Kundalini: The Feminine Divine Power is within you Royal Albert Hall, London (England)

1994-0605 Public Program Royal Albert Hall, London UK – H.H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

Hello! [Taps mic]  Alright?

“I bow to all the seekers of truth”

At the very outset we have to know that truth is what it is. You cannot change it, you cannot describe it and you cannot say you know the truth. Unless and until you now it, it is not truth. It is a very big problem that people believe they know the truth, […]

Until you know about the chakras you cannot know yourself Christchurch (New Zealand)

Public Program, Christchurch (New Zealand), 26 February 1992.

I bow to all the seekers of truth.

At the very outset we have to know that truth is what it is. We cannot change it, we cannot transform it and we cannot know the absolute truth at this human awareness. So we have to become something subtler. As Christ has said you are to be born again. Doesn’t mean we can brand ourselves as born again but is a happening of becoming something else than what you are. […]

Talk to Russian and Ukrainian Sahaja Yogis Dacha in Rastorguyevo, Moscow (Russia)

Talk to Sahaja Yogis. Moscow (Russia), 20 August 1991
Galyna: [leader of Ukraine] [Offers a gift to Shri Mataji and says in Russian]. This sheep is an ancient ritual vessel with live water which symbolizes family.
Dr. Bohdan Shehovych: [leader of the USSR]. It’s a sheep, Shri Mataji, it’s a symbol which carried the living water, and this is the symbol of Kyiv.
Shri Mataji: You can put vibrated water…
Dr. Bohdan: And it is the head of a lion, […]

Going from Swaha to Swadha Brompton Square House, London (England)

“Going from Swaha to Swadha,” Shri Mataji’s residence, 48 Brompton Square, London (England), 3 March 1986.

This was the last thing I used in my lectures, in Delhi; that Shri Krishna has said that the human awareness goes downward and the roots of the human awareness are in the brain. And when human beings start going downward they move in the opposite direction of the Divine. That’s all He has said. He’s not said more than that.  […]

Makar Sankranti Puja: a little advice about the growth within yourself Rahuri (India)

Sankranti Puja (English and Marathi). Rahuri, Maharashtra, India, 14 January 1986.

Table of ContentsEnglish Transcript – First video [English translation from Marathi]

English Transcript – First video

Please be sited. Today is a sad day for you people, we’ll be now parting. I may not be able to meet you in Bombay. Maybe for a year this may not happen for some of you, and I would like to give you a little advice about the growth within yourself. […]

Two powers within Rome (Italy)

From 30:27sec Shri Mataji speaks

Shri Mataji:

 I bow to all the seekers of truth. As I said yesterday the seekers of truth are a special category of people in the evolutionary process of human beings. Those who are seeking reality see clearly that whatever we have known so far is not the reality, but whatever is unknown is not reality also. Human beings have been made especially with great care, delicately to ascent to the highest state of the spirit and there are many things which are kept away absolutely from their awareness just to keep them peaceful.  […]

Musical Night, Evening Program, Eve of Shri Ganesha Puja Rome (Italy)

Musical Saturday’s night before Ganesha puja, in Rome, Italy, 18/05/1985

Transcript incompleteMusic and bhajans.

31:55Shri Mataji: And now, we must really thank Guido for organizing so beautifully the whole thing and his wife who’s working very hard here, and all the Italian Sahaja Yogis.[Applause]And in Milano must thank also Gulio, the way he organized, it was a beautiful thing and other people like Ernesto, and Adriana, who took so much interest in organizing and specially I must say about our Bolivian friend who’s name is rather difficult, […]

Devi Puja, Republic Day Pune (India)

Republic day puja, Devi puja, India tour, Pune, India, 26/01/1985 (English/Marathi)

Table of ContentsEnglish Transcript – First video [English translation from Marathi]

English Transcript

Today we have arrived in a place which is regarded as he holiest of holy cities, in all the Shastras it is described as something very heavenly. So the people who are born here, must be people of great achievements and of great punyas. [Shri Mataji laughs]And to add to all the glory of this place, […]

Talk to Indian Medical Association Members Rotary Club of Solapur, Solapur (India)

Talk at Rotary Club

Announcer in English: Her Holiness Shrimati Nirmala Devi Ji, Vice President Rotarian Kanubai Patel, Maya Secretary Rotarian Tamboi, Organiser of Mataji’s programme in Sholapur, dignitaries in the dais and auditorium, distinct officers, president and secretaries of service organisations, visiting Rotarians, Lions, Rotractors, Leos, Lion ladies, members of the press, disciples of Mataji’s, ladies and gentlemen. I am proudly pleased to welcome you all at this open meeting, identifying with the community service. […]

The concept of true love in Sahaja Yoga and Workshop Nirmala Palace - Nightingale Lane Ashram, London (England)

Workshop with new people. Nirmala Palace – Nightingale Lane Ashram, London (United Kingdom) 1982-08-18

One thing is that TM people ask too many questions and they take time. So just don’t ask so many questions, just establish your Realization, alright? Put some TM with him, that’s better. [Towards some Yogi] Will you look after him? Alright. Come along, you come this side, he’ll look after you, the deputy director. [Laugh].
How is he now? Just try. […]

Advice on Right Side Brighton Pavilion, Brighton (England)

Public Program Day 2. Brighton (UK), 14 May 1982.

