Avahana for the marriage of Catherine and Gregoire Rahuri (India)

Avahana on the occasion of the marriage of Catherine and Gregoire, Rahuri, India,  (from Nirmala Yoga, Issue 1, page 1) In Sahaja Yoga, all the religions are respected because all the incarnations and previous prophets are in us. We know it for definite that they exist within us on our Centres. First, before starting the marriage, we had to ask them to come and be present on this function. This is called “avahana” [invitation; invocation]. Now, they were all there. So, we are now to thank them that you have been here and the marriage has been successful. In Sahahaj Yoga, we are going to break all the barriers which make religions and people separate. All fanatical nonsense, old ideas which have propped up to make money out of religion, all these we are going to completely abolish and make one religion for all the humanity, which is religion of God, the religion of our evolution. May God bless you all.

Conversation of Shri Mataji with Ratna (see also MAHA AVATAR, ISSUE 2, OCT-DEC 1980, PAGES 21–22) New Delhi (India)

Conversation of Shri Mataji with Ratna OM SHRI MATAJIShri Nirmala Devi Namo NamahThe moving finger writes, and having writ it moves on, Nor all they piety nor wit can scratch a single word down.A young girl of sixteen fascinated by these lines so much that she lived on then for twenty-six years. If there was a “Moving Finger” who could control your lives, then what was the need for temples, churches and worship ? A question which haunted her for many many years to come.Then one day she heard a saying “Arise, Awake and Stop not till the goal is reached”. It appealed all right and so she got up at 4 a.m. (called herself a Karmyogi) and kept on working, but still the problem of life and its meaning were not being solved. Everything appeared existing but what was her role in life ? This was a question, probably an eternal one !May be we were not the lucky ones, like those born when Shri Ram and Sita, Radha and Krishna, Lord Jesus and Mother Mary came down on Earth to Bless them. Sometimes I thought that may be we could still get a Darshan of Mahavishnu or have a vision of Sakshat Shakti Herself. I kept on thinking and lo ! we were Blest.In 1980, Her Holiness Mataji Nirmala Devi was in Delhi. She was here to Awaken the Kundalini.This young girl now a mother of grown up children went to meet Her Holiness as She happened to Read More …

Message (THE LIFE ETERNAL, 1980 ISSUE, PAGE 1) London (England)

Message As prophesied in the scriptures, the phase of ‘Last Judgement’ has started. The testing ground is of great “illusion (Mahamaya) . Kundalini is the indicator of our balance and wisdom. She will evaluate, correct and evolve us. Sahaja Yoga gives you a chance to be fully your meaning. Take Full advantage of it. Establish your attention in the Absolute (Atman) and achieve the eternal life in the Kingdom of God. This lies more in the capacities and subtleties of subtler people. Later on the gross may follow.The early Sahaja Yogis are the foundation of this Empire of God. May God bless you all. London, June, 1980

Release of Advent, FICCI HALL (ANANT JEEVAN, ISSUE 1, July 1979) New Delhi (India)

Release of Advent, FICCI HALL (ANANT JEEVAN, ISSUE 1, July 1979) Our respected leader Shri Gulzari Lai Nanda, author of the book‘THE ADVENT’ Mr. Gregoire, members of the Sahajyoga Society of Delhi and Bombay and you all the seekers of Divine.I am so very thankful to all of you for giving me this opprtunity to stand before you and say a few words about Divinity and about God’s compassion and love for all the humanity that He has created. We are not aware or we do not know that we have become human beings thr’ His grace and thr’ His own doings not by our own efforts from ameaba stage to this stage of human awareness. We never think why God has made us human beings ? What is the purpose of our being itself? As I said today. Gandhiji always wanted we to be ‘Swatantra’ That time the meaning of was political free­ dom but today the meaning has changed, like a flower ultimately becomes the fruit. Swatantra means : Swa is your­ self, the being and tantra means its mechanism. We have to become the mechanism of our being. We are the instru­ ment of our being. This is what today Sahaj Yoga is manifesting. Sahaj, as you know very well, is Sah means ‘with’, ja means born with you Yoga is the right to be united with Divinity, with God almighty. That is your right as a human being because God has given you that special right Read More …

Message (THE LIFE ETERNAL, 1979 ISSUE) New Delhi (India)

The whole creation of God is Sahaja and the ultimate is the Sahaj Yogs. God has crested man with His Shakti and he has to know Him and recogonise Him through Kunaalini awakening Blossom time has come and many ancient seekers are today getting their self realisation. My heartiest congratulations to all the Sahaja yogis for enlightening the path of self realisation for the seekers of truth. New Delhi March 1979

Sahaja Yoga a Unique Discovery (THE LIFE ETERNAL, 1980 ISSUE, PAGES 3–8) (Location Unknown)

