Arrival Talk Milan–Malpensa Airport, Milan (Italy)

Malpensa. Milan (Italy) , 26 Aprile 2001.

(At Mother’s arrival, She is covered by flowers. Sahaja Yogis welcome Her by singing “Vishwa Vandita” and “Aspettando Lei”)

It’s very heartening to see so many of you coming to welcome Me. I feel so joyous I can’t express it in words. Your love is like the ocean which just moves from one person to another.It’s so great to come to Italy again.

(Long clapping, followed by a “ola” […]

Arrival Toronto, Toronto Pearson International Airport (Canada)

1999-05 -26 Arrival at Airport Toronto

[Yogis waiting for Shri Mataji Shri Mataji arrived. Yogi giving flowers to Shri Mataji.]

Shri Mataji: All Canadians are very tall Yogis: Laugh!

Shri Mataji: vibrations still good, I have given realization at least 6-7 people inside. Canada has been really so fast, I do not understand. Now also America is improving, I really amazed. And also in America, they accepted Sahaja Yoga.[Shri Mataji speaking Hindi with yogis]Shri Mataji: its running in you, […]

Arrival Toronto, Toronto Pearson International Airport (Canada)

Arrival at Airport Toronto, September 19th, 1996

[Yogis waiting for Shri Mataji]
[Shri Mataji arrived]
[Yogis giving flowers to Shri Mataji]

Yogi: Shri Mataji, this is “Welcoming letter” from our prime minister

Yogi: I am sure Shri Mataji you will get it peace award, we all pray for it

Shri Mataji: They were really very open, and Mr.Shrivastava talked to them, that is what we want, all the superficiality is useless, Mr Shrivastava said to me nobody done work like you around the world. […]

Arrival, Welcome Meeting Boryspil International Airport, Boryspil (Ukraine)

Welcome Meeting, Borispol Airport, Kyiv, Ukraine, July 21, 1996
You have so many now Sahaja Yogis, ah?
(The interpreter, “Yes, Shri Mataji. They are all Sahaja Yogis”)
So many!
(The interpreter, “Yes, Shri Mataji”.)
I’m amazed to see so many Sahaja Yogis in Ukraine. That shows how people are sensitive to spirituality, that they are taking to it so easily. They have been waiting I think, seeking all these years and suddenly now they have found the way. […]

Arrival: Shri Mataji working on some yogis Toronto, Toronto Pearson International Airport (Canada)

1995-1014 Arrival at Airport Toronto

[Yogis singing a welcome song][Shri Mataji arrived]Shri Mataji: I must say we had a very good meeting yesterday, and so many people, very surprised, they all got their realization in 5 minutes. I hope this will happen again here as well. [Hindi]Shri Mataji: How are you all?Yogis: Very good![Yogi giving flowers to Shri Mataji.][Hindi][Shri Mataji working on some yogis.]

[After greeting finished Shri Mataji going toward her car and leaving the airport.]

[Yogis farewell to Shri Mataji.] […]

Arrival Talk Boryspil International Airport, Boryspil (Ukraine)

Talk on arrival in Kyiv, Borispol Airport, Kyiv, Ukraine, Sept. 24, 1995

I really don’t know how to thank you for this surprise. [Applause]It’s very kind. All and your children have come down here.

I have a very great concern for Ukraine. [Applause and laughter]While coming in the plane, I was looking at your beautiful land near the river Dnieper. Aside: It’s good now.And I felt such a good land you have here and I also know that once upon a time, […]

Arrival Kurumoch International Airport, Samara (Russia)

Kurumoch International Airport, Samara (Russia) 1995-09-22
Курумоч международный аэропорт, Самара (Россия), 22 сентября, 1995 
Shri Mataji: Hello, How are you?
A lady with a microphone: Шри Матаджи, все сахаджа-йоги, все жители Тольятти рады приветствовать Вас на нашей Земле!
Bogdan: All the Togliatti people including sahaja yogis are so very happy to welcome You again, Shri Mataji.
Shri Mataji: Than you very much. Thank you !
Bogdan: Благодарим вас.
A lady with a microphone: Шри Матаджи, что бы Вы хотели сказать всем жителям Тольятти, […]

Arrival and Talk Tunis (Tunisia)

Welcome Talk

Shri Mataji: This is the first time I have come to Tunisia. I am so much enamoured by this kind of invitation and I am thankful to your government, thanking you all for inviting me and message from all of you for our benevolence. Tomorrow, of course, I will talk about it. I am so very thankful to you all to have come. And I hope tomorrow you will listen to me with an open mind. […]

Arrival Tokyo (Japan)

(Yogi: they came to help. ?)

Shri Mataji:
So very happy, that you are all here, extremly happy. Thank you.

Shri Mataji recieves flowers:
Thank you.
I brought flowers for you, from Australia
They offered it to me, but now they are alright
The thought we are smuggling something.

Yogini: Thank you

Shri Mtataji:
So far away
It is a good thing I fly.

Yogi: Yeah, It will take one and a half hour to drive there (inaudible)

Shri Mataji:
All right. […]

Arrival Athens (Greece)

Arrival conversation in Athens, 25/04/1993

2:47 [To a baby] How are you? He’s brought so many Sahaja Yogis.

5:07Shri Mataji: So many are here, so many Greeks here. It’s a great promess to Me.Translate it.

Greece should be the first country in Europe which should take to Sahaja Yoga.Because Greece is a – I mean it has a heritage, same heritage [as Indians]. And we have to give them faith in their heritage now. All that they have forgotten, […]

Talk on Arrival: Within us is the universal religion Moscow (Russia)

Welcome Talk, Airport

Shri Mataji:I am overjoyed to be here with all of you. I did not know that Russians were that sensitive to spirituality. Spirituality is the only thing which leads us to reality and to truth and not anything else…And only through our self-knowledge, we can emancipate our self and also emancipate the whole world for which you don’t have to pay anything as you know and you don’t have to put any effort. […]