I See A Mountain Cabella Ligure (Italy)

I see a mountain from my window

Standing like an ancient sage

Desireless, full of Love.

So many trees and so many flowers

They plunder the mountain all the time.

Its attention is not disturbed

And when the rain pours

Like many pitchers of clouds bursting

And it fills the mountain with greenery,

The storm may come soaring,

Filling the lake with compassion

And the rivers flow running down

Towards the calling sea.

The sun will create clouds and

Wind carries on its feathery wings

The rain onto the mountain. […]

Letter to President Bush Palazzo Doria, Cabella Ligure (Italy)

Shri Mataji Nirmala DeviPalazzo DoriaCabella Ligure

18th September 2001

To Honourable George W. BushPresident of the United States of AmericaWhite HouseWashington D:C:

Dear Mr President

I wanted to write to you earlier, but I felt that you were too busy with the crisis in your great country. All the while I have been watching you and your activities through television. I had conveyed to you earlier that I had a vision about you – it was that you would be the one chosen to destroy the evil of terrorism all over the world and completely redeem the world from the agony of satanic forces.Now you see, […]

Letter (Location Unknown)


To whomsoever it may concern.

I want to state that nobody has any right on my body, without my permission I should not be treated by any doctor vidya or any other person.

Specially my husband and my family members should not at all have any say in my sickness.

No one has to admit me in any hospital.

Even Sahaja Yogis can not admit me in the hospital or treat me or arrange any doctor for treatment – for me. […]

The Essence of Holi. The Spring Festival of Colour. New Delhi (India)

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, New Delhi, 17-3-1995.

It is Holi today. Holi these days, is quite different from what it used to be. We must know the essence of Holi. By burning all the rubbish collected in us, we get a surge of love in a clean heart. Which makes everyone so joyful. Hence first of all we must bum all our negativites.

There should not be any politics in Sahaja Yoga. The society is in a vice like political grip. […]

Letter to Mr. Mikhaïl Gorbatchov (Location Unknown)

Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet (from 1988 to 1990) and President of the Soviet Union (from 1990 to 1991).

My humble plans for a future global system:These are certain ideas I have for individual and social transformation after Sahaja Yoga has established awareness of ‘collective consciousness’. (This is the state one achieves as a result of his internal transformation through Self-Realisation. He also feels the All-pervading Power of Love that does all living work. […]

Letter Brompton Square House, London (England)

Smt. Nirmala Devi 

48 Bromton Square 


dt. 5th April 1986 

My Dear Mr Magdum, 

This is in reference of your letter saying that there is more than half an acre land absolutely stony and useless for agriculture. It does not matter as I am in the process of buying 7 acres of adjacent land, so we will have altogether 11 acres of land for farming. 

I have confirmed the following points again as given by you;  […]

To be a dust particle (India)

To be a dust particle

I want to be like a dust particlewhich moves with the wind.

It goes everywhere.

Can go, sit on the head of a king,or can go and fall at the feet of someone.

And it can go and sit on a little flower,and it can go and sit everywhere.

But I want to be a particle of dust.

That is fragrant,that is nourishing,that is enlightening.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, aged seven and as narrated by Herin Dhulia, […]

Third Letter in Marathi (Location Unknown)

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Translation of Old Marathi Letter – (in Nirmala Yoga magazine no.15, 1983)

Man wants peace, wealth, power, etc., but God is the origin of all these.  Then why should there not be the desire for God?  Why should there be no aspiration and ambition to meet God?

We should pray to God for peace, and keep the desire to meet God who is peace itself.

This should be the difference in satisfaction of a common man and that of a Sahaja Yogi. […]

Letter to Jeremy, from Nirmala Yoga, Issue 12 (Nov.-Dec. 1982), Pages 23 to 24, 1982 (Location Unknown)

Letter to Jeremy

My Dearest Son Jeremy, Tomorrow morning I am going to New York for four days [October 26 to October 30]. I hasten to write this letter because I would like to inform you in the right time what is happening to you.

