Guru Purnima Puja: What is our duty? Campus, Cabella Ligure (Italy)

Guru Purnima Puja, Cabella Ligure (Italy), 24 July 2002.

It’s very interesting the way you found out, today is the real Guru Purnima.The Purnima is the day when the moon is full. I knew this, but for Sahaja Yogis we have to arrange Saturday, Sunday, Monday – Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Whenever it is, wether it is on the date or not, we have to arrange it. So in that case, this time it was a day, […]

Talk to Sahaja Yogis Athens (Greece)

Talk to Sahaja Yogis, Athens, Greece, April 25th, 1993

Sahaja Yogi: We are working very hard there, all of them are working very hard for your coming here, Mother.
Shri Mataji: Very sweet of you.
Sahaja Yogi: With a lot of love.
Shri Mataji: Very sweet of you really. Because there are so many seekers in Greece, I was sure about it. You have to tap the real people. And all these false Gurus did not come here, […]

Medical Conference New Delhi (India)

1993-0325 Medical Conference, New Delhi, India

Host announcer: I am sure friends that you must be wondering that we all doctors have been talking and the doctor of doctors who is sitting amidst us has been sitting quite listening to us, we have learned that her being here and we have taken the liberty of speaking before her.

[Talk starts here] 00:23

Here we have many doctors who are Sahaja Yogis and also abroad. The common point is that quality I have found, […]

Shri Vishnumaya Puja: Stop Feeling Guilty Shawnee on Delaware (United States)

Shri Vishnumaya puja. Shawnee, Pennsylvania (USA), 20 September 1992.

Today, we have decided to have a Vishnumaya Puja. In this context, one has to know who is this Vishnumaya and what is Her – you can call it mythological [Shri Mataji laughs gently] – but a historical relationship. I have told you that America is the country of Shri Krishna and He’s Kubera, as well as He’s Yama. Because He’s Kubera, people have got their affluence, […]

Meaning of Sahaja Yoga Kolkata (India)


1992-02-05 KOLKATA INDIA

[English translation from Hindi 37min].

Shri Mataji (in Hindi): As described yesterday, that what is Truth is also dharma. It remains still (absolute) in its place.  We are not able to imagine it. We are not able to give any simile to it. Nor can we change it. And the thing is, in this human awareness, we are not able to know that Truth.   […]

Yoga Yukti Girls Guide Hall, Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)

Public Program Day 2, Kuala Lumpur, 1990-11-02

I bow to all the seekers of truth. As I told you yesterday, that the truth is that you are the spirit and the second truth is that when you become the spirit you can feel the all pervading power of God’s love. Yesterday so many of you have felt and now we have to know that unless and until we are connected to that power which is “Yoga”, […]

The truth cannot be known at human awareness Fêtes de Thônex, Thônex (Switzerland)

Public Program Day 1, Switzerland, September 18, 1990

I bow to all the seekers of truth.

At the very outset, we have to understand that truth is what it is.We cannot organise it.We cannot regulate it and we cannot conceal it.Also, we have to realise that truth cannot be known at human awareness.Truth has no pretensions and no drama.Whatever I am going to talk to you today, you have to listen to it with a scientific mind, […]

Collective Benevolence New York City (United States)

Public Program. New York (USA), 7 June 1990. (Q&A transcript missing)

I bow to all the seekers of Truth. At the very outset, I have to say that Truth is what it is. And we cannot change it, we cannot purchase it, we cannot transform it; also, we cannot know it only at a human level. You have to be something more to know the Truth, and the Truth is that: we are not this body, […]

What Is All Pervading Power? Porchester Hall, London (England)

Public Program

[note – transcript copied from 1989-0814 Saffron Walden (England)]

I bow to all the seekers of truth. Just now you were listening to a folk song which was written by a great saint called Nama Deva about 1200 century. This great poet has written in this poem about asking the mother for the yoga, is the union with the divine power. In many ways he has promised that he will give up all the bad relationships he has had with greed, […]

Shri Hanumana Puja: You Are All Angels Butlins Grand Hotel, Margate (England)

Shri Hanumana Puja. Margate (UK), 23 April 1989.

It is such a joy today, and the whole atmosphere seems to be bubbling with it, as if the angels are singing.  And the speciality of Hanumana was that He was an angel. Angels are born like angels.  They are angels, and they are not human beings.  They’re born with the angelic qualities. But now, you all have become angels from the human beings. It’s a very great achievement of Sahaja Yoga. […]

Interview Adelaide (Australia)

Interview Australia, 18 May 1987.

Journalist: [Inaudible]
Shri Mataji: You see, because I try to know so much about religions.
Journalist: Yes.
Shri Mataji: Because I’m dealing with all kind of religious people
Journalist: With- yes.
Shri Mataji: And then you see, within ourselves, it’s – there is a religion, human religion.
Journalist: Right.
Shri Mataji: That is actually our valency, it’s our valency.
Journalist: Our well being?
Shri Mataji: Valency is a thing- the carbon has four valencies, […]

Birthday Felicitations and Concert Mumbai (India)


I feel so proud
to hear the great musician playing here on the adivadya such
beautiful ragas and melodies to enthral us with spiritual ascent. It
proves that this is the adivadya we can say primordial instrument
because it emitted the maximum number of vibrations. I wish other
people also learn this great instrument. This integration between
different styles of music in India must take place and I am so very
happy he has so much knowledge of north Indian music as well and that
all north Indian musicians who were sitting have appreciated this
great music and have realized that such lot of wealth is lying in our
country which is to be mutually appreciated and understood. […]

Two powers within Rome (Italy)

Public Program Day 2. Rome (Italy), 21 May 1985.

