Active Organs


Active Organs

Right sided people have a very overactive personality, and have overactive organs… whilst the left sided… may develop lots of diseases due to lethargic organs… (1983-0209)

Organs can be Active type, if we eat too much protein type of food – in which case we should take more of vegetarian foods (1983-0131); Supposing you are a right sided person, then what happens to you… you become overactive. Overactivity gives you fatigue… gives you all kinds of diseases… such a person is very speedy… he cannot sit in one place for two minutes, all the time jumping, and he creates problems for himself and his family. This is Rajoguna. The Rajoguni has an opinion of his own about everything… he goes on forcing it onto others. But if you see his own life, he is a complete misery… he cannot carry on with people… he cannot talk to people, and there is a very big gap between himself, his Spirit, and his being (1998-0712)

Right side diseases include: aggressive ego, hot tempered and obnoxious, overtalkativeness in old age, overactive hearts, palpitations, asthma, constipation, cirrhosis of the liver, unhealthy skin which is sallow, diabetes, leukaemia, kidney problems, high blood pressure, uterus troubles, barrenness in women, digestive troubles, paralysis caused by brain damage and overdevelopment of Mr ego (1983-0209); Heart Attack… can result from too much right side activity (1987-0500)

Right sided women are vulnerable to uterus troubles… they may become barren… they may not have children at all… especially women who are flirtatious type, and think they are very beautiful… and also if they are having a very active life… they can become completely barren (1983-0209)

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