Sahaja Yoga – A Unique Discoveryby Her Holiness Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, 1979 The beautiful article, A Unique Discovery was written by Shri Mataji Herself in 1979, and appeared in a magazine called “Yoga Today”, which does not exist any more. The image shows what it originally looked like in the magazine. MAN in his search of joy and happiness is running away from his Self, which is the real source of joy. He finds himself very ugly and boring because he doesn’t know his Self. A human being seeks joy in money or possessions, in power or human limited love, and ultimately in religion that is also outside. The problem is how to turn one’s attention inward. The inner being, which is our awareness, is energy. I call it the energy of Divine Love. All evolution and the manifestation of material energy is guided by the supreme energy of Divine Love. We do not know how powerful and thoughtful this unknown energy is. The silent working of awareness is so automatic, minute, dynamic, and precious that we take it for granted. After self realisation, this energy appears to us as silent throbbing vibrations flowing through our being. But we have been unable to achieve self realisation because we cannot fix our attention on something that lacks form (abstract Being). Instead, our attention wanders outside on forms.Now there is a method to tap the Divine power – Sahaja Yoga. At the very outset, I have to say that the working Read More …



Message (MAHA AVATAR, ISSUE 1, JUL-SEP 1980) (Location Unknown)

Message (MAHA AVATAR, ISSUE 1) “Today, Sahaja Yaga has reached the state of Mahayoga, which is en-masse evolution manifested through it. It is this day’s Yuga Dharma. It is the way the last judgement is taking place. Announce it to all the seekers of truth, to all the nations of the world, so that nobody misses the blessings of the divine to achieve their meaning, their absolute, their spirit.”

Two quotes (MAHA AVATAR, ISSUE 1, JUL-SEP 1980, PAGE 11) (Location Unknown)

Two quotes (MAHA AVATAR, ISSUE 1, JUL-SEP 1980, PAGE 11) “The New revolution in your awareness has to take place otherwise all human achievements have no meaning. It would be like arranging all the electrical decorations for the marriage without the electrical current But when the light be on, you will seethe Bridegroom and the Bride.” “My children, you must know I am beyond insults and Pain. Do you know that when Christ was crucified he was a witness to his pain ? He can never be humiliated. But these people are under the pressure of the satanic forces. We have to save them. Do you want them to go to hell ?”

Quote (THE LIFE ETERNAL, 1980 ISSUE, PAGE 13) (Location Unknown)

“Nothing is easier than turning on the light in a room. You must press the switch button. But there is a big mechanism that works it out – wires, power houses and the whole process of scientific discovery which mastered the use of electricity, there is a long history behind the discovery of electricity. In the same way there ·is a great dynamic organisation that works out Self Realization, let us first switch on your lamps and in their light we can understand the mechanism much better.”

Ushering in the Satya Yuga (THE LIFE ETERNAL, 1981 ISSUE, PAGE 1) (Location Unknown)

Ushering in the Satya Yuga Human beings have various sources through which he constructs the picture of God Almighty. His ideas about truth are also based on these different sources. Before realization it is .not possible to know what is the real source and which is the imaginary plight. When people construct on their own and write books it gets confirmed by the masses as the authentic version. For a real seeker it is necessary to open the mind to receive the light of self-realization. He should not discard or accept anything before the self-realization. Because none of the knowledge whether real or fake has granted self-realization. About Kundalini and spiritual happening also there are many books. Some of them are correct, some of them confused and some of them are absolutely false. When one. gets realization the being acts like a computer as if the inner subtle mechanism has been connected with the mains. Through vibrations of chaitanya which appeal like cool breeze one can detect for oneself as to what is reality. The Being realizes that it becomes the carrier of the dynamic force of Divine Love. He understands and records its working. Then only one realizes the meaning of human personality which has evolved from an amoeba to this stage. The totality of man is felt through the spiritual synthesis of physical, emotional and mental beings. And, if it works like child’s play why should you worry how it’s done? If you are hungry you should start Read More …

Quote 1 from Nirmala Yoga, Issue 13 (Jan.-Feb. 1983), Pages 23 and 25 (Location Unknown)

Quote 1 from Nirmala Yoga, Issue 13 Magnanimity of mind is very pleasing and it attracts others. This magnanimity lies within human being and is awakened by Kundalini. But how can those people have this joy of spontaneity who are living in artificial atmosphere ? Although Kundalini has been awakened and She has pierced Brahmarandhra yet heart must be pierced. But some Sahaja Yogis have hearts like stones, absolutely devoid of love; they use sarcastic words while talking to others and want to show that they are great. On many occasions I have seen, people push others or shout at others even in my presence. Particularly, when you shout at the children, I feel pain in my heart. At least Sahaja Yogis should have deep love for each other. When you know that you are the children of the same Mother, why do you look down upon some people ? Are you perfect ? Are there no faults in you ? We only talk of universal love. If you have no love for each other amongst you, then in which mankind will it be seen ? All I want to tell you is to clean your minds of venomous thoughts that you have for other Sahaja Yogis.If a Sahaja Yogi visits your town, invite him, look after him, as if he is your brother. His happiness will purify your homes. I cannot understand how there can be groups among the Sahaja Yogis, because every moment your condition is improving or Read More …

Ego and Superego, from Nirmala Yoga, Issue 5 (Sep.-Oct. 1981), Page 4 (Location Unknown)

