Adi Shankaracharya


Adi Shankaracharya

Who was such a learned man (1979-0200.1), who wrote Viveka Chudamani, and Saundarya Lahari (in which every couplet is a mantra in Praise of the Mother) (1991-0002; 1982-1219), and who said that only through the Grace of the Mother, we can get Realisation (1983-0129), and the basis for whose writings is the Kundalini (1979-0530); In the 6th century Adi Shankara Charya has described it (1981-0511)

He is the one who has exposed the whole thing, in the 6th century… the knowledge was a secret knowledge before that… a guarded knowledge for very few. Then Kabira and Nanaka and all these people came up… the greatest work was done in Maharashtra by the nine Nathas… the Primordial Masters… and also from the Punjab… to find out what was the Kundalini (1979-0608.1)

Who has said… ‘it works out through the Grace of the Mother’… and who wrote ‘the Praise of the Mother, that’s all’… he said ‘nothing more is needed’ (1979-0200.1); Who calls the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost as Chaitanya Lahari, or Saundarya Lahari, or Ananda Lahari. Who also says ‘Saleelum Saleelum’, meaning that a cool breeze starts flowing (1979-1203); Who with Kabira was one of the Incarnations of the Disciple Principle (1979-0530)

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