THOR (The Online Randomizer)

Dear Yuva Shaktis and Software Enthusiasts,

We love to introduce to you yet another Software Tool called as “THOR” (“THe Online Randomizer“).

    As you already know, The Master of the Pingala Nadi (the Right Channel) is verily Shri Hanumana, also known in Christianity as the Archangel Gabriel, in the Greek Mythology as Shri Hermes, in the Roman Mythology as Shri Mercurius, in the Scandinavian Mythology as Shri Thor and in the Gypsy Mythology as Shri Răzvan, “The Bringer of Good News“.

    “THOR” introduces a new approach to choosing Shri Mataji’s talks. Instead of manually and mentally choosing from a certain category, we let the atmospheric noise randomly choose them. The Web-Site comes into help in this respect. We use it in order to randomly choose a date from the period of time that begins with the first Brahmarandra Chaitanya (the fifth of May 1970) and that ends with Shri Mataji’s Shri Mahasamadhi Day (the twenty-third of February 2011).

    Of course, we do not have data yet for every single day within this period of time that contains a total of 14,905 days. We may imagine that, in time, the technology shall provide the physical means to store a single cloud of data – that could be called as “The Orange Catholic Bible” – and that could contain as much information about Shri Mataji that we are able to find as possible. For the moment being, we are simply pinching the Web-Site at the randomly chosen date and look to see if we have stored some information there.

    Instead of manually performing this task, we have asked the help of the Electronic Computer in order to automate this process. “THOR” runs on the “Microsoft Windows” Operating System and it uses the set of Software Utilities known as “Cygwin” that you may download and install from the Uniform Resource Locator. Also, “THOR” needs the “wget” and the “curl” Software Auxiliaries that have to be manually chosen during a second installation step that follows the main installation process.


    “THOR” mainly consists of a single Source Code File that is downloadable from the Uniform Resource Locator. It is written in the “Bourne-Again” UNIX Shell Scripting Programming Language, shortly known as “bash“. This Programming Language was surely in use during the period of time when our Uncle into Spirit FRY Douglas was taping Shri Mataji’s audio recordings, yet – as usual – the technology is running ahead of the human capability of using it. Who knows what we shall use in the future?

    During a normal execution, “THOR” outputs the following lines of information:


        The script has run for 0 hours, 0 minutes, and 16 seconds.

        It has tested 3 addresses.

        The found address is:


        Press any key to continue…


    In this case, “THOR” has tested three addresses that had no data about Shri Mataji and then it has finally found the Web-Page. “THOR” has started then the “Mozilla Firefox” Internet Browser (that is supposed to be already installed on the machine) at this Uniform Resource Locator, presenting a “Radio Interview” from Vancouver, Canada that is currently present at this date. Shri Mataji might have a message for “THOR“‘s user that might be hidden there, in a category that otherwise could have been overlooked and regarded as unimportant.


    “THOR” is still under development. The “Eclipse PHP Neon.2” Integrated Development Environment with the “Dynamic Languages Toolkit” Plugin is used for its maintenance. With your feed-back, “THOR” might get its very first version, “0.1“, very soon.


    Happy randomizing!