Chapter 07: 1994 January to March, India, Australia and New Zealand

Recollections - Book by Sahaja Yogis

Where were you until now?

I had my realisation in 1991. I had a desire to meet Shri Mataji and after three years, in 1994 had the opportunity. There was some work at Pratishthan, and we got the chance to meet Her there. We waited outside and after half an hour Shri Mataji called us in. As soon as we reached Her room, I remember to this day Her wonderful smile and laughter.

Where were you until now?’ She said.

Shri Mataji talked a lot to us, and I also remember those words. I felt a lot of vibrations and a thrill running through my body. Shri Mataji spoke to us for about three quarters of an hour. She spoke about some of the former respected political leaders of India, many of whom She knew personally. I was sitting at Her Lotus Feet at that time and experienced Shri Mataji’s love and that She is our Mother.

Give them water, give them something to eat,’ She had said when we had reached there. While talking, in between, She would say, ‘Give them something to eat.’

She is Adi Shakti, who is our Mother, and She was so generous and humble, and we have so much to learn from Her.

Digambar Bhal

We were stunned

In January 1994 Shri Mataji came to Bangalore for a public programme. The day after the public programme there was a small gathering with Shri Mataji of local Sahaja Yogis and some performing artists. After the artists had performed, somebody suggested that my son, who was just learning the flute, should play in front of Her. He played without accompaniment, and Shri Mataji liked his playing very much. She spoke about the difficulty of playing wind instruments. Then She wanted to know who the parents were – we were stunned but slowly went towards Her. Shri Mataji asked me what I did for a living, and I told Her I was in the merchant navy. She asked me whether I was working for the Shipping Corporation of India and I said I was with a Hong Kong based company.

When you go to Hong Kong, meet the (Sahaja) leader there,’ She said, and She told me his name.

Vasant Upadhya

Vishuddhi treatment

On 16th January 1994, I lost my young nephew in very tragic circumstances, and felt as if a heavy stone had been put across my breast. On 28th January Shri Mataji gave a public programme in Pune, and I went, just to see Mother. In those days, She used to make the seekers raise their hands at the end and ask the question, whether this was the param chaitanya, and if they felt a cool breeze this was confirmation that it was. At this time a heavy ball-like feeling was pulled up within me and left me.

The next day, I went with two other Sahaja Yoginis to Pratishthan, as they had some personal work. I sat outside on the back steps for about three hours and then we were called up to see Mother. I hesitated at the door, but Mother saw me.

Oh, it’s you, come in,’ She said, and shook my hands, which I don’t recall, but my friends told me that She did.

I sat with my head down in front of Shri Adi Shakti, feeling bad that I had a bad Vishuddhi, as one Yogi told me that I had, as I had entered Pratishthan in the morning.

I had a bad Vishuddhi yesterday and I was wondering if I would be able to make a speech,’ Shri Mataji suddenly said.

My heart just melted with Her compassion and love, imagine Shri Adi Shakti saying such a thing to make me feel good, and that it was okay to have a bad Vishuddhi sometimes! She asked Her lady attendant to get Her some Sitopaladi Churan, and before I could control myself, I told Her that as a child, I took the same thing when I had a cough. She asked the lady to prepare a bowl for me too, mixed with some honey. Then, Shri Mataji offered us some biscuits and tea, and I was just sitting in meditation, hearing the others talk to Her.

Armaity Bhabha

Tears of never before felt joy

The first time I saw Shri Mataji was at the 1994 Birthday Puja in Calcutta, just a few months after I had come to Sahaja Yoga. We went to the airport to receive Her, but within a short time it became obvious that I wouldn’t stand a chance to get anywhere near as the waiting area filled up with Indian Sahaja Yogis. By the time Mother came out through the door I was standing quite out of the way, but suddenly a scuffle erupted with the police trying to clear the chaos. Then Shri Mataji suddenly stood before me!

