develop a Shri Ganesha belly. She laughed and then became serious.

I need to talk to you, are you coming to New York?’ She said. I had not planned to go to New York, because I surely did not have any extra time off.

Yes, Shri Mataji,’ was the only thing that came off my lips.

I had no money, no vacation time left, but knew I was going. Miraculously for my impossible financial situation, a yogi from Cincinnati was going to drive all the way to the East Coast and attend the programmes there, and he offered to take me along. I knew that my difficult professor could kick me out of the programme and I would have to return to Romania, but I pondered: ‘I told Shri Mataji that I will be there, and I cannot let Her down. Besides, Shri Mataji can move mountains if She wants to!’ Upon my return I was all right, all by the grace of Shri Mataji.

A year later, Shri Mataji commented, knowing how much I had to go through at the hands of that professor, that he was not pleased with me because he knew I was putting Sahaja Yoga above my duty to him as a graduate student.

I felt like pulling my ears that She was putting Her attention on such a small thing, as She had to put Her attention on the universe. But then I realised how Her love permeated everything, with Her attention catering to our smallest needs, bringing comfort to us whenever the slightest thing upset us. Such is Her infinite love for us!

Calin Costian

Captivated by Shri Mataji’s love

In the fall of 1993, my wife and I made our first trip to California from Cincinnati to attend to a puja with Shri Mataji in attendance. Upon arrival at LAX Airport on a Friday evening, we remained to meet Shri Mataji in an area of the airport reserved for the yogis. After this reception, we drove to the puja site in the San Bernardino Mountains. At this point in my Sahaja Yoga experience I had many doubts and was not yet comfortable with where this was all taking me.

At my retirement the previous June, I began a new business of my own. Because I was new at business, I became very angry with myself when the inevitable mistakes happened during the learning process. But when we were at the puja site, after various treatments and a havan, I noticed my anger beginning to subside. It was taken with preparations for the puja: great food and finally the long sit waiting for Mother to arrive. The waiting was accompanied by many bhajans, and when Shri Mataji arrived, my feelings of anger were gone.

The next day we travelled to our hotel in Santa Monica. Even though the puja had been such a wonderful event, I was ready to go on vacation. So, it was not with great enthusiasm I agreed with my wife to attend a talk by Shri Mataji in Santa Monica that evening. We sat near the back so as to leave early if things ran on too late. As it turned out, the vibrations were so strong during Her talk, and the mood was so light and humorous that I, and it seemed the whole audience of six hundred, were captivated by Mother’s love. After She gave realisation, Shri Mataji made Her exit by walking to the back by a side aisle and greeting certain individuals as She went. When She came to where we were sitting, She came to me, taking my left hand in both Her hands.

You seem to be enjoying yourself more now and you’re not angry with yourself any more, are you?’ She said.

No Shri Mataji,’ I answered weakly. And the tears came.

Chuck Wyrick

The right sort of people

With additional meetings back at the hotel in LA, it wasn’t long before it was time to attend the public programme. Dave Dunphy delivered the talk while the bhajan singers soothed every one down. The programme was a resounding success, not because there were over five hundred people present, but as Mother put it, the right sort of people had come, seekers. After realisation the audience gave Mother a standing ovation and remained standing, in order to get a closer glimpse as Shri Adi Shakti passed by, leaving the hall.

On Tuesday October the 12th, Mother bought presents for yogis, had a number of meetings and dealt with other business. An interview with a radio reporter from The Voice of America took place in the evening. It would be broadcast to the Middle East, in Iran.

At night it was time for farewells before we boarded the ‘red eye’ flight to Washington DC. The 5.45 am flight arrival was met by yogis excitedly greeting Mother to the nation’s capital.

Geoff Godfrey

Washington DC

Washington was witness to two programmes, one invitation only. This was targeted at government workers and elected officials. Unfortunately evening voting schedules on important health bills being tabled in Congress worked against elected officials attending. Nevertheless, Shri Mataji was delighted with the twenty or so folks who did show. These were high calibre bureaucrats that oil the wheels in Washington, from government to World Bank officials.