I think you are confused between left side experiences and the spiritual experience. Those who are on the left side can sometimes even see my past and show much more awesome respect and love but I know the reason behind it and thus I never encourage them. […]

Diwali Letter London (England)

H.H. SHRI MATAJI NIRMALA DEVI, Diwali Letter, London (UK), October 27th, 1981

Dear Sahaja Yogis, My Dear Children,

May this Diwali light the lamp of love within all of you. You yourselves are like those lamps whose glow spreads far and wide, and this glow cannot be diminished by trying to cover it up.

In fact, trying to conceal them makes these lamps even more powerful. This is the inherent wealth of these lamps. But sometimes negativity causes these lamps to shake and waver. […]

Letter in Hindi from Nirmala Yoga 1981 Jan-Feb (Location Unknown)

“The time of Mahayuga has come. Thanks to this thousands of people are getting their Self-realisation. At the beginning, only one or two flowers blossomed on this tree of life, but in this Mahayuga, spring has come. All this is a question of time. 

This yuga was predicted by many great people. Recently, I saw the book “Milton” written by William Blake. He was a great philosopher and it’s so surprising how he predicted the foundations of Sahaja Yoga at Surrey Hills and the first Sahaja centre at Lambeth. […]

Translation of Marathi Letter from London London (England)

My dear Sahaja Yogis,

The programs which you have arranged at Baneshwar will certainly be very successful. Our attention is there. All God’s work will now have a new dynamism. Sahaja Yogis of Pune have given fulfilment to the ‘Punya’ of Pune. There is nothing special of mine in it. Whatever is with you has been discovered by you and accepted. This is the source of joy.

Sahaja Yoga is evolving as Maha Yoga. Baneshwar seminar will manifest that. […]

Letter from London (MAHA AVATAR, ISSUE 2, 1980 OCT-DEC, PAGE 5) London (England)

1980-0822 (Friday) Letter from London (translation from Marathi) (MAHA AVATAR, ISSUE 2, PAGE 5)

My dear Sahaja Yogi Petkar

and other Sahaja Yogis,

There was no occasion to write to you for very long time. These days I write only when some work comes up in Bombay, as the work is in full swing in England. However, people here are addicted and everywhere laziness and negativity have their full sway. England is the heart of Universe but it is so much neglected that it must be set in order without delay. […]

Letter London (England)

London, 11th July, 1980

To, Sahaja Yogis,

Received your cable on the eve of Gura Purnima. The sentiments, which you have expressed in very beautiful words have gone to heart. On the occasion of Guru Purnima day celebrations in London, I explained what is self realization and whether you have got it or not. I will send the tape recording of this speech with some one instead of sending it by post.

I suggested, in my earlier letters, […]

Letter London (England)

Letter translated from Marathi. London 1979.

My dear Sahaja Yogis,

Received your loving and beautiful letters and messages of greetings. Here, I am busy in the work in London and could not write. Once I told you that Sahaja Yoga is beginning from Navaratri this year. That is, Satya Yuga, for which you were so far preparing, will now be seen. As a tree has to sprout first in the earth and then its sapling peeps out, […]

Letter Human Chitta has many illusions (Location Unknown)

Letter translated from Marathi, 1979. (THE LIFE ETERNAL, 1979 ISSUE)

Human chitta has many illusions. When they are removed, human chitta becomes enlightened and blissful. Many of your illusions have been removed by Kundalini awakening.1. You have realised that Kundalini is not an imaginary but a living power in man.2. This power is within every human being and its awakening takes place spontaneously in a normal person.3. This awakening does not take place by any act. […]

Letter for Navaratri London (England)

H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Letter for Navaratri, London (United Kingdom), October 3rd, 1978, (Translation from Marathi)


All Sahaja Yogis,

Many blessings

Today is the first day of Navaratri.

Today your attention should be on Shri Ganesha’.

His devotion is infinite. He has never worshipped anybody else except Mother.

Hence He is so great. All other Gods appear very strong. Everyone has some specialty.

