Shri Buddha Puja

Leningrad (Russia)

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Shri Buddha Puja

St Peterburg, Russia


As you know Sahaja Yoga is not an organised or that kind of an organisation. Because it’s a living process and all those who come to Sahaja Yoga like they have come to some Holy river [alleviate] purify and then become sahaja yogis. So one should be very careful as not to be irresponsible about oneself first of all and about the collective.

We have [ ] there is no power or no tradition or place to during Sahaja Yoga.

But in every country we have to appoint somebody as the leader and that leader is in contact with Me directly. Because I can not talk to everyone of you directly we have this method but if the leaders also are found to be not true or something wrong they can be changed but normally we don’t. Normally the leadership can not be challenged. Normally.

Last year we had to remove the leader of Australia, he had to completely go out of Sahaja Yoga. You see, we had to get some other leader first, if it does not work out, then we have to also remove the so-called leader.

So this leader had created a very big problem for Me and it was really very difficult I had to work for one month completely to again put them back.

Also we removed so many sahaja yogis who we found to be against some leaders or who were troubling the leaders, when the leaders complain about them, we have to remove them, because I trust the leaders first of all.

So one should normally not complain and should look into themselves instead complaining to others. But the leader has to be above good and aboucher. For example if a leader is carrying on a girlfriend, which is not allowed in Sahaja Yoga, we have to marry. Because this is bad example, so such things are not allowed. No sahaja yogi is allowed to have a girlfriend or boyfriend and also not marry that person. In Sahaja Yoga we believe in romance after marriage not before. Because you have so much of romance before the marriage that as soon as you get married you get to divorces. As in say in India we also have arranged marriages according to their family and all that and we don’t have divorces very few I know [ ] two in My lifetime. If we have got the romance before the marriage usually they have quarrels after marriage. So You must see that with curiosity as something that is going to happened to us so we be informal to it. Now most of the people who have got realisation and got married after that …quite a lot I should say, at least 1000 people have that and out of that 1 or 2 marriages have been failed in two hundred one or two are divorced. [Rajki] says when there is wrong on one part of the body then you are allowed to have divorce but the person who is wrong has to go out of Sahaja Yoga.

Now the second part is that one should not play about Sahaja Yoga money. It is very dangerous. Now for a example last time when I came they said there was programs a lots of money was collected. Everything should be accounted and all the sahaja yogis must know where the money has gone it should be absolutely clear cut there absolutely clean. Now in India I am very bad at accounts but I appointed my own youngest brother because he is chartered accountant to find about every center in India. And he says that in our country he has not seen any organisation so clean and so accounted. And also every moves he is making or when you pay or collect money or there is [ ] to find out, they consult Me if it’s a large amount. And any member of the organisation should be able to see the account normally they should be able to do that, it should be an open book.

Even I who is beyond sin that keep away all your money but even then I keep the money in the bank and one of the sahaja yogis keeps checkbooks with him. And everybody knows how what money has come and where is spent, even the money is in my account, that means is in my private account. But supposing I am very fond of giving presents and I want to spend some money like that then I take it from my husband’s account, not even from my private account because I don’t want sahaja yogis to know know how much is spent for their presents. And so far my audio tapes, tape recorders everything was sold out my photographs everything and I [  ] even a single pie out of it but I told them to keep the account also they did not keep. So they have now formed the committee on to which only tapes and audio tapes and my books all those when sought even my photographs because we don’t want people to make money out of all these things, it is apart from many things it is very dangerous.

Moreover you do not take to projects, which you cannot afford, it is very important. We do not take projects which we can not effort at all never take from any project which you can not afford. So whatever you want to do with your private money take a great project or anything you can do it but if you have to use the money which is designated for the collective work you must take the sanction of the collective and My sanction as well.

Now there is no business in Sahaja Yoga no business. You can not mix up business with Sahaja Yoga, nobody should do. But when you become a sahaja yogi you become very dynamic and you become extremely intelligent and you understand and if you are in the business or anything you start getting such a lot of money that you don’t know what to do with it. I give you example of a sahaja yogi who came to Sahaja Yoga, his company was doing very badly there was a strike in his company for about two years. But you will be surprised that when he started to do business with Sahaja Yoga as his main object and his business absolutely separated and he has become now a multi millionaire. But after coming to Sahaja Yoga if your business does not work out then you know that you have done some great mistake otherwise it is an impossibility. So you have to be extremely meticulously honest about public funds. Also you should not use any sahaja yogi for business. For a example you meet now a lot of people from abroad and they might say or you might say that we can do this business and that business it never works its very difficult. That means that we have to be understanding with the blessings of Sahaja Yoga and take full advantage of blessings and prosper physically mentally emotionally and also financially in Sahaja Yoga.

Now the power also one should not assert or control that’s dangerous again. Now it is 21st year I have been here with you and I started Sahaja Yoga and My experience of human beings is this that you have to be very sincere in Sahaja Yoga. May be anti [factors can] con it and it does not work out.

When you have vertical growth you also get horizontal growth on every part. And thus, all your problems get solved you don’t have to worry, but you have to be sincere and honest to yourself. So this is [general] matter of Sahaja Yoga  should be.

