Chapter 08: 1994 – April, Japan and South East Asia

Recollections - Book by Sahaja Yogis

We need his power

Something nice happened during the first visit of Shri Mataji to Japan in 1994, when we had a public programme. My son Viditama was three years old. Shri Mataji was smiling and laughing at him, because he went on stage and was playing there.

We need his power,’ She then said, or something like that. ‘Come here, Viditama, and sit here.’

He just sat and became very quiet. He had been playing around, and he went to Her when Shri Mataji called him, and sat there without moving for the whole programme. He was so cute.

Bruno Descaves

Viditama Descaves with Shri Mataji

This is Viditama. The name Viditama was given by Shri Mataji in Cabella and it is the name of the creator of Zen. Shri Mataji was very joyful playing with the children.

Bruno Descaves

Shri Mataji reading the book on aikido

In the above photo, Shri Mataji is in the Four Seasons Hotel in Tokyo 1994. We offered Shri Mataji a book from the aikido creator master Mohihei Ueshiba. She said that he was a realised soul and had very good vibrations.

Bruno Descaves

Shri Mataji with Luna Descaves

Shri Mataji waved through the window

When Shri Mataji was leaving Japan in 1994, She went to Haneda Airport, which is a small airport. She used this one because She was going on to Taiwan. On the way to the airport, She was looking through the window.

Look at the leaves of the trees on the left side,’ She asked us, ‘they are shaking, vibrating even though there is no wind. It is because I am looking at the left hand side that they are moving. They are saying goodbye to Me.’

We noticed that the trees on the right side were not moving. Then at the same moment that She looked at the right side they stated to vibrate.

Kazuko Ishii

I could feel the personal connection with Shri Mataji

On the day of Shri Matajis arrival at Narita Airport in Japan, I was holding a video camera. I was not sure when, and which side of the passage Shri Mataji was coming out of the customs area. The group of Sahaja Yogis were waiting for our divine Mother with flowers in front of the gate. Suddenly I felt a strong feeling that She was coming at that moment from a particular side. I didn’t know why but I had held the camera to my face and started recording. As soon as I looked through the view finder, there was Shri Mataji walking towards me. with a broad motherly smile on Her face! This little thing made me feel happy, as I could feel the personal connection with Shri Mataji.

Hitoshi Igawa

Shri Mataji always tries to find a way to please Her children

I was driving Shri Mataji in Tokyo and there was a cemetery on the right hand side of the road. I apologised for taking Her on a road where there was a cemetery. She said something like, ‘In that case I will just look at the left side of the road, why lose My attention with useless negative things?’

At one point the yoginis of Japan made a cake for Shri Mataji with orange in it.

I cannot eat orange, it is very acid for Me,’ She said. Everybody was worried, but She went on, ‘it is OK, I will eat the other part. I just won’t eat the orange.’

There was another situation in Taiwan, in about 1991, and a Japanese lady had made some sushi (raw fish) for Shri Mataji to eat.

I do not eat raw meat, I cannot eat raw fish,’ Shri Mataji said when the lady served it, then She said, ‘but you can just steam it, it will be OK.’ So the Japanese lady went and steamed the fish, and then Shri Mataji ate it. How beautiful was the sweetness of Shri Mataji, who always tries to find a way to please Her children.

When Sawako welcomed Shri Mataji at the hotel in 1994, she was supposed to do the aarti. But she didn’t know how to do it. Somehow Shri Mataji smiled at her and took the aarti Herself and showed her how to do it.

I am showing you how to do the aarti to Myself,’ She said.

Bruno Descaves, Sawako Watanabe and Kazuko Ishii

Shri Mataji changed the course of life

When Shri Mataji came to Japan in 1994 I was a Psychology student and I was introduced to Her by Bruno. She asked me what kind of Psychology I was doing and I explained I was studying a type that was concerned with the spiritual knowledge of the east.

Where did it come from?’ Shri Mataji said.

It came from America,’ I replied. Someone was translating for me because at that time I was not so good at English.

Shri Mataji said that the Americans were not much good at that, so I felt it was not such a good idea to go on with that trans-personal psychology and should rather get more into Sahaja Yoga and meditation.

In 1995 I told Shri Mataji that I was studying Jungian psychology and She said that Jung was OK, however there was one point he missed. He said human awareness was layered horizontally, but in fact it is vertical.

After that, Shri Mataji suddenly asked me, ‘What country’s girl do you want to marry?’ I replied that I didn’t know. She said that She was going to have some marriages at Cabella, and Bruno said I was a very young Sahaja Yogi. Shri Mataji replied that there is no young and old in Sahaja Yoga, and that the Japanese boys should marry. I was surprised because I had never thought of marriage, being just a student. She said She was not talking about that year, 1995, but the next, and I did get married in 1996 at Ganapatipule.

Hitoshi Igawa

Shri Mataji in Japan with the Sahaja Yogis

My thoughts vanished

During Shri Mataji’s visit to Taiwan in 1994 She was about to leave from Taipei airport. The drive takes about one hour. As always when you were with Shri Mataji I was extremely happy, but also thought this was my one hour to ask Her questions. But instead of having me ask Her my small boring questions, She had me put my right hand on Her Sahasrara on the left hand side of Her head. My thoughts vanished immediately and I experienced a state of extreme joy. When we arrived at the airport and got out of the car a yogi took a series of pictures. In three of those pictures, you could see the white light of the vibrations issuing from my Sahasrara after Shri Mataji had worked on me in the car.