What is Mother’s specialty? Her ego (aham) is nowhere felt by others. […]

Letter on Raksha-Bandhan (Location Unknown)

Letter from Shri Mataji to Sahaja Yogis on Raki & Raksha-Bandhan on Purnima Day, August 7, 1978 (Translation from Marathi)

Many blessings,

Received your Rakhis conveying your deep love. Rakhi is Protecting Power. Its bond is very strong and extremely tender because it symbolizes the noble love of sister. Customarily, tying a Rakhi to someone is establishing a place of Pure Protection. However, man’s ability to understand love has become so feeble that tying of Rakhi has become merely a mechanical process. […]

Letter to Delhi yogis London (England)

Letter to Delhi Sahaja Yogis, London, May 1978.

Dear Sahaj Yogis of Delhi

Your loving letters put me in the same plight as after worship, every pore of the body oozes out the chaitanya. It gives me great pleasure to learn that you all are engrossed in your sadhana.A mother only wishes dear children should stand on their own and that her acquire their own wealth. So long as this does not happen, our life will have no fulfillment in spite of (in the midst) all achievements. […]

Letter London (England)

I laugh aloud at the idea of writing a book! God saves the reader!

Great news for all the sahaja yogis. The first public lecture is on the 24th of this month at Caxton Hall. We have advertised and have invited many people. Let us see how it fares.

The way you plunged into dangers, you have really hurt yourself too much. The other sahaja yogis in London are also of the same type. I have to work very hard I know. […]

Letter London (England)

Letter, 56 Ashley Gardens, London (GB), 9 September 1977

My dear son Anil,I got your letter and was overjoyed to read that you have taken Sahaja Yoga to Abu Dhabi.

Yes, the answer to the question that you asked is that the real name of Sahaja Yoga is “Antar yoga” (? yoga which transforms you from within). In this Yoga instant transformation of human beings takes place and only with the transformation this (yoga) starts benefiting. […]

Letter London (England)

Letter of Shri Mataji, Friday, September 2nd, 1977

The Kundalini is like a rope with many threads. She rises by unfolding her coils piercing every chakra. The width of the Kundalini or the number of threads start diminishing as She ascends if the higher chakras are not open or if the piercing points in the chakras are constricted. If the lower chakras are open the Kundalini rises as a whole, but if the higher chakras are not open then the constriction does allow few threads to pass. […]

Letter on Guru Purnima (Location Unknown)

Letter on Guru Purnima, 1 July 1977,

[Maybe from England to Indian Sahaja Yogis. Location and language unknown]

My dear children Sahaja Yogis,

I am happy to learn you are celebrating Guru Purnima on 1st July. It is very hard to be a Mother and a Guru. Mother is the Guru of Gurus. Mother has to be a Guru to her children but She does not perform this duty the way the Guru does. She reduces the distance between her disciples and Herself by treating them as her children, […]

Letter to Indian Yogis (England)

Letter to Indian Yogis (English translation). England, May 1st 1977.

My dearest Sahaja Yogis :My Blessings to you all,

News has been conveyed to me that a new Center is functioning in Muskwadi Village (Rahuri), where thousands of people are getting Realization. The achievement has been made only because the “workers” over there have knit themselves in bond of wonderful Love. They never try to complain to anyone about anything but instead overlook and ignore in case someone commits what may be described as an error. […]

Letter, May (Location Unknown)

Letter, May

You can cure human beings but cannot force them to accept me which it seems is the only condition that deities are not asking to compromise with. If it is not done by human beings sahaja yoga has to fail and we have to accept the verdict of the “Pralayankara”, the destroying aspect of God (Sadashiva).Jimmy Carther is talking about human right but does he know that human beings have crtain duties towards themselves? […]

Letter London (England)


As sometimes, we, in our memory, relive some beautiful moments of our past and feel the same joy, in the same manner, every idea of a realized soul can be materialized (sakar). We do it unconsciously many a times when we paint an unknown picture. We imagine and enjoy our imagination and then recreate and enjoy more. But a sahaja yogi can weave a beautiful pattern of joy by suggesting joyful, beautiful ideas to oneself. […]

Letter Mumbai (India)


The other argument that I gave in my book is about a doctor who thought that the second birth is possible only through sex and I told him that: “you were born because of your parent and not by your own activity. To say that, when you love fully you must have sex that means you love someone for sex and that without it your love is not expressed. The absolute value of love is thus challenged. […]

Letter, Diwali (Location Unknown)

Translation of a Hindi letter, 21 October 1976.

