Talk and Departure to Ukraine Kurumoch International Airport, Samara (Russia)

Departure To Ukraine, Kurumoch International Airport, Samara (Russia) Отъезд в Украину, Выступление Шри Матаджи в аэропорту «Курумоч», Самара (Россия) 20 июля 1996 г. Shri Mataji: I was telling to doctor that those who want to go for Ganapatipule can do it very easily from Samara. Yuri Vasiliev: Я говорила Богдану, что те, кто хотел бы ехать в Ганапатипуле, могут это сделать через Самару. Shri Mataji: Because they can do charter flights up to Delhi and we can arrange the train and then by bus. Yuri Vasiliev: Здесь есть чартерные рейсы, прямо до Дели, дальше мы можем организовать встречу и продолжить путь на поезде, а дальше на автобусе. Shri Mataji: Especially those who want to get married welcome! Yuri Vasiliev: Особенно те, которые хотят жениться или выйти замуж, должны поехать. Shri Mataji: It is not difficult from here, I think. I don’t know how many hours it takes to go there. Yuri Vasiliev: Это не очень сложно. Я не знаю, сколько будет миль до Дели и обратно. Shri Mataji: And then you can again come back from Delhi. Yuri Vasiliev: А потом вы можете опять вернуться назад из Дели. Shri Mataji: It can be organized. Yuri Vasiliev: Это все может быть организовано. Shri Mataji: We have made it half of the half – the very minimum. Bogdan: Мы сделали минимальную стоимость проживания в Ганапатипуле за счет западников, кажется £250 фунтов, все включено: транспорт, жилье, питание. Транспорт в Индии, а самолет другой (отдельно) Shri Mataji: To Delhi  and back. Bogdan: Из Дели Read More …

Departure Istanbul Atatürk Airport, Istanbul (Turkey)

(Yogis sing: Mataji Mataji bolo) Shri Mataji: Inaudaible Starts at Soundcloud on TC 8:12 Yogi: Passport there giving it one minute Passport just one minute She is making this trip (to Paris?) Shri Mataji: What aobut your passort? Yogi: They are there.They are there. Yogi: (Hindi) Guido: I have the passport. I have. I have. Yogi: Ah, you have it. Please give (inaudible) Don´t worry Yogi: Ok Shri Mataji! The are all there. (Yoginis Sobbing) Shri Mataji: I am coming back. I am coming back. You must know, also there are so many baybies there also. May God belss you. Flowers are really (pleasant?) Come along. (The other one was so crying?) (inaudible) So crying. Yogini: such a amiracle, Mother. Shri Mataji: Really. I dont know their names even Yogi: (Kati?) Shri Mataji: Write to me, or to her. Airort personell: Come in side. Shri Mataji: Really! Can we? All right, Baba Yogi: Shri Mataji, I can not… Shri Mataji: I know. Yogi: Thank you so much, Mother. (Inaudible) Shri Mataji: I am sure they (inaudible) (years back)

Departure and Conversation Christchurch International Airport, Christchurch (New Zealand)

1992-0226 Departure and Conversation, Christchurch International Airport, N.Z.  Shri Mataji:  (speaking to a little girl as She pins a SY badge on her frock)          Alright? What are you doing? What is it? Don’t take out. The frock will (..unclear) Shri Mataji takes off the badge and gives it to the child’s mother, saying something about the child….. (unclear). Brian, the New Zealand leader, comes to speak to Shri Mataji: Brian:  Shri Mataji, the point that we were discussing this morning, we discovered here, that is the section which is quoted. Shri Mataji and Brian read  Christ’s words as reported in the Bible (…unclear) Brian:  Now this is the section:  “ I also tell you that you are Peter and on this rock  I will build My Church and the gates of Hades, the gates of Hell shall not prevail against her” ( Brian: “her” = the Church.) “I will give you the keys of the kingdom of Heaven. Whatever you bind on earth will be bound in Heaven.”  That was what you do on earth, I will make sure it happens in Heaven! Nonsense! “Whatever you allow on earth will be allowed in Heaven”. Shri Mataji: This is nonsense. Brian: This is nonsense. “Then He….” Shri Mataji: You see, how could He say that? Shri Mataji shakes Her head Brian: How could He?  Shri Mataji laughs Brian:  It must be true, Mother, it’s in the Bible! Shri Mataji laughs.  She looks at the passage again Shri Mataji: (unclear…) can you Read More …

