Birthday Felicitations New Delhi (India)

2004-03-20 Birthday Felicitations Program: Talk and Debu Chaudhari – Sitar

So many of you have come, and it has given Me the greatest pleasure. I don’t know what is the felicitation you all want to do for, because after all I’m a Mother, and a Mother has to do Her job. There’s no felicitation with it. Just love, love for My children, and that is how i’ve worked and it has worked out.

You can see for yourself how you have learnt to love each other. […]

Birthday Felicitations New Delhi (India)

Birthday Felicitations. Nirmal Dham, Delhi (India), 20 March 2003.

Talk by Sir C. P. Shrivastava

Madam Mayor, Shri Rahul Bajaj, Shri Debu Chaudhary, honored guests, dear Sahaj Yogis and Sahaj Yoginis

Let me first clarify that we are celebrating only one birthday, and that is birthday of your Mataji. I am, you know statistically about fifteen million people living on this Earth must have been born on twenty-first of March. I’m one of them. Just doesn’t matter whether I’m there or not, […]

Birthday Felicitations New Delhi (India)

Talk on Birthday Felicitations. Delhi (India). 23 March 2002

This felicitation function is little embarrassing for Me because I was born as a very simple person and I have been an extremely simple person. I don’t understand money. I don’t understand hatred. I don’t understand greed. I’m so simple about it. Despite that, you people came and got your Realization. It’s your own achievement. It’s your own desires that you have achieved. I find so many children nowadays born as realized souls.So I think the time is also there, […]

Birthday Felicitations: Human Beings don’t know what powers they have New Delhi (India)

Birthday Felicitations. Delhi (India), 20 March 2001.

Sir C.P.’s Talk:

(not transcribed)

Shri Mataji’s Talk: 

I bow to all those who have found the truth and those who are still trying to find. The greatest problem of human beings is, surprising, that they don’t know themselves. They don’t know what powers they have. They don’t know what properties they have. They don’t know to what height they can rise. This is the main problem of ignorance about yourself. […]

Birthday Felicitations: Love Your Country New Delhi (India)

Birthday Felicitations (English part), Delhi (India), 22 March 2000.

Our honoured guest, our respected Home Affairs Ministry is here, Mr. Advani, who has been always a very great dezabhakt [patriot]. I admired him because he loved his country; he is very patriotic. And this is – [Big applause]

And as you know, My father and mother both were very patriotic. They sacrificed everything for the country, and I also was always condemned by everyone as being a very patriotic person. […]

Talk After Birthday’s Felicitations New Delhi (India)

Speech after Birthday’s Felicitations. New Delhi, India. 21 March 1999.


Felicitation, New Delhi

[Hindi Translation Missing]

[English Transcription]

I told in the Hindi
language that love you can see one persons love manifested in so many
eyes here and when I saw the enthusiasm so my hearts got filled with
love greater love. So one can see how powerful is this love. All
kinds of bad feelings, negative thinking and also self-destructive
elements can be corrected and controlled very simply in Sahaja yoga. […]

Birthday Felicitations New Delhi (India)

Evening Program Birthday Puja

All this being said on My birthday, really embarrasses Me, because it’s all being already scheduled, it was all timed out. It had to happen this way. And the time has come now that this whole world has to take to global understanding.

Human beings, I was surprised, are how anxious in those difficult times to get to the truth; because very difficult to carry on with the truth, when there’s untruth all along. […]

Birthday Felicitations New Delhi (India)

Evening Program, 75th Birthday Celebrations

Talk starts at: 2:43:56.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi: “It was a real feast, isn’t it? And also your guitar from the West has been so well managed for Indian music. In the guitars as you play you cannot create melody because it breaks all the time, but with this one, you see, how it was created, just like sarod, I would say. Now, Mister [SOUNDS LIKE Butt]’s Guru and his Guru’s Guru I have met [SOUNDS LIKE alone] in [SOUNDS LIKE Khazan]. […]

Birthday Felicitations New Delhi (India)

Evening Program, 75th Birthday Celebrations – New Delhi (India) Sunday, March 22nd 1998

starts at
2:27:47 of

really don’t know what to say but always after a program, I try to
say something about it. Firstly, the first gentleman who was here –
Jagganath Mishra – I must say, he brought all the atmosphere of
Indian sweet culture in the villages very beautifully. For example,
I’ve seen that only in India, poets have described the mischief of
the children, […]

Birthday Felicitations: Put Attention To Your Spirit New Delhi (India)

75th Birthday Felicitation Program. Delhi (India), 20 March 1998.