My dear Sahaja Yogis, my dear children,

Let this Diwali enlighten you with light of love. You yourself are the lamps which burn high and don’t get pressed by the cover. They become much more powerful than the cover. It is their own asset.

When they are hit upon, they are disturbed and extinguished. Why are our lamps disturbed? You should think over it. Is there no transparent sheath around them? […]

Letter about Dharma London (England)

Letter about Dharma (also Pyramids and Tajmahal). London, 12 October 1976.

It is very true that some human beings in the prehistoric times were very wise and dynamic.Maybe they were realized but such people, in ancient civilization, must have been very much accepted as higher people. Otherwise how can you account for building a pyramid in Egypt, which is, from inside, all vibrated. (The human brain is also a “pyramid like” but not yet perfected. The proportions of Pyramid are Divine. […]

Letter London (England)


Those who are real seekers of truth do not give up their seeking by their frustrating finding of untruth.

There are plastic flowers. That does not mean there are no real flowers.

The religions manifested as real flowers on the tree of religion but people removed the flowers from the tree and made them dead flowers, as their own property.

Once you know the reality, you can know all the incarnations of divine manifestation and their functions

To know the reality, […]

Letter London (England)


The environment plays a big role in the reaction of a person. The sensitivity of the chakras becomes dull after the first few shocks to them. Then a human being starts living with all the shocking habits very easily. He exists, but in a very superficial manner and does not want to go down into his depth as he cannot face the shocks that are stored within. He tries to forget them as that helps him to exist. […]

Letter (Location Unknown)


Human beings take for granted all the miraculous divine happenings. This is part of Maya for I do not want all of you to get startled and shocked. The veil has to be lifted in such a smooth movement that you should not loose even a ripple of Joy that is beaming through the drama of your ascent.

Perhaps you were short sighted about yourself. You did not know your capabilities and hence you were struggling. […]

Letter Mumbai (India)

Letter March 20th 1976

First a pattern of the path is created by the first seeker, is to be made with greatest care and love and once all the map is ready you know which is the shortest way. This knowledge then becomes the part of the unconscious, which helps much faster….

The unconscious plays the role of registration of all the findings of the conscious being and enacts according to the findings of Sahaja Yogis as well as Adi Shakti. […]

Letter, 8th November London (England)

Letter, 8th November

We celebrated Diwali with ‘Yagnya’ of Vishnu’s 1000 names. I have done it first time in all my lives.

I was very good at Sanskrit difficult words, to my great surprise. This will do lot of good to this country and the world at large. It will expedite the evolutionary process by blasting many age old adharmas of Western life.

I wish I could meet your mother. You may write to her that the source of joy is from within and not from without. […]

Letter from London (THE LIFE ETERNAL, 1980 ISSUE, PAGES 17-18) London (England)


My dear Doctor Raul, I have already written to you one letter. In this, I will explain to you, why you do not get electro-magnetic vibrations in the machine. The explanation is more to make the scientist understand.

Chaitanya is the integrated force of your physical, mental, emotional and religious (sustenance) selves. Science is the analysis of that synthesis. If we have to record the electro-magnetic vibrations of any matter, we have to reduce it or analyse it in such a manner that electro-magnetic vibrations are liberated from the bondage of synthesis. […]

Letter on Mithya (Location Unknown)

Letter on Mithya (Translation of Her Holiness Mataji’s letter in Marathi sent on the occasion of Sahasrarday celebrations on 5.5.1975.), 5 May 75.

My dear Damle,Many blessings,

Received your letter It is a very good sign to feel a pull on Sahasrar, because only through Sahasrar endless rays are poured in man’s heart and new doors of inner being are opened. But before this grace descends in, there should be a pull in Sahasrar. We understand the pull of heart which is also silent, […]

Letter to Sahaja Yogis, Parklands, Ice House Wood, Oxted, Surrey (ANANT JEEVAN, ISSUE 4, Feb-April 1980) Oxted (England)

Letter to Sahaja Yogis

My dear Sahaja Yogis,I left you with a heavy heart and the silent sorrow in your expression made me feel helpless. How rich you are in your feelings ! As if the sea of Love was rising and its every crest wept in your hearts. I could feel the tempest of my Kundalini. How can words express the sorrow which was witnessed by us in silence.The three months passed away so fast. […]

Poem: To My Flower Children (United States)

To My Flower Children

You are angry with lifeLike small childrenWhose mother is lost in darknessYou sulk expressing despairAt the fruitless end to your journeyYou wear ugliness to discover beautyYou name everything false in the name of truthYou drain emotions to fill the cup of loveMy sweet children, my darlingsHow can you get peace by waging warWith yourself, with your being, with joy itselfEnough are your efforts of renunciationThe artificial mask of consolation.

