Pre-Christmas Talk Shudy Camps Park, Shudy Camps (England)

Christmas puja, Shudy Camp, England, 12/12/1986

(Probably the correct date is 1987.11.12 or 1988.11.12)

Christmas puja, Shudy Camp, England, 12/12/1986

(Probably the correct date is 1987.11.12 or 1988.11.12) 

Still there some room here, let’s spread something, back, alright?

All of you could come here, this side. Yes, that’s nice about meeting every one can sit together. Alright just move to this side a little bit. Alright? Get some forward, sit forward, some people can come there, […]

Makar Sankranti Puja: a little advice about the growth within yourself Rahuri (India)

Sankranti Puja (English and Marathi). Rahuri, Maharashtra, India, 14 January 1986.

Table of ContentsEnglish Transcript – First video [English translation from Marathi]

English Transcript – First video

Please be sited. Today is a sad day for you people, we’ll be now parting. I may not be able to meet you in Bombay. Maybe for a year this may not happen for some of you, and I would like to give you a little advice about the growth within yourself. […]

The Grace of the Mother Mulhouse (France)

Conversation with Sahaja Yogis, Mulhouse, France, 1er September 1983

Like the Father created the world, the Son showed how to resurrect, but the Mother then nourishes, actually, and makes you something, the owner of the whole thing. So, first the God almighty, the father, then the Spirit in the heart, and then now, the Kundalini.So, after you become one with the Spirit, you become the Spirit. And the powers that the Spirit had before start manifesting in you. […]

The Myth of Ego Hampstead Friends Meeting House, Hampstead (England)

Public Program, “The Myth of Ego”. Hampstead, London (UK), 20 November 1980.

I am told that already somebody has spoken about Me, perhaps Me or Sahaja Yoga as well and I’m sure you must have understood why we are here. Sahaja Yoga is an eternal process which is not. Today, it has started. It has been on, and on and on.Like, I started from My house, then I had to avoid some traffic, terrible traffic on Park Lane. […]

Shri Lalita Puja Paris (France)

Shri Lalita puja, the significance of puja, Paris, 20.04.1980

I have told you before also but again today I want to tell you the significance of puja. The significance is this, that when you do the puja you recognize Me. By your recognition and your surrendering the deities get happy. They’re overjoyed that you have recognized it. You are fully identified yourself that you are understanding Me in My full form, that you are coming closer to them. […]

Unidentified Talk after Evening Program, eve of Shri Ganesha Puja (India)

Unidentified Talk Eve of Ganesha Puja Maharashtra India.

[Gopa] saying please take me across this ocean of  illusion, this [pandurangara] is requesting Shri Krishna – Panduranga is Shri Krishna in Maharashtra is called as [unclear] Also there’s a big story about it but I’ll tell you later on. So he says he is requesting please take me across and this is what I wanted.. But the way he sang it  with such devotion, sincerity and honesty. It’s really just stirred up all the vibrations I know and you are feeling all that. […]