I bow to all the seekers of truth.So much has been said and really my heart is full of gratitude for all of you to come here, all the way, and the way people have described about Sahaja Yoga. To understand Sahaja Yoga, we should know where are we today in this Kali Yuga. What are we facing today? It should really make you feel quite disturbed to see the way things are going on in every country, […]

Birthday Felicitations New Delhi (India)

Evening Program, Tabla Kathak Qawalies, Tabla by Shafaat Ahmed Khan

talk starts at 1:37:10

Please give a big hand to Baba MamaBaba Mama: Thank You very much!We will now begin the proceedings by the solo tabla recited by none other than the great Maestro of Tabla, Shafat Ahmed Khan. So I request him.Only yesterday Khan Sahib was saying how blessed he is that Shri Mataji …When he was not so well known Shri Mataji gave him the blessings and now I think he is definitely number one or equal to number one in India. […]

Birthday Felicitations New Delhi (India)

Birthday Felicitations. New Delhi (India), 21 March 1995

[Hindi to English translation]

What can I say on my own birthday? The unexpected has taken place. Today so many Sahaja yogis are here in Delhi. What can be a better birthday than this for a Mother? You all have achieved your self-realization, and this is your birthday as well. You all have been prepared for a great work, and this great work has never happened before. You all are the managers of this great work. […]

Birthday Felicitations Talk Kolkata (India)

Birthday Felicitations Talk

So much has been said about me that I really start wondering what is all going on. Actually, I am not at all aware how things are working out. How Sahaja Yoga is spreading all over the world? How you people have come to Sahaja Yoga? It is a very special time. It is the blossom time and I was happy that in the beginning, the ‘Shuddha Vasanta’  was played, suggesting this is the blossom time. […]

Talk After Birthday Felicitations Kolkata (India)

After Birthday Felicitations, Calcutta (India), 20 March 1994.

This was a song composed by Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore, so many years back, when he had a vision of our Ganapatipule seminars, where he describes that people from all the world will come, from different countries will come. Also, the Hindus, the Muslims, Christians, Sikhs and all kinds of communities will get their awakening on the bank of the sea, ‘sagar’. ‘Sagar’ is the sea.

So beautifully every detail he has described. […]

Birthday Felicitations Kolkata (India)

Birthday Felicitations, Kolkata (India), 19/03/1993

I’m very much thankful to Anandhata Kala sangam President. Today, he told Me, in the play, about us, that shraddha we have, which is so much needed in our life.And I know it is in Bengal, people are going to really give you something great about art.

Somehow or other, here, where River Ganges makes this great scene, there has been such a big manifestation of artists and art of Indian heritage.Firstly, […]

Birthday Felicitations New Delhi (India)

Birthday Felicitations. Delhi (India), 22 March 1993.

Shri Mataji: This is the book about Ustaad Mustak Ali Khan …See …He is a realized soul you can see him very clearly. And I am very happy that Debu has written this book …All such books must come up because of all these great artists…I should say …real patrons of music …are getting lost in the oblivion…It is very important that they should write about there Gurus, so people could know what kind of great people existed in this country. […]

Birthday Felicitations New Delhi (India)

Shri Mataji’s Birthday Puja Seminar, Opening Address. Delhi (India), 20 March 1993.

After listening to all these beautiful reports about Sahaja Yoga, I Myself start wondering how it has worked out so well and what must have happened that in those days of Kali Yuga it has not only worked out, but it is tangible. Scientifically, we can prove it.

Of course, the health of a person is the most important thing and that has is to be brought to a normal condition is the basic of kundalini awakening. […]

Birthday Felicitations Siri Fort Auditorium, New Delhi (India)

Birthday Felicitation Program. Siri Fort Auditorium, Delhi (India), 22 March 1992.

I bow to all the seekers of truth. At the very outset, we have to know that truth is what it is. We cannot change it; we cannot conceptualize it. We have to know it. Unfortunately, at this human awareness level, we cannot know the truth. We have to become the Spirit. Whatever I am telling you today need not be accepted, no need to have blind faith because all of them have praised Sahaja Yoga so much. […]

Birthday Felicitations Mumbai (India)


I feel so proud
to hear the great musician playing here on the adivadya such
beautiful ragas and melodies to enthral us with spiritual ascent. It
proves that this is the adivadya we can say primordial instrument
because it emitted the maximum number of vibrations. I wish other
people also learn this great instrument. This integration between
different styles of music in India must take place and I am so very
happy he has so much knowledge of north Indian music as well and that
all north Indian musicians who were sitting have appreciated this
great music and have realized that such lot of wealth is lying in our
country which is to be mutually appreciated and understood. […]

Birthday Felicitations New Delhi (India)

Talk at the Birthday Felicitation , Delhi , India. 20-03-1984

On this occasion I bow to all my children, to all the well-wishers, friends who have come here to express their kind feelings towards me. Thank you very much.

In such circumstances the words cannot express, the deep feeling of gratitude for all of you who have so kindly come down here. It is very important for us to realize one thing that the time has come for all of us to transform ourselves, […]