The main thing is to get your Realization. No one can guarantee it. As it is a living process so it has to work out. And that you should get that Realization is the main point. To get the Realization I would say if some people want to come on the stage can come also. If there are people sitting on the ground are in difficulties can come on the stage. […]

What is the criteria that we are realized souls? The Community Church of New York, New York City (United States)

Public Program Day 3

If Rama came to be the greatest example of kingship, of fatherhood and who gave society a tremendous base upon which to establish the quality of dharma and family life, then there had to be a power to sustain. That power was none other than Radha, than Sita. If Lord Krishna came to do the job of establishing within us the potential consciousness that we have to become the witness to the [drama] of life, […]

Awakening of Kundalini just takes split of a second Vancouver, Robson Square Media Centre (Canada)

Public Program Day 2, Vancouver, Canada, 05-10-1983

[Sahaja Yogi gives an introduction of Shri Mataji]

Shri Mataji:I bow to all the seekers of truth. I knew that in Vancouver there are many real seekers, seeking the truth but the time is so short and the world is so large. I have been travelling and travelling and am here only for tomorrow. Doesn’t matter, whatever may be the span of time, awakening of Kundalini just takes split of a second, […]

Radio 74 Interview Geneva (Switzerland)

Excerpts of 1983-0824 Radio 74 Interview – 2

(09:55) Interviewer: I’m quite interested in the idea of reincarnation that I believe. It is not … and it is not in the Indian religions and what do You believe an think about that?

Shri Mataji: Reincarnations of human beings has to be there. We can understand it that, if you are born say – today as a Jew or you are born as a Christian or you are born as a Muslim, […]

The Knowledge of Self Within Kingston upon Thames, London (England)

Public Program, “The Knowledge of Self Within”. Kingston-on-Thames (UK), 11 June 1980.

Today we have gathered here to know something about ourselves. If the knowledge is from the books, or from some person who says that he knows about the self, how far will it reach us? It can only go up to mental level, and we can only understand it through our mental understanding. The mental understanding comes to us through our rationality, through our intellect, […]

The Meaning of Yoga London (England)

Lecture “The Meaning of Yoga”. Dollis Hill Ashram, London (UK), 11 November 1979.

From this wheat, a germ is born. That’s something that is born with you, that is innately built in you, which sprouts by itself in you, which manifests itself. Like you can see a seed sprouting into a tree, this is what is “sahaja”.

Now all other yogas which go along with it, are part and parcel of Sahaja Yoga. They cannot be separated from this to that. […]

Agnya Chakra and Lord Jesus Christ Philippa Pullar’s House, London (England)

Talk in Philippa Pullar’s House, Barnes Common, London (UK), 16 April 1979.

Asking questions? What is it? There are a lot of people here Mother that have not met you..Yes I know, let them come forward..if it is awkward or uncomfortable..also sometimes people make you stand on your is nothing of the kind…there is no circus…nothing of the kind…neither you should have a body of a particular type…not important….The main thing is you should be comfortable so that your attention does not go to things which are of just useless you should be absolutely comfortable..if you can take a chair..let them take a would be a very good idea. […]

The first three Chakras or How to approach Sahaja Yoga Caxton Hall, London (England)

Public Program (partially transcribed)

It gives us, our evolutionary ascent.
This central force, as I’ve shown you here,

is, first in a residue form,
kept in a triangular bone, and it’s called Kundalini.

The word, ‘Kundalini’, in the Sanskrit language,
is, ‘Kunda’ means, it means, is a, coil.
It means coil: Kundalini.

When it is a feminine of ‘Kundala’,
‘Kundala’ means: a coil,
Like the, as you can say, the ‘curl’ or a ‘coil’.

When the feminine is used, […]

Evolution Beyond organised Religion Caxton Hall, London (England)

Evolution Beyond organised Religion, public programme, Caxton Hall, London (UK), 13 November 1978.

…experience it is, [to just] and it starts mesmerizing you. And this is the greatest faltering point .You have to mature. And it is not like this, that, like a toothpaste, I say, “All right, [you’ve] got this toothpaste. Your teeth will be shining.” It’s not like that, because you have problems; you are complicated. You must know you are complicated. And the Kundalini though it catches, […]

Easter Seminar and unknown Public Program Finchley Ashram, London (England)

Easter seminar, Finchley Ashram, London (England), Sunday, March 26th, 1978

Today is Easter and all of you celebrate it. It’s rather surprising, you see, there are people giving it science and everything is [inaudible] that they should be in trust or they should believe in his resurrection. It’s absolutely unscientific but we accept it without asking “why?” and “how?”.
You all pursue Easters. But certain things, when they appear new to us, we start questioning and want to bring it to the science, […]

Workshop Finchley Ashram, London (England)

Workshop (partially transcribed)

All the, prostate gland and all these things are involved, the whole nervous system is ruined by this kind of overactivity. I mean, are you nothing but a sex-point? We must respect our personality. We are not only sex-point, I mean, even animals are not that, how can we only be a sex-point? But that doesn’t mean that you should become like those people – that you can’t look at women. Why can’t you? […]

Workshop and discourses Finchley Ashram, London (England)

“Workshop and discussions with Shri Mataji,” Finchley Ashram 3 November 1977

Tape 1

Tape 1

(43 mins)

Shri Mataji: See, the Sahaja is such a sweet thing that in the beginning it makes you touch that. You see, you get the vibrations alright. And in the beginning it doesn’t give you the feeling of heaviness so much as it would to these people (yogis). It doesn’t make you feel nervous. Because supposing the first day, only, […]