Sahasrara Puja: You Have All Become Mahayogis Now Fiuggi (Italy)

Sahasrara Puja. Fiuggi (Italy), 6 May 1990.

All these years I have been waiting for this day.

We have now, on the twenty-first Sahasrara, so is a very important turning point. As you know that every twenty-first day we change our calendars as far as the horoscope is concerned. And so now is a new change has to come and you can see the announcement (thunder clap and laughter). A new understanding and awareness of a very new dimension. […]

The need for self-realization Brisbane City Hall, Brisbane (Australia)

Public Program. City Hall, Brisbane (Australia), 5 May 1987.

I bow to all the seekers of truth.

Just now, Albert has very clearly described to you the mechanism that is within us which works out our self-realization. There is a mechanism, no doubt. When we are in this room we see so many lights and there is a mechanism behind this. But what we do is to just switch on and the lights are there. So the whole mechanism is already built within us through our evolutionary process. […]