Shri Mataji: Oh, I would suggest that first let them ask questions today. So I keep myself there…If you have any questions, it’s better to ask me first. So that your mind is at rest. I’m glad to stand…better to see people better. Am I better here or on the ground?

Now, first of all it’s better to ask the questions because yesterday when we started this question session people got little deviated. […]

Conversation in Shri Mataji’s house Brompton Square House, London (England)

Shri Mataji’s house in Brompton Square, London (UK), 1981
Shri Mataji: I think these people might have taken it….Ask them
Yogi: I have asked them Mother, I just asked them…..And he say No…I cant physically get hold of them searching it
Shri Mataji:….must be somewhere
Yogi: ..You said you saw it in the morning in the..Y1: Yes in the Mother’s room…Y2: Grazyna was tidying up…she could have put it in Plastic bag also
Shri Mataji: if its in My room.. […]

Krishna, Christ Heartwood Community Center, Santa Cruz (United States)

Public Program Day 2 (evening). Santa Cruz (USA), 18 October 1981.

I am very happy to see that so many of you did feel the realization and you felt the Spirit. And that’s why today I am going to tell you about the Spirit as well as about the two other chakras which we have left out.

The center that is called as Vishuddhi Chakra is placed at a point where your neck joins the thoracic body. […]

The Mystery of God Caxton Hall, London (England)

“The Mystery of God”, Caxton Hall, London (UK), 8 June 1981.
Yesterday you all enjoyed the music and I was very happy, at your enjoyment. Music plays a very dynamic role in human life, one has to understand that. One of the mysteries I was describing to you, last time, also, created by naad, they call it ‘naad’, you can say the logos or the first sound, the Om, the Brahma. The sound, first time, the sound that was created, […]

Nirmala Vidya Rahuri (India)

Nirmala Vidya (excerpt), Rahuri (India), 31 December 1980.

It is the special power by which we do All Divine work, even forgiving. When you say, “Mother, forgive us “, the technique by which I forgive you is Nirmala Vidya. The technique by which I love you is also Nirmala Vidya. The technique by which all the Mantras are manifesting themselves and are effective is also Nirmala Vidya. ‘Nirmala’ means ‘pure’, ‘Vidya’ means ‘knowledge’. Nirmala Vidya is purest knowledge or the knowledge of this technique. […]

Puja: 19 Mantras of Sahasrara (India)

Puja 1980-0126

Today I’m going to tell you what are the mantras of Sahasrara, which are very important. You start it from the back, put your right hand towards me, put your left at the back. In the centre here, or you can say that, where there’s a little getting [?] point, on that point. That is Mahaganesha.

[Shri Mataji explains which names are to be chanted and all the yogis repeat them)

– Shri Mahaganesha


Mooladhara New Delhi (India)

Public program, Mooladhara (English & Hindi). Delhi, India. 12 March 1979.

In the morning, I was telling you that your attention which is towards Me, if I say that you take it inside you, that you cannot take.

(I want to ask whether I should speak in Hindi or in English.

Sahaja Yogis: Hindi.

Shri Mataji: All of you understand English or Hindi?

Sahaja Yogi: Hindi. Any language you can speak easily.

Shri Mataji: So, I can speak in all the languages. […]

The Three Channels Caxton Hall, London (England)

“The three channels”, public programme, Caxton Hall, London (UK), 23 October 1978.

No doubt, everyone will have to go through this process, but how many really want to be themselves?

There are certain people who say, “We are seeking.” When I ask them, “What are you seeking?” they say, “We are seeking joy, peace, happiness…” Some of them are worried if they are worthy of it or not, whether they should really know their Self or not. […]

Letter London (England)


The environment plays a big role in the reaction of a person. The sensitivity of the chakras becomes dull after the first few shocks to them. Then a human being starts living with all the shocking habits very easily. He exists, but in a very superficial manner and does not want to go down into his depth as he cannot face the shocks that are stored within. He tries to forget them as that helps him to exist. […]