Shri Ganesha Atharva Shirsha (A poetic adaptation)

Let our ears hear that which is true; let our eyes see that which is pure; let our beings praise thatwhich is divine; and let those who listen hear not my voice but the wisdom of God.Let us worship with the same song, the same strength and the same knowledge; and let our meditationenlighten and enrich. Let there be amongst us compassion and peace.Now the prayer:Salutation to Shrī Ganesh, sākshāt Shrī Jesus Sākshāt Shrī Nirmalā Devyai namo namah.It is You who is the beginning of all the beginnings.It is You who is the doer of all deeds which have been done, […]

Shrī Ganesha Atharva Shīrsha

Aum namaste GanapatayeAmen. Obeisance to Ganapati (the lord of the Ganas).Twameva pratyaksham Tattwam’asiYou are the manifest primordial principle.Twameva kevalam kart’āsiYou alone are the doer.Twameva kevalam dhart’āsiYou alone are the supporter (of the universe).Twameva kevalam hart’āsiYou alone are the destroyer.Twameva sarvam khalv’idam Brahm’āsiYou are verily the all-pervading Brahman (Supreme Spirit).Twam sākshād-Ātm’āsi nityamYou are the manifest eternal Self (Atman).

Ṛitam vachmi, satyam vachmiI say what I feel to be right, I speak what is true.Ava twam mām, Ava vaktāram, […]

Guru Puja: The State of Guru Grand Hotel Leysin (Leysin American Schools), Leysin (Switzerland)

Guru Puja, Leysin (Switzerland), 14 July 1984.

I bow to all the Sahaja Yogis of the world. It is very heartening to see so many of you assembled here to do the Guru Puja. To worship your Guru in person is regarded as the highest blessing. But in my case, it’s a very different combination that I am your Mother and your Guru.

So, you can understand how Shri Ganesha worshipped his Mother. You all are created in the same image of Shri Ganesha who worshipped his Mother and then He became the Adi Guru, […]