Talk to Sahaja Yogis: Children Brisbane Airport, Brisbane (Australia)

Talk to Yogis, Brisbane Airport (transit to NZ). Brisbane (Australia), 22 February 1992. You shouldn’t go in the sun, in the daytime, I must say. It’s a worse sun than in India I tell you. It’s all right in the morning, about nine-ten o’clock, and in the evening, after six. It’s a very bad sun, and then you get all these problems of the skin, you see these days, they are developing, what do you call, cancer of the skin, very common. So one should never go to extremes, go up to this and then stop it. The whole of Brisbane was empty, they all had gone to the, beach I think. Even now, it’s very hot. Little later it might be. Best is the morning sun. Now there’s a very big trend according to the newspapers, that people are taking to alternate religions now, they are fed up with the Christianity. They are going to Buddhism and other things. So one has to talk to them, that Buddhism, what Buddhists have got? Nothing. They are so much [INAUDIBLE]. Islam also is taking roots. So we have to move, and we have to talk to them, otherwise…You see once you get this Islam nonsense, you can’t get out of it. Is the worst of all. You have to talk to people about it all somehow. I don’t know, how do you stop. They are fundamentalists. Absolutely. And they say that if anybody wants to get out of Islam, then they Read More …

Departure Cairns International Airport, Cairns (Australia)

Departure, Cairns International Airport, Cairns (Australia), Friday, April 5th, 1991 [14:11] Lots of new people will be coming now. So you all be very very careful how you deal with them. Firstly, keep on the background. Don’t try to show off. Not to say you are bhoots, you have got this in you, that, no. In Sahaja Yoga, we can talk like that. We understand. But those who are coming for the first time, if you frighten them like this, they’ll just run away. So you have to be very very kind, very sweet to them. And, also you can offer some tea or something to them when they come first. So that they feel that there’s love. Let them feel your love first, not your knowledge.But just do not stretch your hands towards them so much.First, you must only make them listen to My tapes. Ask them if they have any questions – which you can answer next time. And after the tapes, you just do the aarti and finish it off. If they want to know, say, anything, you can tell them. But don’t start giving lectures, that’s one thing definite.You could show my tape for about twenty minutes. Then have the aarti and all that. They can have some tea or something. That’s all.Now, some people if they say, don’t feel it, just tell them to use the photograph. And you do not come forward, otherwise, they get a fright, because they think you look like them, Read More …

Departure Shudy Camps Park, Shudy Camps (England)

Departure, Shudy Camps, England 21-08-1988 Shri Mataji: ..One of them. This we have, this we have. This we have, this we have. Where [inaudible that one there] or this one, this one. Now you have understood, all right. You can take one, two or three. You could take this one also. Yogi: (Fergy/Derek Ferguson)which one? Shri Mataji: All right. Oh you have got here some cocks and hen? Yogi: Yes, Shri Mataji. Shri Mataji: Ah they are very nice, eh. The [UNCLEAR roads], what you call it? So [unclear (a childs name)] come away from them. May God bless you. I didn’t know you were all up. [Laughter] [UNCLEAR].. especially the children should be sleeping. All right, May God bless you all. Thank you. [UNCLEAR Oh its the sun]….[inaudible] Yogini: You should come and see me, please. Shri Mataji: All right, Monday morning, all right. I would like you to [UNCLEAR]. Yogi: Yeah but… Shri Mataji: Huh? Yogi: Yes, thank you Mother. Shri Mataji: Give My love to your Mother. Yogi: Yes, she was here. Yogis asks where Antonio is. Shri Mataji opens the car door. Shri Mataji: Where’s Antonio? Yogi: He’s coming, Mother. He’s coming. Yogi: He’s here.