Now rest in the petals of the lotus flowerIn the lap of your gracious motherI will adorn your life with beautiful blossomsAnd fill your moments with joyful fragranceI will anoint your head with divine loveFor I cannot bear your torture anymoreLet me engulf you in the ocean of joySo you lose your being in the greater oneWho is smiling in your calyx of SelfSecretly hidden to tease you all the whileBe aware and you will find himVibrating your every fibre with blissful joyCovering the whole Universe with light. […]

Letter (United States)

My Dear Children,

What are you searching?

Why are you aimlessly and listlessly running about?

The joy that you have searched in material gains, the joy that you are looking for in power, the joy that disappeared in the words of books–the so-called knowledge–is all lost in yourself, and you are still searching and seeking!

You can pay attention to everything outside yourself! You are lost in your thoughts, like babes in the wood! But there is great hope that you can rise into the Heaven of “thoughtless” […]

Letter in Marathi (Location Unknown)

Translation of an Old Marathi Letter I. Probably written in London, c.1975.

My dear Modi and other Sahaja Yogis,

Many blessings. Received your letter. I am very glad to know that your Ida Nadi has become clean and I hope, Ida Nadis of all have become clean at least to some extent. Here I had told all, that I would work, while under anesthesia, to clean the Ida channels of all. I worked for 3 days cleaning it by vomiting nearly 50 times every day and it is nice that the cleaning has become possible. […]

Letter, Meaning of Puja (Location Unknown)

Old Letter in Marathi – Meaning of Puja.

My dear Nirmala

Many Blessings

Received your loving letter. I have also very much enjoyed Navaratri Puja.

But Puja is also an external offering. Even your heart has said so. But you should understand how you get the reward or blessings of the Puja and its prasad. A Puja or a prayer grows from your heart. Mantras are the words of your Kundalini. But if Puja is not performed from heart or if Kundalini is not associated with recitation of Mantras then that Puja becomes a ritual. […]

Letter to London Sahaja Yogis from Nirmala Yoga, Issue 4 (May-June 1981), Front Back Cover (Location Unknown)

Letter to London Sahaja Yogis

My dearest Children, Thank you very much for the beautiful flowers you sent me. They remind me of you all. I missed you very much all those days of separation.

I hope you get my tapes from Australia, I have said lots of new wonderful things.

I am coming back very soon to enjoy your joyful and sweet company.

Yours as ever,Your loving mother Nirmala […]

Letter in Marathi II from Nirmala Yoga, Issue 14 (March-April 1983), Page 11 (Location Unknown)

Letter in Marathi II

I have received letters from all of you but have not been able to write because now in London Sahaja Yoga work has started with great drive.

Delhi Sahaja Yogis write very few letters but most of them are happy. Sahaja yogis of Bombay are alright, Sahaja Yogis of Rahuri are enjoying. Sahaja Yogis of Bombay have great responsibility and therefore had to face many attacks. The first attack came when I was in U.S.A. […]

Letter to Dr. Raul, from Nirmala Yoga, Issue 8 (Mar.-Apr. 1982), Page 23 (Location Unknown)

My dear Dr. Raul,

I received a very detailed letter from Damle. It was a very wise step on your part to have met Shri Gagan Gadh Maharaj. What he says about the miracle of Sahaja Yoga is absolutely true. The reason why this great sanctuary never manifested in reality was that whenever Adi Shakti descended as incarnation (She) did not have all the chakras integrated through Sahasrara. The complete harmony and unison merged into an integrated instrument of her personality is bringing forth these fantastic results. […]