Back at the hotel, relaxing after the day’s events, Mother watched the animated video production of the Ramayana. She enjoyed it immensely, occasionally pointing out a particular character or point.

Geoff Godfrey

We all looked our best

When Shri Mataji went to Washington DC there was a very small collective there. I went because I was originally from Washington, the capital. There was going to be a programme at the National Institute of Health and we wanted to do a reception for senators and congressmen. Paul Ellis, the leader, put together a beautiful idea, like a lobbying campaign, and a lot of people came to take these beautiful packages we had made for all the congressmen. We had the programme arranged in a house with a lot of flowers and we all looked our best. Shri Mataji came, and some people came to the programme, but no one from Capitol Hill, because they were having a vote at that time.

Later, Shri Mataji told me that we were too right-sided about our efforts – especially me – and that is was why no elected officials came. When Shri Adi Shakti corrected you, it was quite alarming! But at the same time, you felt Her unconditional love and compassion comforting you. It was like She cared enough about you to help you grow.

Carolyn Vance

City of brotherly love

Immediately after the programme the next evening, in October 1993, we departed by car from Washington to Philadelphia in convoy. The hundred mile journey took several hours and we stopped at some of the fast food stops which adorn the interstate highways across America. We arrived at about four in the morning and mostly fell asleep where we were. It was the first time Shri Mataji was in Philadelphia for a public programme, and you could sense it was going to be a success, as the vibrations could be seen dancing across the sky. Mother was delighted with the response and the turnout.

Snatching ourselves away from Philadelphia, the road train headed off to New York. New York is always a sight to behold, skyscrapers everywhere. Steam poured out on to the sidewalks as we weaved through the web of streets to an eagerly awaited hotel carpet. Four o’clock in the morning, again!

Geoff Godfrey

In Her infinite compassion

In October 1993 I jumped in the car (from Cincinnati) and travelled with my Sahaja Yogi friend to see Shri Mataji at all three East Coast programmes. I was beside myself with joy when, at the end of the Washington DC programme, She asked me to work on one of the new people on the stage, together with other yogis from the East Coast.

The day of Shri Mataji’s departure from the USA back to Europe arrived, and I joined the yogis in seeing Her off at the airport. She received flowers from all of us.

I want you to come to Diwali in Russia and get married,’ She said when I offered Her mine. The time was very short and I wasn’t sure if I could get the visa etc. and so, forgetting completely for a moment that I was talking to sakshat Shri Adi Shakti, I told Shri Mataji that I would not be able to make it. She looked at me very surprised and asked me again and I said I would not be able to go.

All right, forget it, just come to Ganapatipule and get married there,’ She said after the third time.

Yes, Shri Mataji,’ I replied.

Somehow I knew that things would work out, so was determined to go. In Her infinite compassion, Shri Mataji also said that I should pay only a nominal fee as I was going only for marriage. We all waved Her good-bye as She passed through the gates and waved back to us with a handkerchief, making bandhans with Her hands over us as She was waving. It was a very powerful moment.

Calin Costian

Shri Mataji cured me

It was in Cabella at the castle in 1993. One day, when the weather was particularly chilly, I was quite ill with bronchitis or a chest infection and went to consult the doctor in the village, and he gave me a prescription to take antibiotics. I wasn’t so sure about antibiotics, because I heard that they stop the subtle work of vibrations and they can’t usually cure. I went up to the castle to Shri Mataji’s kitchen, to speak with the lady who was looking after Shri Mataji, and asked if she could request Shri Mataji to give advice about this type of medicine. I waited for an answer for quite a long time, and felt so good that I even forgot I was ill. Finally the lady came back from Shri Mataji’s rooms and told me that She said not to take antibiotics, but to work with Sahaj techniques, and while she was telling me what to do I didn’t feel ill any more. While I was there enjoying the vibrations I felt completely healed, and I left the castle singing and smiling happily, and while I was walking back home down to the village I met the doctor.

What are you doing out?’ he shouted at me. ‘You were supposed to be sick in bed, but on the contrary, you look completely well and cured. How is this possible?’

I replied that Shri Mataji cured me and I was fine.

Ornella Bollani