You have to take to it little seriously, Workshop Brighton (England)

1984-07-24 You have to take to it little seriously, Brighton, England, DP-RAW

I don’t know how she {unclear}, I said alright, we just pray and give her a bandhan. Now the prayers work. Because when they go home, they find the mother is in a different mood, father in a different mood in a very loving manner. You can change people and we are surprised (of) how they start liking you, they are quite amazed. You are so much {unclear: eased} You give-up your habits completely because your own master. […]

Knowledge of the Roots, Talk to Students University of Sussex, Falmer (England)

Public Program, University of Sussex, Falmer near Brighton, United Kingdom, 1983-0525

Public Program, University of Sussex, Falmer near Brighton, United Kingdom, 1983-0525

I was really very happy to learn that Sussex University Sahaja Yoga centre has been very kind to invite me to speak to them. It’s such a pleasure to talk to the students because they are the ones who have always been, in any country, been responsible for any new step, whether it was political, […]

Why we were made human beings? The Friends Meeting House in Bristol, Bristol (England)

1982-10-20 Bristol Public Program Part 1, The Friends Meeting House in Bristol, Bristol (UK), 20 October 1982

Why not come in front? It’s better.

Today again, I’m back. Here in Bristol, we had other programs also before. I feel people are not yet aware as to why they are on this earth and why there are so many problems with them, why this world is on the brink of destruction and what is their role as human beings to save it. […]

It is Eternal Life Hampstead (England)

It is Eternal Life, Public Programme, Hampstead Town Hall, Hampstead, London (UK)

It is such a pleasure, again, to come to Hampstead and to the town hall of Hampstead. Hampstead has a special place in the play of the Divine. Perhaps the people living in Hampstead do no know the significance of this place. But we know there have been great poets who have been created out of the beautiful atmosphere of this area and one of them was William Blake who has said a lot about the future ascent of man. […]

What we should expect from Self-realisation? Caxton Hall, London (England)

“What We Should Expect From Self-realisation”, Public Program, Caxton Hall, 13 September 1982

Gavin Brown: Mother, with your permission, I’d like to say one small message from the Sahaja Yogis. We have been very excited to hear today news that your brother has been appointed to the position of Minister of information for India. It’s such a great blessing for that country to have a man of such dharmic nature in that position of importance. I’d like to express our joy with this news. […]

You are the Spirit Hampstead Town Hall Centre, Hampstead (England)

Public Program. Hampstead Town Hall, London (UK), 28 November 1981.

It is such a pleasure today – and great fortune that here, where William Blake lived, and He sang those songs of the greatness of this country, the future that it has to be, the dreams He saw, have now come to shape, that we are here to celebrate His anniversary. Things go beyond words and you cannot express yourself. Many people do not understand Him because He wrote it, […]