Man is still in a transitional stage. Little more he has to jump and he becomes that, for which he has been created. Human brain and heart are the most evolved things. Human heart also has to be correlated with the brain. From our stomachs fat rises into our brains passing through all the centers, evolving to be cells of the brain. The fat, to become brain, has to evolve, i.e., to achieve certain amount of charges of human awareness. Human brain has a dimension, which animals do not have, a mental or emotional dimension, with which we understand love. We understand how to receive and reciprocate. We understand beauty and poetry; and we also understand how to create these. Brain is triangular and prismatic in nature. When the rays of God’s divine power flow in, they get refracted into different angles and by the principle of of parallelogram of forces, a part of the power escapes to left side and a part to right side. Therefore Man can think of past and future but animals cannot. In the transitional period it is necessary to protect the brain carefully and make it independent of God’s will and make it used by itself so that it develops another dimension of wisdom. For this purpose the system of ego and superego has been created which is the by product or reaction, of human activities. Every activity has a reaction. If you say no to something, the reaction is ego If you accept Read More …

Quote from Nirmala Yoga, Issue 12 (Nov.-Dec. 1982), Page 25 (Location Unknown)

Quote from Nirmala Yoga All should clean their inner beings. You should think “why have we come to Sahaja Yoga ? What benefits have we got and what can we get? Where do we go wrong ? What should we do further ? Where are our pitfalls ? What have we left and taken for our growth?” I find, even after coming to Sahaja Yoga, in most of our wakeful time, we think of external things. We must see how much loving and devoted to God, we are.

The Essence of Sahaja Yoga, from Nirmala Yoga, Issue 19, Jan.-Feb. 1984, Pages 28–32 (Location Unknown)

The Essence of Sahaja Yoga, from Nirmala Yoga In today’s talk I will dwell on the essence of Sahaja Yoga. I am sure that it has been explained to you before. Besides, most of you are from Sahaja Yoga itself. So I need not go into details. First of all we need to understand that we are passing through an extremely serious time pregnant with unpredictable consequences. When we look at life we do not seem to understand that if we miss this opportunity which has come our way, for our evolution, we will not only be depriving ourselves of it or this country, England, but also it will be a stupendous loss for the whole of creation. The trouble, however, is that in the name of God, of evolution and of higher life, a plethora of of spurious people have come out making it well-nigh difficult to convince anyone of the existence of truth. Under the circumstances one has to talk about truth. But mere talking about truth rarely leads to the experience of truth. It is altogether a different realm, a new awareness which you will have to get to understand the truth for which I do not know how many of you are really prepared or how many of you would like to know. Or even if you would like to, yet how many of you will really achieve it. But the problem is the other way round. It is not a problem that we have only Read More …

Advice to Western Women from Nirmala Yoga, Issue 20 (March-April 1984), Pages 33–38 (Location Unknown)

Advice to Western Women from Nirmala Yoga, Issue 20 (March-April 1984), Pages 33–38 Now, this is in the West. Now, the women are intelligent and the women of the west being intelligent and educated have developed a kind of a very complex situation around themselves. These things have made them a kind of a man without manliness, and that is why their whole behaviour becomes extremely odd. Sometimes I just don’t understand, but now I’ve started understanding, that the way the women are, they want to dominate men. But they don’t understand that by dominating you cannot create good relationship. Now, to dominate a man one way could be just to go on behaving like a man, you see, pushing him around and all that, saying, “Don’t do this. I don’t like it. This is not good. That is not good”. But that is not so sophisticated. So, the other way is to all the time talk about the miseries of your past. “I am like this. This is wrong with me”. All the time she’s sick. All the time she’s miserable. All the time she’s insecure. All the time she’s so dependent, she needs her husband. She wants the attention of the husband. The husband must look after her. Ultimately, I think the husbands must be getting absolutely fed up and running away from the wives. And that must be why the prostitution is so strong here, because at least the prostitute tries to please the husband and not Read More …

Extract from souvenir, Dignity of Art (India)

Extract from souvenir, from the site Sahaj A-Z. India, 1961. Artists have to raise the public eye to their standards of taste; and not to stoop down to the cheap demands of the public, thus surrendering their freedom. This can be done by contacting of educational and social institutions, by the enlightened artists. Through articles in magazines and newspapers, the ideas of such artists can be propagated. Through dramas, films and radio talks, people can be educated for the understanding of real art. Thus the dignity of art can be maintained. By coming into contact with the public at large through these societies, the social-self of an artist will develop into a keener and more sensitive being. It will react to the slightest unrest in the nation; to the slightest imbalance in the society. If he sees a leper on the street, his heart will go out with such sympathy that, through his art, he can create an atmosphere by which social workers, doctors, scientists, and the people in charge of the state will be forced to think of some solution to the problems of leprosy. If an artist finds his countrymen being unpatriotic or cowardly, he can, through others, create a deep respect in their minds. Such is the motivating power of an artist. They are the loveliest flowers of the creation, the sweetest dreams of the Creator, and the dearest parts of the human society. Perhaps they do not know how they are loved, worshipped and followed by Read More …