On one of Her visits we were going from the airport to the Grand Hotel, and we were passing through countryside and She said that that part had Shri Ganesha’s red earth.

Harald Knoebel

Welcoming Shri Mataji wearing an apron

In 1994 Carla, another Sahaja Yogini, and I were asked to do aarti to Shri Mataji upon Her arrival at Carla’s house in Kuala Lumpur. We were all dressed up in beautiful saris. We received the news that Shri Mataji had arrived at the airport and the main welcoming party were accompanying Her to the house. We had the aarti tray ready and saw to the last minute details, and after that we were waiting at the doorway in great anticipation. Later the news came that Shri Mataji had decided to go to the shops on the way.

We thought it would be good to start preparing lunch, so we put on aprons to protect our saris. Soon we received news that Shri Mataji was going into the car and we should be ready for Her arrival. We quickly washed our hands, took off our aprons and made sure we looked presentable before going to the front door to wait for Her arrival. After waiting for some time, a message came that Shri Mataji had gone into another shop. We went back to the kitchen, put on our aprons and continued with our food preparation.

After some time a message was relayed to us that Shri Mataji was on the way, the car was nearby. We washed our hands and quickly went to the front door just in time to see the car coming into the driveway. Oh, such joy to see our Divine Mother! She was smiling, and we did namastey and bowed. We were waiting to do aarti but Shri Mataji went to another room first, before we could do it, and only then did I realise that I had gone out to welcome Shri Adi Shakti in an apron.

Shri Mataji was so gracious. She didn’t show any sign She noticed I had come to greet Her with an apron over my sari, and looking so funny. Carla said she tried to tell me I still had my apron on but my attention was completely on our Holy Mother and I did not hear Carla’s whisper at all. The other Sahajis were having a good laugh. Of course I quickly took it off. When Shri Mataji came back She said She saw many people in the back garden meditating. She asked us to call them in. Shri Mataji sat down in the place specially prepared for Her in the sitting-room and Carla and I performed the aarti. Then Shri Mataji spoke to all of us.

KT Tan

The neck and head pain had completely disappeared

An advertisement in the newspaper about Shri Mataji’s public programme on 26th of April 1994 caught my attention and something inside told me I must attend it. I enlarged and made a photocopy of the advertisement and placed it on my table as a reminder. At the programme that evening, I sat in a corner seat two rows from the back.

Shri Mataji was sitting on a slightly raised platform where She could see us and we could also see Her while She gave a talk on Sahaja Yoga. I only caught about twenty per cent of it and during Her talk She was looking at the seekers. When She put Her attention in my direction, I felt very uneasy as I was the only person sitting in that corner. When our eyes met, my head automatically dropped down like when we namastey. My attention was much better after that.

Then came the self realisation process which we went through with our eyes closed. I must admit I opened my eyes a number of times to have a quick peek to see where I had to place my hand. When we were asked to open our eyes and to feel cool breeze over our heads I could not feel anything on my hands but was not disappointed. Instead, I noticed that my neck pain and severe headache which I had been suffering from for over two and a half years had just disappeared! I had ‘cervical spondylitis’ – a tiny bone growing and poking my spinal cord.

When the follow-up classes were completed at the end of 1994, I was also due for retirement from my job in Kuala Lumpur and returned to my hometown in Ipoh, two hundred kilometres north of Kuala Lumpur, and I started spreading Sahaja Yoga there.

Lau Kai Leong

The incarnation of Motherhood

I remember shopping with Shri Mataji in Bangkok, in 1994. I was not living in Bangkok but visited to be there with Shri Mataji. We were in a shopping mall, and it was three or four o’clock in the afternoon and we needed to offer some food to Her, because the amazing thing about Shri Mataji is that She is not really bothered about eating, or about Herself. It is the complete truth.

We had been shopping for hours and never had She asked for any water or food. She never had Her attention on any of those things. So we went to a place which was not befitting the queen of all queens. She did not mention anything. It was a very ordinary restaurant, but it was the only one around. Shri Mataji was not in the least bothered, completely desireless.

What do you want to eat, Mother?’

Whatever you want to give me, whatever you think is good,’ She said, and then I wanted to pay for the food. This was because I felt it was our greatest privilege to pay for Shri Mataji, and to have Her in my country, and if I could pay for Shri Mataji, I felt it was a blessing for me. But She was very serious about that.

No, no,’ She said, ‘you cannot do that, you cannot pay for Me, there is no way you can pay for Me. Because you see, I am so much older than you, I am Your Mother.’ She was the incarnation of Motherhood and this is how it showed.

Prakash Shrestaputra

Shri Mataji at the Narayana Phang shopping complex in Bangkok

Shri Mataji’s advice

When Shri Mataji visited Bangkok in 1994, we were only a handful of yogis there. After the public programme, Shri Mataji invited us all to Her suite at the Rembrandt Hotel. We gathered around Her and sat at Her Lotus Feet eagerly waiting for Her to speak. She then encouraged all of us to ask Her any questions that we might have.

I had been practising Sahaja Yoga for about two years and yet I could not feel the vibrations in my hands. I asked Shri Mataji about this. She looked at me intensely for a few minutes and told me that the Hamsa chakra was not clear and that my eyes flickered too much while looking at Her. She asked me to cut up an onion and blacken it on a ‘tava’ or frying pan and then place the pieces around the Hamsa area. After following Shri Mataji’s advice there was considerable improvement.

Lalitha Swaminathan