Baptisms in Shudy Camps Shudy Camps Park, Shudy Camps (England)

Conversation with Sahaja Yogis, Baptisms, Shudy Camps Park, Shudy Camps (England), July 13th, 1987 [Children and Sahaja Yogis are waiting for Shri Mataji] 5:29 Cannon singing, “Mataji, Mataji”. “Sat chit ananda rupam, Shivo ham”. “Mother we adore you” [10:20 Shri Mataji arrives.] Shri Mataji: Hello, Prity! May God bless you. Ah, let’s take a chair. [12:00 Conversation starts.] Shri Mataji: Can you bring the children who are to be baptised. One by one. That’s all right, now keep it down. Keep it down, OK, keep it down, all right? You can put that in the cars, I think you can give it to him. Sahaja Yogi: Can we have the children who wish to be baptised, children who haven’t been, here, now, one by one, please? [Shri Mataji holds a baby] Shri Mataji: Ah, ah. What’s her name? Did you give any name? Sahaja Yogi: Naïm. Shri Mataji: Naya? Sahaja Yogi: Naïm. Shri Mataji: May God bless you. May God bless you. [The baby cries.] No, no, no. [Shri Mataji speaks in Hindi to the mother] Sahaja Yogini: Nayan. Shri Mataji: Nayana. Naina Devi, I think. You can call it- her as Naina, it’s better. Naina Devi is the sadhu place for Goddess in the Himalaya. You could name – [conversation in Hindi] Ramdas swami… Even the guru of Shivaji. Ramdas swami was the guru of Shivaji, she knows. Now, who else is there? Now, how you called him? Sahaja Yogini: Simon. Shri Mataji: Hum? Sahaja Yogini: Simon. Shri Mataji: Read More …

Departure from Adelaide Ashram Adelaide Ashram, Adelaide (Australia)

1987-05-20 Departure from Ashram, Adelaide, Australia Sahaja yogi: It’s a nice place …yet peace in your mind …Shri Mataji: Mother, Why are you doing unnecessarily…Let them do it with themselves …You should not lose your temper, that’s the big thing. That’s all we are going to do …I can look after them because when we have done nothing wrong why should we worry …[unclear…] have you written the letter, one I asked you to write …Sahaja Yogi: Yes [unclear]Shri Mataji: No but it should be with me also…Then …Sahaja Yogi: We are coming later…Shri Mataji: Once also direct your television at those people who are doing the Television here …You should say that we want to show it in England …How these people are behaving …Alright …

Departure from Burwood Ashram Sydney (Australia)

1987-05-20 Departure from Burwood Ashram, Sydney, Australia, DP The last but not the least(name of the Sahaja yogini ), Your husband forgot the sweater which I gave him…Use it alright!Where is the farewell? 🙂(Sahaja yogi’s name ), This is for you …Sahaja yogini: Thank you very Much mother, Thank you …Shri Mataji: Thank you (after taking flowers from Sahaja yogis)I hope you work out your eyes very soon …Alright …I have told all of them …All the Indian Sahaja Yogis have to stay in the ashram No excuses of studies and all this …It looks as if you have come here to exploit…Nothing of the kind …They all will shift here and work hard and study …They can study… they have rooms …Why can’t you study …My God bless you all!Alright, you better tell them that mother does not want at all to stay outside.[unclear/you can study here if you want …]You have not come here to study, you have come here for Sahaja Yoga …And not to bring a bad name …(Sahaja yogis did jaykara of mother) May God bless you all!Bye, Bye Bye Bye Hope to see you soon …Come for Guru Puja …:)

With the children at Airport, Miracle of the Biscuit Melbourne Airport, Melbourne (Australia)

Miracle Note: This where the ‘Miracle of the Biscuit’ took place. Shri Mataji was waiting for Her flight at Melbourne airport at the end of Her Visit, Abraham (the youngest one) offered Her his partly eaten biscuit. Shri Mataji then gave a piece of the biscuit to each of the children and returned the biscuit to Abraham in exactly the same partly eaten form in which he had given it.