Chapter 07: 1984 – October onwards, India

Recollections - Book by Sahaja Yogis

The Mother of miracles

In August 1983, I was told I had herpes zoster. The right side of my face was covered with blisters and the doctors gave up all hope for the sight of my right eye. When I left the hospital, my right eye was closed permanently. Then my uncle returned from a visit to Mumbai and said he had met a great lady who had cured people of leukemia. He had invited Her to visit Madras.

In October 1984, Shri Mataji visited Madras. She called me and my uncle introduced me. Next day I was invited into Her room. She asked me to sit in front of Her with a candle in my hand and to look at the palm of Her hand through the flame. As I sat there, my mind was concentrated on Her and inwardly I was praying to be freed from all the physical and emotional pain I had undergone. Shri Mataji, the Mother of Miracles, was looking at me full of concern and love. She gave vibrations to my right eye, while a Sahaja Yogi raised my Kundalini. I gazed at Shri Mataji through my left eye. After about fifteen minutes, I could see Her clearly with both eyes. A small lamp was brought to Her, which She held in front of my eye and swung it gently left and right for some minutes. Then I was asked to turn round and She did the same thing to the back of my head. My eye was clear of redness and back to its original size.

Shri Mataji looked at me and smiled and said I was very lucky to have been cured by Her. She asked me to start Sahaja Yoga meditation. I stopped my medication, and since then my eye problem has disappeared. I pray to the Mother of Miracles to help me continue to live with Her blessings and to help me spread Her word of love and tranquillity.

Kavitha Mohan

Shri Mataji came many times

We started Sahaja Yoga in Hyderabad in 1984. Shri Mataji came and did a public programme there for the first time on the 31st October and about two hundred people came. Because there was some disturbance realisation could not be given, but in a side hall Shri Mataji did give realisation to about a hundred people.

When She came the first time She stayed in a guesthouse and before She left we went to see Her. I recited a poem and played a bhajan to Her. She said I spoke very good Hindi, but I could not speak because everything is given by Her. Slowly the Sahaja Yoga centre developed and nowadays we have so many people in Hyderabad and every aspect of my life has worked out and improved.

After that Shri Mataji came many times and we had pujas, and many people got realisation as well.

Mr Patel

Please put the garland at My Feet

On 31st of October 1984 Shri Mataji came to Hyderabad. We had arranged a public programme. It so happened that Mrs Gandhi, the Prime Minister of India, was assassinated on that same day. When Shri Mataji had first come into the hall, She did not allow the ladies to put a garland around Her neck but asked them to put the flowers at Her Feet.

The Prime Minister has been assassinated and it would not be proper to put the garland around My neck,’ She said. ‘Please put the garland at My Feet.’

We were very impressed at how Shri Mataji was so full of patriotism. Mrs Gandhi was the Prime Minister, and Shri Mataji had great respect for her.

RR Singh

Shri Adi Shakti fulfilled my desire

On 31st October 1984, the day Indira Gandhi was assassinated, was the first public programme of Shri Mataji at Hyderabad. Meanwhile a rowdy mob of people entered the hall and started creating chaotic conditions. During this melee, two foreign Sahaja Yogis stood around Shri Mataji to take Her out. I ran towards a door, opened it and pushed a table with a water drum on it that was behind the door aside so as to make a way for Her exit.

Later, while standing outside, I was surprised to find how the table and drum full of water, which I could not have even shaken, had been moved by me alone. I can definitely say that it was only Shri Adi Shakti, who always cares for our desires, had fulfilled my desire and removed the obstacles from the door, through me.

Kamala Singh

How Sahaja Yoga started in Kolkata

Shri Mataji always said that Sahaja Yoga would start in Kolkata, then called Calcutta, through my father, Mr Jalan. He knew Shri Mataji through another early Sahaja Yogi. In 1984, my father was in Mumbai. We lived in Calcutta. My grandparents were supposed to leave for a pilgrimage but my grandfather developed a bad cough and the trip was postponed. My mother informed my father by phone.

At the same time, Shri Mataji was in Mumbai, and sent a message that She wanted to see my father as soon as possible, so he went to see Her. There were more people there so he sat down. She didn’t speak to begin with but eventually, She asked him how his father was. My father was dumbfounded and said he was all right. As soon as he could leave Shri Mataji’s place, he called my mother and she gave him the unfortunate news that my grandfather had passed away. Shri Mataji had called him to give him the strength to cope with this tragic event.

