Money, Chastity, Self-Respect & Music New York City (United States)

1984-08-19, Money, Chastity, Self-Respect


So, we were today, I mean I must say I’m really happy, extremely happy and joyous because I think that yesterday’s puja has done wonders. For the first time in the West, vibrations were sucked so well, I had no problems.
Yesterday, when you were doing the puja the Left Vishuddhi was just like a stone, you see, and then afterwards, then I said they have no business for the Deities to be here. […]

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I was saying that I really tried to give realization to all those [inaudible] me, in fact, [inaudible] Americans can’t say.

I can do my level best. [inaudible] with the proof. All right. [inaudible] [inaudible] too much money, don’t know what to do with yourself, now when they say, “I’m suffering”. Otherwise you can’t enjoy. [inaudible] You are really making me self conscious now [inaudible] I like the Rockefella center, its really [inaudible]. What is this one? […]