Public Program Day 1 Boston (United States)

Public Program Day 1
So okay. If you find anything, they see you come back here. Hi, bob. Toe all the seekers of truth and the truth that we are seeking. Has to be a tv understood and felt. Through a very open mind. I cannot conceive retirement elective. And you cannot form your own ideas and conventions about like a scientist, you have to keep your mind off a team. Whatever. It is a evolutionary process, […]

Public Program Day 2 Hollywood United Methodist Church, Los Angeles (United States)

Public Program Day 2
I bow all the seekers of spirit.
The seeking of spirit has been described by so many people from ancient times. It is nothing new that I’m telling you that a human awareness reaches a point where it starts seeing that there has to be something beyond and at that time the seeking starts. And the person starts looking forward to something that will make that person the spirit, as all this scriptures have described and talked about it. […]