After a few months, Shri Mataji visited Calcutta to attend a wedding and my father invited Her to stay in our house. When She arrived I was away for a school excursion to Shantiniketan, the school started by the writer Rabindranath Tagore. When I came home, I saw Shri Mataji sitting in our home. As soon as I saw Her, my heart opened, and She gave me a hug with so much love that I did not want to leave Her. I was just a kid with no idea about meditation but I knew She was the One.

After this visit, my parents started meditating and I copied them. Result: I was a joyful and happy person with a very loving and very special Mother! We became Sahaja Yogis and Sahaja Yoga was born in Calcutta.

From the next year onwards Shri Mataji visited Calcutta every year until 1996. Her visits never coincided with my exams so each time She came I didn’t have to pay any attention to school. Once, I thanked Shri Mataji for always coming at a very convenient time for me. She lovingly said that how could She come during my exam time, because who would take care of Her? I’ll never forget that moment.

Shruti Jalan Gupta

Like the whole earth and the universe were shaking

At Alibagh on the 1984/85 India tour, Shri Mataji was staying in a house at the entrance to the camp, and one evening She appeared at the balcony with Sir CP and some leaders. All the yogis were by the house under the balcony and we were dancing and clapping with the music like in a procession, singing Her name and really enjoying ourselves. Then came this absolutely magic moment where we saw Shri Mataji also dancing slowly to the music. It felt like the whole earth and the universe were shaking.

Trupta de Graaf

It is in Shri Mataji’s hands

Nobody is perfect in this world except God – this is what Shri Mataji told me once during Her visit to Alibagh in India. She also told me once that we should forget what the world thinks about us, and to create and to undo our image is in Her hands.

Sandhya Lakshminarayan

One of my strongest experiences in Sahaja Yoga

It was the beginning of my first India tour, in 1984/85, and I had not been long in Sahaja Yoga. We had a procession with Shri Mataji before a public programme in the village of Vaitarna. She sat on a bullock cart and everybody danced in front of it to the rhythm of loud music. After the procession Shri Mataji gave a speech and self realisation to the villagers, and then everybody could go for Her darshan and do namaskar. I was one of the last to go, after some hesitation, because I had a big pain in my centre heart and was not feeling in a very good state. I bowed down to Shri Mataji’s Feet and She gave a little clap with Her hand on my centre heart.

Good!’ She said.

At that moment my heart opened completely and I felt as if the sun was in my heart, shining with a tremendous power. I was not receiving energy but rather giving it out from my heart, as if this energy, this love and this joy was going for kilometres around me. Still, after so many years, this experience is one of the most powerful I ever had.

Trupta de Graaf

The wish fulfilling tree

We were at Vaitarna on the India Tour, staying in the guest house of the dam there, and it was evening. I went for a walk in the night with a friend, and as we were going down the road we smelled a wonderful blooming tree. I did not know that you shouldn’t pick flowers at night, so I picked a branch full of white flowers to give to Shri Mataji, who we met later in the evening. I gave Her the fragrant branch.

Oh, the aparajita tree! This is the wish fulfilling tree!’ She said.

I don’t remember making a wish but I was so happy to have given it to Her.

Linda Williams

We were all allowed to come to Shri Mataji’s Feet

There was an India tour in the 1980’s we were all allowed to come to Shri Mataji’s Feet and bow down to Her. She had a copper pot next to Her and at the end She showed us the pot, which was full of black soot. This apparently came out of all of us, so She had been cleansing us while we bowed to Her. There was one other occasion when we all went to do namaskar and She touched us all, with Her Foot on our heads. I remember She put Her Foot on my head, at the hairline, and an electrical current went through my head, or it seemed like an electrical current.

Patricia Deene

She was very much the Mother

I was on the 1984/85 India tour; Shri Mataji invited the ladies into Her room and we were allowed to massage Her. Some ladies were massaging Her Feet and I was massaging Her right elbow. We were massaging Her with almond oil, I think, and sandalwood paste and turmeric. It smelled beautiful. Shri Mataji was chatting to us and was very happy and joyful. She was very much the Mother, and enjoyed every minute of it, and so did we.

Leanne Huet