Talk to Sahaja Yogis: What have I done for God? Sydney airport (Kingsford Smith), Sydney (Australia)

Talk in transit to Canberra, Sydney Airport. 11 February 1992.

We had this Ganesha Puja, and I really spoke very nicely on equilibrium. And the rain, expressed its equilibrium, but when they were singing, it was very quiet. And when it stopped for a short time suddenly it came with a complete gusto and sang some songs and went away again. Just for the aarti to start with. It’s very beautiful it was. So dramatic. Very interesting.So all preparations are done for the puja? […]

The International Situation (Location Unknown)

The International Situation 1989-0901

[A Talk given in response to a request from a Sahaja Yogi.  Location unknown.  Possibly UK]

The state of our planet, or Mother Earth, is very precarious.  On one side we see signs of great destruction at the hands of human beings and which are therefore our own creation.

The potent idea of destruction is at work within human beings, but it creates destructions on the outside.  This destructiveness is not necessarily deliberate, […]