Guru Puja: Follow My Message of Love Campus, Cabella Ligure (Italy)

Guru Puja, Cabella Ligure (Italy), 4 July 2004
It is a great pleasure for me, greatest joy, to see so many Sahaja Yogis for the Guru puja. It’s very gratifying to think that there are so many, so many of you, who are disciples. It was never expected that I’ll have so many, so many people following me.
It is being expected that you all will follow my message of love. I do not have to say anything for love. […]

Diwali Puja: The Need for Sincerity Los Angeles (United States)

Diwali Puja. Los Angeles (USA), 9 November 2003.
Today is the great day of Diwali.
That means today is the great day of putting up (?) lights, lights of your heart together to make a greater light for the world to move in a proper direction. It’s a day of great joy, and those who join in this, are spreading also great joy. But the problems are there, as they say, but for us there is no problem because there is no darkness, […]

Guru Puja: A very big responsibility Campus, Cabella Ligure (Italy)

Guru Puja. Cabella Ligure (Italy), 13 July 2003.
Today’s Puja is a very great Puja for me, because I suddenly find that my granddaughter is missing, and I got upset with it very much. Look at me, supposed to be Adi Shakti, and why should I get so upset about my granddaughter missing. It was just a human nature which I realised all of us have.
If we have some responsibility and we are not there we get upset. […]

Guru Puja: Introspection, Love & Purity Campus, Cabella Ligure (Italy)

Guru Puja, “Introspection, love and purity” Cabella Ligure (Italy), 8 July 2001.

You don’t know how your Mother feels to see so many people who have become, really, gurus, themselves. They have been seeking the Truth in very difficult times. They have been wanting to know what is the Truth. And this difficult time, itself, has served to act upon your minds that, what is happening in this world, whatever we are seeing around us, in the whole world also, […]

Diwali Puja: Expression of Love Novi Ligure (Italy)

Diwali Puja, Novi Ligure, Italy, October 25th, 1998
I am overjoyed really today to see you all here to celebrate the Diwali Puja. We were to be in Portugal but it was not so – so we are here.
Diwali Puja is a very small puja but extremely significant. Firstly in Diwali, the first day they buy something for the family. You can – maybe some cooking utensil could be, an ornament for the wife or something like that. […]

Guru Puja: A Guru Should Be Humble And Wise Campus, Cabella Ligure (Italy)

Guru Puja. Cabella Ligure (Italy), 20 July 1997.
Today’s puja is very important for us. You all have got your self realisation, you have all the knowledge that is necessary to give realisation to others. You have to know what you have already, that’s very important, because if you do not try your hand and if you do not try to give realisation to others, firstly you will have no faith in yourself – you’ll have no self esteem also. […]

Diwali Puja: Lights of Pure Compassion Istanbul (Turkey)

Diwali Puja Talk. Istanbul (Turkey) – November 5, 1994.

[This talk was translated to Russian and Romanian as Shri Mataji spoke.]

Today we are going to celebrate the Diwali, which means the rows of lights or, you can say, group of lights.

We need somebody to translate into Turkish also. It’s all right.

This Diwali has been a festival of very ancient times in India. I already told in My previous lectures what are these five days are. […]

Shri Raja Rajeshwari Puja: The aspect of Adi Shakti at Nabhi chakra Hyderabad (India)

Shri Raja Rajeshwari Puja (Hindi). Hyderabad (India), 20 January 1994.

[Translation from Hindi to English]

Today we are going to perform the Puja of Shri Raja Rajeshwari. Especially in the south of India, the Devi is recognized in many forms. The reason is that here there were many Devi bhaktas (devotees of the Goddess), like Adi Shankaracharya, and they established the religion of Shakta Dharma. Shakta Dharma means the religion of Shakti (God’s power). Two kinds of religions started simultaneously. […]

Diwali Puja Timisoara, Sala Olimpia (Romania)

Diwali Puja. Temisoara (Romania), 25 October 1992.
So today we are celebrating the Diwali Puja.
I think you all can try to learn English which is a very simple language and would be better. I just want to say that you all can learn English language, it’s not difficult from my tapes. Of course the language of love is universal for it has no script, that’s the problem (Shri Mataji laughs) and no words, and no words. […]

Diwali Puja: Touch Your Depth Chioggia (Italy)

Diwali Puja. Chioggia, Venice (Italy), 21 October 1990.
It was such a surprise to see you all in that procession. Actually I was waiting and waiting, and I thought, “Why these people are not coming to call Me for Puja?” It was a beautiful surprise, it’s very joy giving. The joy was dancing in your eyes. I could see the lights in your eyes and this is the real Diwali.
Diwali word comes from two words: ‘dipa’ and ‘awali’. […]

