Guided meditation in the Palace/How to work on the chakras on the head Palazzo Doria, Cabella Ligure (Italy)

Guided meditation in the Palace (note of a yogi). Cabella Ligure (Italy), 21-22 September 1991.

Shri Mataji started by using the left hand with the right hand open on the lap, saying that it’s like giving yourself balance, if you are catching on the left, you work with the right.

She started at the Vishuddhi, which begins just above the Agyna, using the Vishuddhi finger and pressing it slowly upwards to the point where the hairline begins, […]

Workshop on False Gurus Problems among seekers Jaipur (India)

Workshop, day 2, Jaipur [India], February 19th, 1986

Take your seats Looks like the Doctor has worked very hard upon you all The old man: [Unclear] [Speaker advices everyone to sit in front] Shri Mataji: [To the lady] OH! How are you? Did you just touch MY feet! [Shri Mataji enquires about another person. The lady conveys that he/she has had a heart attack. Shri Mataji is telling her to bring that person along, he can get cured. […]

Workshop Norman Park, Brisbane (Australia)

Workshop, 1985-0308, Norman Park, Brisbane, Australia

I’m very happy to see so many people coming down in Brisbane. Because that is the first time they have started a centre here and to start anything that is real is the most difficulty. All great saints, great incarnations whenever they tried to talk of real things have suffered a lot. Only the artificial ones are successful very fast. Because you can produce many artificial flowers very easily, plastic flowers, […]

Workshop Perth (Australia)

Shri Mataji: No questions at all? You can’t think, I think you have gone beyond that. Such a pleasure to have you all here, in this cool atmosphere. Now, as Dr. Warren Reeves had told you, it’s a fact, we have this power within us, no doubt. Which you can see in some people, when it rises you can see pulsating. If there’s an obstruction on your Nabhi chakra, then you can see it actually with your naked eyes, […]

Workshop for new people, candle treatments Sydney (Australia)

Workshop for new people, candle treatments, Sydney, 1983, March the 20th

Sahaja Yogi: Just to finish off on that point, Mother often uses this expression that there are jet planes and there are bullets cars. We all have to rise at the same level and this is what this Collective Consciousness is all about [inexact interpretation].I, when I get my Realization, am not at a higher level than you when you get your Realization. I may have cleared my chakras a little more than you but we all have to come together; […]

Workshop with seekers Sydney (Australia)

Workshop in Sydney, Australia, March 19th, 1983

Warren: Well, he still feels as though, even though since Realization, he still feels as though the effects of the drugs are still there in the sense that he gets the same experiences. Is that true?Seeker: YesWarren: He gets the same experiences as if he was still on drugs.Shri Mataji: Uh hm. Why don’t you sit here with your left hand towards Me, right hand outside Let’s see, what about, […]

Workshop in the Park, Mother Are You The Holy Ghost? Adelaide (Australia)

Workshop in the Park, Adelaide, Australia, March 5th, 1983.
Shri Mataji: This centre what we call as “left Vishuddhi”. Now have you told them about left Vishuddhi?
Sahaja Yogi: No, not the specific sides, just the general things of it.
Shri Mataji: All right.
Now, this left Vishuddhi comes to you if you have said mantras wrongly. You see, the mantras are to be said only when there is a realised soul who knows what mantras are to be said. […]

Workshop Dalkeith (Australia)

Workshop in Perth (Australia), 2 March 1983.
Sahaja Yogi: God the father, God the mother and if she recognizes you as God the mother is Sai Baba, this fellow in India God the father?
Shri Mataji: No.
Sahaja Yogi: But on the whole, is there, I mean
Sahaja Yogi: She answered your question.
Sahaja Yogi: You do need a father.
Shri Mataji: I’ll tell you how you should understand, all right, that’s better to see you [sounds like sa]. […]

Workshop with Seekers Pune (India)

Workshop with Seekers 1982/12/24

Sahaja Yogi: Varicose veins



Shri Mataji: Hmm, [IN HINDI – What did you say?] 



Shri Mataji: [MARATHI] 


Shri Mataji: [MARATHI] 


Shri Mataji: [MARATHI] 


Shri Mataji: [HINDI – You do one work] Anyone. Anyone of the Sahaja yogis, please put your hand at her back, where she has a pain and put your right hand towards Me. 