No-one and what felt like nothing was between Mother and me. I became instantly thoughtless and bathed in light and love to the point that tears of never before felt joy started rolling down my cheeks, and Shri Mataji was just smiling at me. What to me felt like time had come to a stand-still must have really lasted only a few seconds, but to this day I vividly remember that radiant smile, and for some reason, Mother’s sari.

Herbert Walland

I felt Shri Mataji was guiding me

It was at Birthday Puja in Calcutta in 1994 that I first had the privilege to have the sakshat darshan of Shri Mataji in person, in the house of the then leader, where Shri Mataji was staying. An old Sahaja Yogi had taken me to Shri Mataji. First I was sitting outside the room of Shri Mataji and meditating for some time, and then She called us inside the room. It was a great moment for me and I made my pranams to Her, and She saw me.

He had to come to Sahaja Yoga,’ She said, ‘because he is the worshipper of Shakti.’ I felt great vibrations and then Shri Mataji said, ‘Yes, he can look after Jaipur.’

So She gave me a responsibility that day to be a collective coordinator. Since that day She pulled me up with great force in Sahaja Yoga, and every moment after that I felt good vibrations, as if She was just holding my hand and taking me, and guiding me to be Her instrument.

Bhagwati Singh

A lesson in confidence

In the 1990’s, when Shri Mataji was visiting Calcutta, I was in Her room and She asked me to choose between two petticoats to match Her sari. I was scared to touch Shri Mataji’s saris so did a pranam to the sari in my heart. I believed I wouldn’t do it right as the shades of the petticoats were too close. If Shri Mataji had trouble how could I do it? Just then one of the aunties entered the room and I thought, ‘I am saved!’ I asked for her help but Shri Mataji said no, I should do it. I did my best, Shri Mataji didn’t say anything, accepted it and wore it. I learnt my lesson: have confidence and take responsibility.

Shruti Jalan Gupta

Fluorescent clothing

I used to wear pastels but Shri Mataji gave me a fluorescent red salwar-kurta with a lot of gold work on it. Whenever I wore it, I would stand out as it was so bright. I always preferred to blend in, so this was an amazing experience. I enjoyed wearing it each time as it elevated me vibrationally.

Shruti Jalan Gupta

Shri Mataji enjoyed the poem

One day I wrote a poem and hid it behind Shri Mataji’s photograph. I was very careful and particular that no one found out about it. The next day I destroyed it. After a few months, Shri Mataji came to Calcutta and we went to the airport to welcome Her. We offered flowers and when it was my turn, I offered them and bowed down. Shri Mataji said She had read the poem I wrote and loved it. My mouth was open and all I could do was pranams.

Shruti Jalan Gupta

Shri Mataji saved my father

A close relative passed away when my father was not in Calcutta, so my grandmother had to make an overnight journey by car with a few relatives to go to the funeral without him. On the way, they encountered dacoits and were looted. My grandmother lost her jewellery, had a few bruises and was shaken up but unfortunately our driver was shot dead.

After a few months, Shri Mataji visited Calcutta. She told my mother that She saved my father by preventing him from getting back to Calcutta. If he had returned, he would have accompanied my grandmother and would have been shot because he would have spoken out. Nobody had narrated this story to Shri Mataji or any Sahaja Yogi, and my mother bowed down and thanked Her.

Shruti Jalan Gupta

Welcoming Shri Mataji

Shri Mataji had been to Australia a number of times previously but this year was different. We decided that Her home whilst in Sydney, at Burwood, must be renovated in the manner of a palace befitting the queen of heaven. We laboured mightily, enlarging the meditation room, building Shri Mataji a new marble lined bathroom and redecorating Her bedroom and sitting-room suite to be far more majestic than hitherto.

The hall of the Burwood house is quite long and Shri Mataji would use it frequently so it was given the royal treatment. All the decorative mouldings were repaired, the attached columns and their arches were lovingly repainted and there was lots of gilding. The walls were given a rich appearance, mottled forest green over a pale aquamarine field. New carpet was laid and new chandeliers hung. A painting of the Tree of Life, lovingly worked on by the ladies of the collective, was installed in one of the closed up doorways and other artworks by artists in the collective were hung. The only thing remaining was a special photograph of Shri Mataji Herself, to be hung at the far end of the hall, looking towards the front door.

