You have to have a desire to get this higher awareness KDU University College Hall, Petaling Jaya (Malaysia)

Public Program (Malaysia), 12 March 1995.

I bow to all the seekers of truth.

At the very outset I have to tell you that truth is what it is. You cannot change it, you cannot transform it and unfortunately, at this human awareness, you cannot know it. In the evolutionary process you have come to a state of human awareness. But at this point you do not know the absolute truth. If you had known the absolute truth there would have been no quarrels, […]

Evening Program, Eve Of Guru Puja Lago di Braies (Italy)

1989-07-22 Evening Program before Guru Puja
It’s beyond Me to really express the great joy that I see in your hearts, reflected in My heart.
Today is a great day I think, that we have come to a place which is in Italy, and the Austrians are going to do the Guru Puja, because it’s such an integration of understanding. Is a very new beginning of a new world, the vision of which I had since long. […]

The truth is your Spirit Maccabean Hall, Sydney (Australia)

Public Program day 2. Sydney (Australia), 16 March 1983.

…which expresses itself in the gross out of these subtle centers. The left hand side of our subtle body is the blue column is our psyche. It’s our emotions. It’s our past. It’s the part of us which is is our conditioning and creates what we might call our superego, our response mechanism, our reflex mechanism. It’s our memory. The right hand side is our projection. It relates to our planning. […]

Devi Puja: Individual journey towards God Sydney (Australia)

Devi Puja. Sydney (Australia), 14 March 1983.

Now you all have realised by this time, that within us lies the peace, the beauty, the glory of our being. There’s an ocean of all that. We cannot seek it outside. We have to go within; what they call ‘in the meditative state’ you seek it, you enjoy it.

Like, when you are thirsty, you go to a river or you go to an ocean and try to quench your thirst. […]