Awakening of Kundalini just takes split of a second Vancouver, Robson Square Media Centre (Canada)

Public Program Day 2, Vancouver, Canada, 05-10-1983

[Sahaja Yogi gives an introduction of Shri Mataji]

I bow to all the seekers of Truth. I knew that in Vancouver there are many real seekers, seeking the Truth. But the time is so short and the world is so large. I have been traveling and traveling and am here only for tomorrow. Doesn’t matter, whatever may be the span of time, awakening of the Kundalini just takes a split of a second, […]

Questions and Answers About America New Delhi (India)

Questions and Answers About America, Delhi, India 1983-02-10

Yogi: We’ll be asking pretty much the same questions as we did the other day. We’ll need answers that are one or two minutes long.Shri Mataji: Two minutes only? That’s a large country like America.Yogi: If it’s too long then we can edit it. (Shri Mataji looks at the questions.)• What is the importance of self realization?• Why is it important to receive self realization?• What are vibrations?• What can the West learn from the Indians and Indians from the West? […]

Introduction to Mooladhara Chakra New Delhi (India)

Public Program, New Delhi (India), 5 February 1981.

Today I am going to speak in general, about Sahaja Yoga and Kundalini awakening. ‘Sahaja’ as you know means SAHA means with and JA – born with you. But perhaps people do not realize what Sahaja actually means. It is spontaneous, but what is spontaneous? Spontaneous is not that, supposing I am going in the car and suddenly I meet somebody. I say spontaneously I met that person. […]