Concert & Inauguration of Vaitarna Music Academy Vaitarna (India)

Inauguration speech for the opening of the new Music Academy (transcr. only English part). Vaitarna (India), 1 January 2003.
I’m sorry I spoke in Hindi language, because to talk about My father in any other language is very difficult, though he was a master of English language and he used to read a lot. He had a big library of his own where I also learned English, because my medium of instruction was Marathi. I’d never studied Hindi or English. […]

Christmas Puja Ganapatipule (India)

Christmas Puja, Ganapatipule (India), 25 December 2002.
Merry Christmas to you all.
According to Sahaja Yoga, Christ is settled on your Agnya Chakra. His whole life is depicting the qualities of a person who is a realised soul. What He has suggested in His own life is that you should not have any greed or lust. The way these days people are greedy all over the world is really shocking. Right from the childhood, our children also learn to ask for this or ask for that; […]

Birthday Felicitations: Love Your Country New Delhi (India)

Birthday Felicitations (English part), Delhi (India), 22 March 2000.

Our honoured guest, our respected Home Affairs Ministry is here, Mr. Advani, who has been always a very great dezabhakt [patriot]. I admired him because he loved his country; he is very patriotic. And this is – [Big applause]

And as you know, My father and mother both were very patriotic. They sacrificed everything for the country, and I also was always condemned by everyone as being a very patriotic person. […]

Evening Program, Eve of Shri Hanumana Puja Pune (India)

Evening Program, Eve of Shri Hanumana Puja – Pune (India), Tuesday, March 30th 1999

is a great desire of My father being fulfilled, that he wanted to
start a music academy for all the foreigners especially. Because it
seems that our knowledge of classical music is very deep and is of a
global nature and so we got lots of students from all over the world
who are studying music. Most surprising was the way they picked up
our classical music. […]

Talk After Birthday’s Felicitations New Delhi (India)

Speech after Birthday’s Felicitations. New Delhi, India. 21 March 1999.


Felicitation, New Delhi

[Hindi Translation Missing]

[English Transcription]

I told in the Hindi
language that love you can see one persons love manifested in so many
eyes here and when I saw the enthusiasm so my hearts got filled with
love greater love. So one can see how powerful is this love. All
kinds of bad feelings, negative thinking and also self-destructive
elements can be corrected and controlled very simply in Sahaja yoga. […]

Talk to Sahaja Yogis Dubai (United Arab Emirates)

Talk to Sahaja Yogis, Dubai (United Arab Emirates), 1998-04-16

Shri Mataji: They wanted me to go there but something was going wrong all the time. So I just couldn’t manage.

Sahajayogi:(In Hindi).Shall we do arti.

Shri Mataji:(In Hindi.)Can do it afterwards.In the evening. Now I am going to be here with you all.

After seeing so many people you don’t know how overjoyed I am. Tremendous.

(In Hindi.) Have those things come?

Sahaja yogi: Yes. It has come. […]

Public Program Vancouver, St. Andrew's Wesley Church (Canada)

1997-06-20 Public Program, Vancouver, Canada

I bow to all the seekers of Absolute truth. At the very outset, you have to know that truth is truth. You cannot change it. You cannot transfer it and you cannot describe it. Truth is to be experienced as told by all the saints, all the incarnations. You can not purchase it. You can not pay for it. It’s a funny psychology when people say that we can’t believe you because you don’t take money. […]

Surabhi TV Report (India)

Surabhi, TV report on Sahaja Yoga 17-02-1994

Hindi: Anadil kaal se Maanam satya ki khoj mei parvato ki barfili chotiyo se lekar sadan vano mei kathin parishram karta raha , Bharat ki paawan bhumi satya saadhko ki yog bhumi rahi hai.

Unhone paya ki saare Bhrahmaan ko chalane wali aganit shaktiya ek para shakti ka ansh hia is parashakti ko unhone Adi Shakti ka naam dia. Adi Shakt Prabhu ke prem ki aseem shakti hai jise maanav apne jeeevan mei har pal mehsus karta hai. […]

Sitar and Qawwali Concert, Evening Program, Eve of Shri Ganesha Puja New Delhi (India)

1993-12-04 Sitar Concert – Debu Chaudhuri, New Delhi, India,

Shri Mataji: They are all Sahaja Yogis …You can see that Music is something like[unclear 00:54]. It transcends all barriers, all conditionings, all these egos…And you feel that oneness. In the way the people from all over the country on Cabella of all the caste community creed and religions, and you know how to appreciate it. Not only by the musicians but also by the audience…But the musicians appreciated the audience they say they have never seen such good accord & […]

Press Interview Pune (India)

1993-0310 Press Interview

Shri Mataji: See born with you is the right achieve is yoga. This is yoga is the union with the all-pervading, Divine love. So first you have to take it as a hypothesis. But keep your mind open. If it exists there is power. Which has come to us, this knowledge has come to us from ancient times [UNCLEAR], and it stays right from Markandeya, Adi Shankaracharya.

Shri Mataji: Then we had 13th-century Dnyaneshwara, […]

Mahashivaratri Puja New Delhi (India)

Mahashivaratri Puja (Hindi/English). Delhi (India), 9 February 1991.


Today’s lecture was quite big for all of you who are here, I’m happy that you could all come down for the Shiva Puja and now as they have requested in Europe, also we are going to have a Shiva Puja on the 17th I think in Rome.They have never had a Shiva Puja in the West. And that’s why I have decided that we’ll have two pujas, […]

Talk to Sahaja Yogis Bangkok (Thailand)

Conversation with Sahaja Yogis on three songs, Bangkok (Thailand), November 8th, 1990,

[Conversation with Sahaja Yogis in English when Shri Mataji receives gifts.]


[The Sahaja Yogis sing ‘Ganesh Stuti (Hem.ja Sutam Bhaje) ‘ Sanscrit 11]


[The Sahaja Yogis sing ‘Is. Liye (by Sanjay Talwar) ‘ Hindi 25]

[The Sahaja Yogis sing ‘Powada’. Marathi 16, reccorded as 15 before]

34:13It was written by one Miss Kulkarni who was going to Shivara. And she met my cousin. […]

Evening Program before Diwali Puja Venice (Italy)

1990-10-20 EP before Diwali Puja Venice Italy

Shri Mataji: See the self-confidence you see that I am a realized soul so what? 🙂[unclear due to sitar instrument in-between Mother’s speech]Then we say yoga as ‘jog’ that is When yoga becomes “jog” it is touchy…[unclear 05:28 ]the attention becomes the spirit.

Sahaja yogi (Artist ): And this was on the 30th of September I have a concert …It was the morning concert after the concert I changed and I was staying in Zukh Which is very close to Kha (a place ) So I was staying in Zukh with some friends …[39:25 unclear] when I played last, […]