Shri Mataji, after having been welcomed at the airport with love and enthusiasm, went straight to the Easter Puja venue at Bundilla Scout Camp at Parramatta.. Once the concert and puja had run their wonderful course it was the moment to return to Burwood to be there to welcome Her. So, there we were, standing on the footpath outside 10, Clarence Street, with the front door open and the traditional rangoli chalked on the steps. Shri Mataji duly arrived, was helped from Her car and looked up towards the house.

Oh look, there I am to meet Me,’ She exclaimed.

For a fraction of a second we stood non-plussed, then it dawned on us. But how had She seen so quickly, or otherwise have known that at the far end of the hall was this beautiful photograph of Her?

Michael Fogarty

I was so eager

In 1994 Shri Mataji visited Perth and Sydney. By Her grace, I was able to do puja to Her in Sydney. I was told by the Perth yoginis to get up quickly when called. When I did, they made a pathway for me and when I got to the stage I was first there, and then felt terrible for being so eager. I have the video of that puja and I don’t look any different to anyone else, but I hardly recognise myself!

Suzanne McHutchison

Shri Ganesha and Shri Hanuman

In 1994 in Australia, I was driving Shri Mataji in Her car, and at one point She said this.

Lord Ganesha will take you to the heart and Lord Hanuman will take you the rest of the way.’

This led me to believe that a fully developed Sahaja Yogi must have both the left and right side fully developed, to be a fully useful instrument for the divine.

Pavan Keetley

The children brought Her flowers

We went on a picnic with Shri Mataji to Lane Cove National Park, Sydney, in 1994. There were lots of children and about seventy yogis.

Shri Mataji arrived and sat in a chair, and admired all the different trees and flowers. All the children were playing and it was very casual and nice. Shri Mataji was talking to different people, and was talking a lot about the trees. We would pick different branches and bring them to Her. She spent a little time smelling the scent of the gum leaves. The children brought Her flowers – it was very lovely and spontaneous and we had such a gracious day with Her. It was very relaxed and like being a part of Her family.

Gillian Patankar

Shri Mataji at Lane Cove National Park

How each face changed

At Brisbane Airport in 1994 we were all going up to Shri Mataji and offering a flower. Two Sahaja brothers were watching at a distance and each time someone went up to namaskar to Mother they looked at each other and smiled as if confirming something. Later they said they were enjoying looking at how each face changed and became pink and glowing after Shri Mataji’s attention flowed over that yogi.

Christine Driver

The children wandered off

In 1994 I travelled on the same flight with Shri Mataji, around Australia and to New Zealand, sitting with Her and carrying Her hand luggage. It was wonderful to be flying on the same plane as Shri Mataji, to leave with Her with all the Perth Sahaja Yogis saying goodbye; then to arrive at the next airport to the joyful welcome of the Melbourne Sahaja Yogis. Arriving in Melbourne, Shri Mataji gave a talk to everyone present when She first arrived at the ashram.

We had a public programme one evening and then one afternoon we all went to a national park in the Dandenongs, some hills on the edge of Melbourne. Shri Mataji sat on a chair and spoke to all the yogis sitting on the grass in front of Her. At one point, early in Her talk, She said that some children had wandered off and we should go and get them.

Shri Mataji, all the children are here,’ some of the yogis said, looking round. Shri Mataji repeated that some young children had wandered off and we should go and bring them back as it wasn’t safe to let them wander off. She said we should go and bring the children back. She was looking to Her left, into the distance.

I quietly got up and walked around the back of the yogis, in the direction She had been looking towards. Shri Mataji watched me leave. The path led to a small wooden bridge over a fast moving creek, (stream) and along the creek. After walking some distance I met a couple coming towards me bringing two young children with them.

