We are all seeking Caxton Hall, London (England)

We are all seeking, public programme, Caxton Hall, London, 20 March 1978.
Gregoire has said so many things that I really don’t know what to say after that. Really dumbfounded. I know it’s a fact and you have to face it, though I’m bashful about it.
You were all seeking, and I think from the time I remember I haven’t met anyone who was not seeking. They may be seeking in money, in power. But so many of them were really seeking something beyond. […]

Description of Kundalini New Delhi (India)

Description of Kundalini. Delhi (India), 1976.

If any one of you wants to put any question and get some ideas clarified, Shri Mataji is prepared to reply.

Q :- Not audible

A:- Your attention has to be free at the time of your realization. When the Kundalini is awakened all your attention is extracted within and the Kundalini while rising takes it on its head, or on her head, and brings the attention outside the Sahasrara. […]