Mooladhara and Swadishthan Maccabean Hall, Sydney (Australia)

1981-03-25 Mooladhara and Swadishthana, Sydney, Australia

I bow to all the seekers of Truth.

The other day, I told you a little bit about the first centre, called as Mooladhara Chakra, and Kundalini, which is the residual consciousness in the triangular bone called as sacrum. As I told you that this is the pure desire power which has not yet been awakened and is not yet manifested within you, which resides here waiting for a moment to arise and to give you your second birth, […]

Swadishthana Chakra New Delhi (India)

Public Program, New Delhi (India), 6 February 1981.

[English from Hindi translation]

You have requested to speak in Hindi. The thing is that it was decided that in this place I will speak in English. The reason for this is that till now I have not spoken anywhere in English in India and the guests who have come so far have not been able to hear my speech. So told them that here I will talk in English and when in temples or I think the speeches that are going to be held in the Vidyapeeth of Delhi will be in Hindi language only. […]

Seminar Day 2, Attention and Joy Bordi (India)

Attention and joy, (2nd Day of 3 day shibir), Bordi (India), 27 January 1977.

…wobbling too much and how to fix the attention. Now the quality of attention changes according to the state of your evolution. For example, in an animal…

So where is the attention placed in the human being? It is not a fixed point. You can say, attention is the surface or the edge of awareness. Wherever we are made aware, the attention gets diverted to that point. […]