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Recollections - Book by Sahaja Yogis

This is another event where I felt the protection of the Mantras. I don’t know if you can understand but you can ask anything to make the narrative better because I am writing these events like talking to someone with the help of Google ?

Shri Mataji’s badge, the Mantra to Shri Durga Jagadamba and the trip to Apartado, Uraba, Antioquia.
I was on vacation time from my work traveling by bus from Medellin to Uraba with my nephew. This trip takes 7-8 hours. At that time (90’s) it was a risky trip because in the area there was a war between guerrillas and paramilitaries and sometimes any of the groups, attacking buses to get money. I place the badge of Shri Mataji, I had it in the handbag where I also had the money.
For the protection of travelers, several buses departed almost at the same time, that day our bus left last. We were on the route about 1 hour from the destination when we were stopped by armed men that asked to get off the bus while they checked our belongings and another men outside the bus were separating the women from the men. Giving instruction to men to take off their pants, shirt and shoes they were checking.
He told the women that they take off their blouses also to be checked, looking for the money that was hidden among the clothes.
When we were in danger I started saying “mentally” the mantra of Shri Durga Jagadamba asking for protection and I started getting off the bus. To my surprise, he told me not to take off my blouse but join the women. When I met with the women a shooting started and those men started to run away from the place and when the danger was over we went back to our places on the bus. All the people had stolen the money and things of value including my nephew, they took the money they had in their bags but my bag was intact, with the money and the Badge. Then we arrived without more problems to the destination. I always feel that I am protected. Jai Shri Mataji!!!

Deepti Gloria Barrera

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Shri Mataji is doing the work for the world. ?
I remember that when I came back to Medellin after the vacation I told the story to Edgar and Marie-Laure and they told me that Shri Ganesha was protecting my chastity and all the Ganas protect us from the shooting also. That time I was working as a professor at the University.