I said I had come looking for two young children who had wandered off. I didn’t know these children at all, but somehow knew these were the ones, because they had strong vibrations. I told them that Shri Mataji had sent me to bring them back and they happily held my hand and walked back with me. The oldest was about four and the younger about two years old.

Some of the Melbourne yogis had brought a woman in a wheel chair towards Shri Mataji and placed her wheel chair next to Her. Shri Mataji spoke to her and she sat next to Shri Mataji for about twenty minutes, while Shri Mataji turned Her attention to other yogis before Her.

Clare Nesdale

She has so much love for us all

The next day the Sahaja Yogi looking after Shri Mataji asked me if I would carry Her hand luggage onto the plane. The evening before, after the picnic, Shri Mataji had asked him to massage Her arm and shoulder. The woman in the wheelchair who had come to see Shri Mataji had received her realisation six months earlier, was terminally ill with breast cancer, with only weeks to live and so had flown down from Queensland to see Shri Mataji before she died. Because she was new to Sahaja Yoga she did not know protocol and was placed so close to Shri Mataji that she could reach over and hold Shri Mataji’s right hand, which she did for about twenty minutes.

Much negativity had been taken by Shri Mataji into Her body, and had caused Her pain in Her right arm and shoulder, so the Sahaja Yogi had massaged these areas for hours. Some of the negativity had entered his arm and shoulder and the pain was such that he could no longer carry the hand luggage. Shri Mataji told him he would be all right in about three days. I asked why Shri Mataji had allowed her to hold Her hand.

Shri Mataji is our Mother, She is always giving to Her children, She has so much love for us all,’ he said.

Clare Nesdale

I began to see Mother as God

Shri Mataji came to New Zealand again in 1994, and I was still cooking. I was a little less new, and a little more experienced at cooking for Shri Mataji. It was a Shri Mahamaya Puja and this time there were more people, and we couldn’t fit them all into the meditation room. The men had built a deck out at the back, with a little pendal and this is where we had the puja.

The neighbours were all watching, and clapping along to the music, and then Mother gave a very deep talk about how people worship the Virgin but behave like prostitutes. Nevertheless the neighbours stayed, and listened to the talk, and at the end they clapped and applauded. Before that they had not been positive towards us.

In 1994, She did not come out and talk to us as before. On that visit, however, an Indian Fijian pundit came to see Her. When Mother was leaving She looked at this pundit and told him very clearly what he should do.

Finally I began to see Mother as God, so there was a development through these different visits and encounters with Her.

Colleen Keetley

The land of Shri Kartikeya

Shri Mataji’s last public programme in New Zealand was appropriately held at the Auckland Town Hall, a majestic, classic heritage building. Six hundred people attended the talk, and Shri Mataji gave a very special self realisation, which is often used at programmes.

This completes our recollections of our glorious Mother’s six visits, and five pujas held in these auspicious islands, this land of Shri Kartikeya.

David and Trisha Sharp

Now New Zealand’s flowers will be fragrant

Shri Mataji’s last visit was in March 1994; we were still in the magnificent ashram in Pukenui Road, Epsom. With our heartfelt thanks Shri Mataji allowed us to perform Shri Mahamaya Puja, what a divine blessing for New Zealand! It is a wonderful talk, and is amazingly light in places. During the puja, as the elements were poured through Shri Mataji’s hands, the islands of New Zealand formed in the amrit. This had also occurred at the first puja in New Zealand in 1987 to Shri Ganesha.

Shri Mataji commented on the beautiful flowers. We had found a lovely lady, an Indian from Fiji, who was a florist. She gave us such beautiful flowers for the puja, lots of stunning chrysanthemums and roses. Shri Mataji said New Zealand had such beautiful flowers, whereas the beauty of the flowers in India was in their fragrance. As soon as She said this an unmistakable waft of fragrance and perfume came into the room.

Now New Zealand’s flowers will also be fragrant,’ Shri Mataji said. It was a beautiful end to a wonderful event.

David and Trisha Sharp

Shri Mahamaya Puja 1994

Shri Mataji explained that the dish She is holding represents the agricultural side of New Zealand.