Ambarnath A very famous religious place in the Himalayas (1998-0712), where a drop of water falls on a particular area and creates a Linga… plus… another drop falls on another side, and creates Shri Ganesha (1984-0902), and where a guru lived in his ashram – in those ancient times, these gurus never used to leave their ‘seat’, called as their ‘Takya’ (1998-0712) When so many people were going to Ambarnath, and so many people got killed, Pakistan said ‘see, they should not have gone to this Ambarnath… it’s a false place… what it’s proved is that it’s not a Holy place’… but when the Haaj thing took place, they had nothing to say… they did not know how to explain… the dying there of so many people. Now what is Mother Earth suggesting… that by going to these places, Holy places… they are really Holy places no doubt… that you are not doing any spiritual ascent… you are not achieving anything, by going to these places – which are really Holy… that cannot be challenged… they are Holy places (1997-0525) Tape References Date/Ref – Title – Qual – mins 1984-0902 Ganesha Puja talk, Switzerland [French translation] good 55 1997-0525 Respect the Mother Earth, Cabella good 1998-0712 To be obedient to the Guru, Cabella – end – 1 Jun 2003


Belgium Together with Holland represents the left Nabhi, with Belgium as the speedometer – should not be too fast, nor too slow, but in the centre (1986-0921.2); The responsibility of Belgians is the Peace, while that of Holland is Justice (1986-0921.2); Whilst it is understood that Sahaja Yogis have a universal nature, those of Belgium should be inculcating all the qualities of peace and justice within themselves. There has to be justice, but justice is not to be demanded. As soon as we start asking for justice, there is no peace. So we should not ask for justice – we should do justice, to ourselves and to others, and we should be peaceful to ourselves and to others (1986-0921.2); If the principle of these two countries starts working properly, they can bring peace to the whole world (1986-0921.2) In Belgium are found great painters, and much creativity (1986-0921.2), and Belgium has one speciality, of creating glass bangles for the Mother, thus providing a beautiful and delicate musical accompaniment to the movements of the Goddess (1986-0921.1); Belgians are simple and good people, neutral by nature (1986-0921.1) Tape References Date/Ref – Title – Qual – mins 1986-0921.1 Mahalakshmi/Jaladevata, Mechelen, Belgium not good 45 1986-0921.2 Role of Belgium and Holland, Mechelen good 65 – end – 20 Apr 2003


Himalayas Where is the Sahastrara, and where exists Sadashiva, at Kailasha (1983-0725); The Himalayas are regarded as the real abode of Sadashiva, and which is ‘on top’. But the Sahastrara part, which is the limbic area, should be near Nasik at Sapta Shringi, because we have got 3½ coils settled here, and as Sapta Shringi has come out of Mother Earth, this is the place where we can say resides the Sahastrara. Then the ‘on top’ are the Himalayas, and the Himalayas are beyond the Sahastrara (1985-0000.2) Tape References Date/Ref – Title – Qual – mins –1985-0000.2 Nasik talk – see 1985-0000.1 good 25 1983-0725 Guru Puja, Why in England, pt 4 – Lodge Hill good 50 – end – 28 May 2003


Jerusalem I was happy to learn that the great poet of this country, Blake… had prophesised about me… and it’s so beautifully done… that he said that England is going to be the Jerusalem… means that this is going to be the pilgrimage… the venue has shifted. He has said that the furnace will be burning in Surrey Heath, where I came first… and then he mentioned Lambeth Vale, where we have got our Ashram… where the foundations will be laid – we have laid the foundations – and that Jerusalem is going to be in England… not in India… and you are the people responsible for this Jerusalem (1980-1019); That which England, the Heart of the Universe, must become… where people will come to worship (1982-0710) Tape References Date/Ref – Title – Qual – mins –1982-0710 Mooladhara, Swadisthan, Nabhi & Void – se 1982-0701(Video) –1980-1019 Fighting Asuras, Durga Temple, Hampstead, see 1982-0514 good 15 1980-1019.3 Spreading Sahaja Yoga in Europe 1982-0710 Derby PP [PP video set 4/3,4] good 55 – end – 28 May 2003


Nasik A place in Maharashtra in India, which is one of the most ancient of places (1986-1223), and is the meeting place of various Holy things that have happened during different periods; Is situated near a river (1983-0118), the Godawari River (1985-0000.2); The place where many Saints came and did tapas – Nasik area is the Tapoguni, the land of tapas, of tapasyas… is a very auspicious land (1985-0000.2) The place where Shri Sita lived for so many years, and also Shri Rama and Shri Lakshmana, and where is one of the 12 Jyoti Lingas. Also near Nasik (1983-0118), on the way to Dhulia (1985-0000.2), is the Saptashringi, an ancient shrine that emits vibrations for miles around (1983-0118) The place where the sister of Ravana (1986-1223), Shuparnaka (1985-0000.2), came to entice first Shri Rama, and then Lakshmana. Shri Lakshmana got very angry because his chastity was being challenged… and he cut her nose (of whose beauty she was very proud), in order to destroy the ‘ego’ of her beauty. The place was then called Nasik, which comes from Nasika, the Sanskrit word for ‘nose’ (1986-1223); The place where noses can be cut (1985-0000.2) Nasik is so vibrated, because Rama, Sita and Lakshmana were here, but it is also a place where lots of negativity has gathered – people in the name of God, priests, started their shops here… is one of the ‘shopping centres’ of the Gurus (1986-1223) Tape References Date/Ref – Title – Qual – mins –1986-1223 Nasik – Read More …


Russia In Russia, the scientists are very open hearted. At the time of Stalin they were all arrested, and whilst in confinement they developed the subtler side, and found out about the auras of human beings… that human beings have auras… and from auras you can diagnose their diseases. One scientist there came forward and said… I’ve seen your photo… and he said he’d proved it… you have to go to a physical vacuum state, which Jung has described as ‘thoughtless awareness’, for Reality to be understood. The scientists have said that they have seen the Cosmic Energy emitting out of my head; They call the All Pervading Power of Divine Love as the Cosmic Energy… they may call it by any name… and that it is this Divine Love of God which is the energy that runs this whole Universe (1998-0705) This country is already blessed… you have so many things here. Firstly this country has got such a lot of petrol, and if discoveries are made, there is much more. Secondly, you have got beautiful timber… and thirdly you’ve got a lot of tea, good tea. Also you have diamonds… so many things you have. Apart from that, you have so much of heart. Also gold you have. So all these things are in abundance in this country. Only thing is, you don’t have somebody who will manage… to get to you people – I am sure it will work out (1996-0716); In Russia… they make such beautiful Read More …


Stonehenge Now you all know that there’s something about Stonehenge… but what… these are the stones which have come out of Mother Earth… which are emitting vibrations… and the covering of that has been done later on… some people did not understand how these stones came out one after another… so they must have covered it up… but if they were Saints they would have said that… these stones have vibrations (1980-0721) The Druids at Stonehenge had their origin at that time… when Dattatreya was meditating on the banks of the River Thamas, or Thames… in this great country of Shiva, of the Spirit (1983-0725) Tape References Date/Ref – Title – Qual – mins 1980-0721 Auspiciousness – Caxton Hall good 1983-0725 Guru Puja, Why in England, pt 4 – Lodge Hill good 50 – end – 28 May 2003