Talk to Sahaja Yogis: Honesty Ganapatipule (India)

Talk yo yogis. Ganapatipule (India), 27 December 1988.
Rajesh Shah: So here today amongst us we are so fortunate that we have been nurtured in the love and the compassion of the Adi Shakti Herself and today we have in our midst on of the most eminent Indians that are there, one of the senior most persons in our country and we thank you very much Sir once again for being
with us and would request you, […]

Guru Puja: The State of Guru Grand Hotel Leysin (Leysin American Schools), Leysin (Switzerland)

Guru Puja, Leysin (Switzerland), 14 July 1984.

I bow to all the sahaja yogis of the world. It is very heartening to see so many of you assembled here to do the Guru Puja.

To worship your Guru in person is regarded as the highest blessing. But in My case it’s a very different combination that I am your Mother and your Guru.

So you can understand how Shri Ganesha worshipped his Mother. You all are created in the same image of Shri Ganesha who worshipped His Mother and then He became the Adi Guru, […]

Guru Purnima Seminar Part 1: Rutumbhara Pradnya Lodge Hill Centre, Pulborough (England)

Rutumbhara Pradnya part I, Guru Puja seminar, Lodge Hill (UK), 23 July 1983.

It is my immense joy to see all of you here from various parts of this world. When your heart is so full the words are too poor to carry the intensity. I wish you could understand that intensity, through your heart.

It’s all been arranged, I think, by the Divine, that we should meet here all of us in such a wonderful surrounding, […]

From Mooladhara to Void Guildhall Theatre, Derby (England)

Public Program, “Mooladhara, Swadishthan, Nabhi, Void”. Derby (UK), 10 July 1982.

I thank all the Sahaja Yogis from Derbyshire and Birmingham for giving Me this opportunity to talk to the seekers of this place. We have seekers in the modern times, is something very unique. We never had seekers before, at least not so many.

There used to be people who would seek money, as there are many who are seeking these days, who would seek countries after countries, […]

Seminar Day 1, Europe, the Liver, How to Love Domaine de Montrognon, Champagne-sur-Oise (France)

Talk to yogis. 4 Chemin de Montrognon, 95660 Champagne-sur-Oise, France, 20 June 1981.

Like this room has got the atmosphere which is clean, so when the sun rises the light shines very well inside. Spirit is unchangeable, cannot be in anyway made impure nor can it be destroyed. But the attention, if not clear, you may not see the Spirit at all. We can say the lampshade, we can say, is the liver which contains the space which is the attention. […]

Aim of Seeking Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne (Australia)

Public Program Aim of Seeking

It is really gratifying to come to Melbourne. I came here because somebody who had come to Sydney and said that “Mother, You must come to Melbourne. We need You.” When I came here for some other purpose, I felt vibrations of Melbourne are really very good and here it is quite possible that there may be many seekers.
It is really gratifying, as I said, to be here among you. […]

You are to become Prophets, Guru Nanak’s Birthday Puja Temple of All Faiths, Hampstead (England)

Guru Nanak’s Birthday Puja, “You are to become Prophets”. Hampstead Temple, London (UK), 23 November 1980.
Today is a special day of Guru Nanaka’s birthday. We have celebrated one Guru puja and, as you know that, Guru Nanak was also the incarnation of the Primordial Master. The same Spirit came on this Earth. And he’s the one who tried to re-establish the work of Mohammed.
Mohammed was the incarnation of the same Spirit – the Primordial Master. […]

The Mahalakshmi Power, Diwali Puja Temple of All Faiths, Hampstead (England)

“The Mahalakshmi Power,” Diwali Puja. Hampstead (London), 9 November 1980
…English, in the sense that we sat down together and translated Sanskrit puja into English and tried to make it more understandable by you people.
It’s the day of Mahalakshmi puja they say, not only of Lakshmi Puja. There’s a difference between the two.
Mahalakshmi is one of the powers of the three powers, main powers, of Adi Shakti. As you know: Mahalakshmi, Mahasaraswati, Mahakali. Now these powers have powers at a material level also, […]

Guru Puja: The Statutes of the Lord Temple of All Faiths, Hampstead (England)

“The statutes of the Lord”, Guru purnima, London (UK), 27 July 1980
Today you have arranged this worship of your guru, that is your Mother. Perhaps you are very unique people that have a guru who is a Mother. Why this puja is arranged? One has to know that it is very important for every disciple to worship the guru, but the guru has to be a real guru, not a one who is just exploiting the disciples and who is not authorised by God. […]