Now as I told you the other day you must know that I sent here doctor Bogdan. And he is so fed up with the way people are here power related here that he wants to go back and he thinks that they all are mad here that they divide people in Moscow and Leningrad and Kiev he is quite upset about it. Such a nice man I found out for you and who can work out medical science and other science and if people go on behaving like this in Russia, we finish off Sahaja Yoga.

And he came [ ] to the ashram and I would request you that I will try to post him in Moscow [ ] and also he will look after the Leningrad and everything.

But, now try to understand that it is Bogdan who will talk to you and I will talk to him. And you have to all depend on his guidance because he is one of the wisest sahaja yogi you could think of.

So this is only all about your realization. So the second part of it we start with a Puja.


Shri Buddha Puja


Leningrad, USSR

The pujas are meant to awaken the deities within you which are on your centers. “Пробуждены” [probuzhdeny, means “awakened” in Russian]. All right. So, we do it. That eleven main pujas we have together, eleven in the international level. But, here I decided to have the Buddha puja, or Lord Buddha’s puja, because Russia is in the map, according to us, is the right Agnya, right side of Agnya, left and right. And that is why we are going to have the Buddha puja, which is, in a way, suggestive that Buddha means enlightened.

So there are three, three mantras of the Buddhist, the Buddhist religion, they call it, or Buddha’s stotram. The first one is “Buddham Sharanam Gachhami,” meaning “I surrender myself to all the people who are enlightened.” That case we have to respect each other. We are all enlightened souls. As I also bow to you, you have to bow to each other. We have  to bow to all the people who are enlightened. And thus, we respect each other’s Self-Realization.

Now, there’s a very beautiful story about Namadeva. And he was a great poet, and a saint in Maharashtra. And this Namadeva went to see another realized soul who was a potter, potter, little pots. This, another one was called as Gora Kumbhar, Gora Kumbhar. Now the Namadeva [ ] he was a tailor of a much higher state. So when he saw him, he was just mixing the clay with his feet. Though he stood absolutely stunned looking at Gora Kumbhar, Namadeva for a minute and he just closed his eyes and hands and bowed to him. And he said that, „I came to feel here to see something that is formless, just to feel the vibrations, but here is the formless is in the form.” This is the appreciation of one Sahaja yogi of another one. This is the appreciation. But many people, many people can know, other people who are not Sahaja yogis, but not Sahaja yogis themselves.

So, one has to know that all of you are now in such a good shell, that you are all great yogis and your honor have to be sahaja yogis. And nobody has to be condemned at all. Now, the place of Agnya today [inaudible]. will give you a very big ascent in a sense, that this is the most difficult center. Now, you have got on the Agnya chakra itself, is bestowed upon us is our Lord Jesus Christ. And that He is the one when awakened sucks in our ego and superego, our karmas and our conditionings.

So, today’s special thing is that we are worshipping a deity on the right Agnya which makes you think too much, first of all. And also it makes you aggressive, and also it makes you very right-sided. By this worship, you will become very mild, very gentle, very beautiful people and you’ll be able to see things much more clearly.

Now this right side gives you a kind of an ego which troubles everyone, but you will never feel the trouble till you get into a very serious state. It gives you the overactivity of the brain and the conscious mind works too hard. For that you are, you are not to be very hard working people, but you might think [ ]  that your mind is more active then your body. So, this Agnya chakra has to be controlled by Buddha, and why we do Puja today.

The second mantra is, “Dhammam Sharanam Gachhami.” Dhammam. It means, “I surrender myself to my dharma.” Means, to my ten commandments, should I call them, or the ten valencies that I have in my stomach. And, that is the second point that your dharma is Vishwa Nirmala Dharmala, is the pure, innate religion within you, pure innate religion. That means you have to look after your behaviour and from that you judge yourself: Why are you doing like this? You could not have done that.

Now, this extreme of Agnya chakra has come up with a disease called as YUPPIE’S DISEASE [chronic fatigue syndrome], and you will be surprised that I have told about this disease about 8 years back in America, that it should come. That your conscious mind will not be able to work anything, only will live the subconscious. People not have the conscious mind, and it’s a very serious disease. Your conscious mind will not work. As long as you are walking unconsciously you are alright. As soon as you try to think you are walking you fall, your conscious mind will not be able to work. Actually we are very [ ] even that you can.  And our doctors are now trying experiments on them with Sahaja Yoga.

First you feel very pampered with your ego – that I have done this – I have done that. But then ego sits on your head and then you are completely lost you do not know what to do.

So, today’s Puja is very important for Russia, and for you people, because now you have got freedom and your Agnya can go out of balance. Now if you understand one thing, that when you get your freedom also you must learn how to bear the freedom. So it is [ ]  Sahaja Yoga …. and I do not want to frighten you. But, we have to be very careful with our Agnya, that’s what I am just telling you as I do not want to frighten you, but as a Sahaja yogi it is not going to happen to you, but still you have to be very careful.

And now, we are going to have the puja after this, and I hope you people will imbibe with the vibrations will penetrate into you, you will find the change very much within you.