 Another sahaja yogi, […]

The concept of true love in Sahaja Yoga and Workshop Nirmala Palace - Nightingale Lane Ashram, London (England)

Workshop with new people. Nirmala Palace – Nightingale Lane Ashram, London (United Kingdom) 1982-08-18

One thing is that TM people ask too many questions and they take time. So just don’t ask so many questions, just establish your Realization, alright? Put some TM with him, that’s better. [Towards some Yogi] Will you look after him? Alright. Come along, you come this side, he’ll look after you, the deputy director. [Laugh].
How is he now? Just try. […]

Morning meeting with Seekers and Workshop Madrid (Spain)

Conversation. Madrid (Spain), 3 June 1982.

[A Spanish yogini is translating Shri Mataji into Spanish]

Shri Mataji: See, all shaking now. It’s all right, doesn’t matter. He’s shaking. Doesn’t matter. Don’t get worried.

Man: No, no.

Shri Mataji: No. All right? He is all right.

See now. You are better, you are all right! Are you feeling? He is feeling now. He started feeling. Just see him also, just see his vibrations. Just see him. Work on him, […]

Workshop Euston, London (England)

Talk, Euston, London, England 23-11-1977

[1977-1123 Talk Part 1, Euston HD]

If you talk this to an Indian he will say to see they are aspiring to be like you

You are their model they want to be like you, you want to have less develop

Now everybody is making fun of even Gandhiji, you listen to that

Thank god saadak took his name otherwise they are saying that we must have a very developed country and we must do this and these are underdeveloped country and then.. […]

Workshop Finchley Ashram, London (England)

HH Shri Mataji, Workshop Part-1, Finchley Ashram, London, UK, 1977-1118.

All the prostate gland and all these things are involved because of overactivity. The whole nervous system is ruined by this kind of an overactivity. I mean are you nothing but a sex point. We must respect our personality. You are not only a sex point. I mean even animals are not that. How could we be only our sex point? But that doesn’t mean that you should become like those people that you can’t look at women. […]

Workshop and discourses Finchley Ashram, London (England)

“Workshop and discussions with Shri Mataji,” Finchley Ashram 3 November 1977

Tape 1

Tape 1

(43 mins)

Shri Mataji: See, the Sahaja is such a sweet thing that in the beginning it makes you touch that. You see, you get the vibrations alright. And in the beginning it doesn’t give you the feeling of heaviness so much as it would to these people (yogis). It doesn’t make you feel nervous. Because supposing the first day, only, […]

You all are Shri Kalki Euston, London (England)

Workshop in Euston, London, Day 6, “You all are Shri Kalki”, November first, 1977

[Four tape recordings; a break in the audio might exist between two sequential tapes].

[Tape 1]

Shri Mataji: … And out of it right now. See, but we take it for granted because it’s God obliged [unsure], it’s all right, we don’t know how God has made it and how marvellous it is. In the same way, if this is a living process and it’s the most important thing, […]

Workshop Finchley Ashram, London (England)

1977-1030 Workshop Part 1, Finchley Ashram

Hah, Did you get cool in your hand? Raised their Kundalini? ….(affirmation from a  Sahaj yogini).. Congratulations….What about you, Did you get cool in your hand?  Yes (affirmation from the new seeker male). ..Just see.. What about you Mandy? Good good (inaudible) you and David.. come along both of you, I will work on your Agnya. Your Agnyas are caught up. Hmm (Music continues) it is morning raga? Mother we have exhausted our …(not clear) Again I will be making it to France? […]

Workshop Finchley Ashram, London (England)

Workshop, Part 1,Finchley,Ashram 28-10-1977

[Indistinct conversation]


Finchley the 29th of October 1977. Questions and discourses after the first Caxton Hall lecture, 24th October 1977.

Man 1: I was lying on the bed [Unclear]. I was fighting with someone [Unclear on the bed]. I was totally [Unclear fid] off and I was fighting to [Unclear get away from him]. But at the same time, I had to hold on to him. So that he couldn’t get away from me. […]

Workshop with new people Finchley Ashram, London (England)

 Transcription of Workshop with New People, Finchley Ashram 1977-1027

What is the responsibility that is what we do he said I have been to the regent I think they are very goodbye zebra because I have met him? Another one is Krishna you are all condition if you say so don’t you do that it is the condition you must become independent, I would do nothing you will do it on your own and you will you won’t you won’t do this Krishna Mukti’s disciples are more conditioned than anybody else. […]

Workshop with new people after 1st Caxton Hall Meeting Finchley Ashram, London (England)

26th October 1977 Workshop with new people after first Caxton Hall meeting, Finchley Ashram

Shri Mataji: Have they become beast or worst than the beast, even beast don’t do like that. I could not imagine this is worst than prostitution I mean a horrid, it is hell, what else is the hell. No family is safe, nobody is safe, no place is safe, on top of that why do you need Rajnish to teach you all this. […]