Talk to Sahaja Yogis, Taking care of children Ganapatipule (India)

Transcript – Version Date: 2017-0908 “Taking care of children”, India Tour, Ganapatipule (India), 27 December 1993.
Today I am feeling rather sad [that] had to say something, hard things yesterday and you know [a] mother is like that (Mother is referring to a lecture in Marathi the previous day). You have to correct your children, you have to tell them something, but you don’t like it and you have to really put up yourself to that point, […]

Day after Mahashivaratri Puja, Talk to Sahaja Yogis Newcastle (Australia)

Transcript – Version Date: 2017-0529

H. H. S H R I   M A T A J I   N I R M A L A   D E V I
 Day after Shivaratri Puja
Talk to Sahaja Yogis
Laguna of Glenrock, Newcastle, (Australia), March 1st, 1992

I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s puja very much. Today I wanted to talk to you about certain matters where people get quite confused. There are certain things we must understand in Sahaja Yoga. […]

Talk Sydney Airport, Sydney (Australia)

Transcript – Version Date: 2016-0429 Talk in transit to Canberra, Sydney Airport. 11 February 1992.
We had this Ganesha Puja, and I really spoke very nicely on equilibrium. And the rain, expressed its equilibrium, but when they were singing, it was very quiet. And when it stopped for a short time suddenly it came with a complete gusto and sang some songs and went away again. Just for the aarti to start with. It’s very beautiful it was. […]

Talk on Children and Musical Program, Eve Of Easter Puja Burwood Ashram, Sydney (Australia)

Transcript – Version Date: 2016-0318 Talk on Children and Music Program (by Nirmal Sangeet Sarita). Sydney (Australia), 30 March 1991.
I am so very happy to be in Australia with you all. Australia is one of the major Sahaja Yoga center, and people are very nice and they are really doing very well here, no doubt about it. I was told there are hundred-and-fifty children today, so now you are prospering otherwise also! They’re all born-realized children and they are going to come up very soon, […]

Shri Ganesha Puja, How Far To Go With Children Les Diablerets (Switzerland)

Transcript – Version Date: 2015-1009 Shri Ganesha Puja, Les Diablerets (Switzerland), 8 August 1989.
Today you have come here to worship me as Shri Ganesha. We have been singing the praise of Shri Ganesha before every puja. And we have such tremendous respect for Shri Ganesh, because we have found out that unless and until Shri Ganesha, who is the symbol of our innocence, is not awakened within us, we cannot enter into the Kingdom of God. […]

Advice at Armonk Ashram Armonk Ashram, North Castle (United States)

Transcript – Version Date: 2017-0120 Advice at Armonk Ashram. New York (USA), 27 July 1988
So very nice to come and meet you all here! Very kind of you to have invited me to your ashram.
So you must have realised, from experience of these two days’ programmes that we had [that], though it looks formidable in the beginning, it’s not so difficult to achieve results and to get people Realised.
I find all of you have been very sensible and you worked it out very well. […]

Diwali Puja, Power of Innocence, Meaning of Nine of The Lakshmis Lecco (Italy)

Transcript – Version Date: 2016-0518 Diwali Puja, “Power of Innocence”. Lecco (Italy), 25 October 1987.
First – we bow to Shri Ganesha because Shri Ganesha is the source of innocence within us. So actually we bow to innocence within us. And this innocence is the one [that] gives you the enlightenment. As I told you yesterday the light has innocence, but this is innocent without knowledge. But your light is innocent with knowledge. We always think that the people who have got knowledge can never be innocent, […]

Advice on Small Children Meli Ashram, Vienna (Austria)

Transcript – Version Date: 2015-1009 Advice on small children in ashram Meli. Vienna (Austria), 9 July 1986.
…….children which are going to the Primary
Schools. Even those who are not going to Preschools are the small children when they are born and that`s the time one has to be much more important because that`s the time they are the most impressionable is when they are born.
I have given some instructions for the children, how to do all the things when the child is born, […]

Seminar, Talk on Children, Parents, Schools Temple of All Faiths, Hampstead (United Kingdom)

Transcript – Version Date: 2016-0211 Talk on seminar. Hampstead, London (UK), 12 May 1985.
[extract from about 1hr 1min on the video]
[Inaudible]… But one thing, we must make it sure that those children who study there, they must pay for it, because, you see, what happens that it should just that the money be paid there, it’s finished there. That money can be recovered and can be used for some other purpose. Otherwise, sometimes in Sahaja Yoga it happens that people just send their children and do not pay for it; […]

Talk to Sahaja Yogis, Children and Other Topics, Ashram Perth (Australia)

Transcript – Version Date: 2015-1009 Talk to yoig in ashram. Perth (Australia), 2 March 1985.
Now one of My concerns are the children here who are very young and I think the children of this country or any of the western countries are to be looked after in a proper way. I have already given some notes and I think that it is being circulated from London. I hope you people have got those notes which Louise has done. […]

Parent’s day celebrations New Delhi (India)

Transcript – Version Date: 2015-1006 “The relationship of parents with children and teachers with students” (Hindi talk). Sahaja Temple, Delhi (India), 15 December 1983.
What is Sahaja Yoga and what all one gets in it, you can know . But what I am going to tell you today is little about the relationship of parents with their children and how it is supposed to be. First of all , we develop two kind of relationship with our children, […]