Need not be said aloud, when someone is being given Realisation… can be said in the heart (1983-0127); Firstly remove the shoes (you can keep the socks on), and place feet separately, because they are two different powers, onto Mother Earth… the reason is this Mother Earth has the power to help us a lot… and to suck in all our problems. Sit straight, in a relaxed and comfortable way (1982-1008; 1982-1007; 1984-0410)

Keep the L hand all the time on your lap… because the desire is constant… and then we will be going from one centre to another with the R hand on the left hand side only… to all the centres we’ll be tackling… just to help the ascent of the Kundalini… to flow slowly in the central path of our ascent (1984-0622; 1982-1008; 1982-1007)… and now close the eyes, because the attention will be attracted inside (1982-1008; 1982-1007) – if you keep your eyes open the Kundalini won’t rise above this centre (Agnya – Ed). This is absolutely the other way round… in hypnosis they hypnotise through your eyes… so keep your eyes shut and just be relaxed… and don’t worry about others (1982-1008; 1982-1007); Before closing your eyes… see that there’s nothing hanging on your neck… very heavy… or something tight here… or you can little bit loosen your knots would be better… because Kundalini has to rise (1982-1007); Also remove any spectacles, because this can help with the eyesight. In this way we will know how to all the time raise our own Kundalini (1987-1116); At the start you can say: “Mother it is my pure desire to be the Spirit” (1983-0127); Then at the chakras, starting at the heart, repeat the following, with left hand towards Shri Mataji, and the right hand on the left hand side, at each chakra… as follows:

Heart: Here resides your Spirit, so you have to ask the question, to me… in your heart… 3 times:

“Mother, am I the Spirit?”

Upper part of the abdomen or stomach: This is the centre of your mastery over this power of Love, or Divine Vibrations. Press it hard, and ask the question, in your heart, 3 times:

“Mother… if I am the Spirit… am I my own Master… am I my own guru?”

Lower part of the abdomen: This is the centre of Pure Knowledge, absolute and pure… which gets the knowledge about the roots and the knowledge how to work out this Divine Power… the laws that are Divine. Here I respect your freedom… I cannot force you to have the Pure Knowledge – you have to say that you want it. So here you have to humbly ask, 6 times:

“Mother, please give me the Shuddha Vidya, the Pure Knowledge”

Now the Kundalini starts rising… She knows that you want it. And now, to facilitate Her movement, we go back to the higher chakras.

Upper part of the abdomen or stomach: Press it and say with confidence, 10 times:

“Mother, I am my own Master” (1987-1116; 1984-0410); At Nabhi: ‘I am my own master, or I am my own Guru’ (1982-1008)

This will correct, if you have been dominated or misguided in your spirituality.

Heart: Here resides the Spirit. So here you say, 12 times: “Mother, I am the Spirit”

Have confidence in yourself. We have to know that the Divine is the Ocean of Love and Compassion, but above all it is the Ocean of Forgiveness, and we cannot commit any mistakes which the Divine cannot forgive. So please forgive yourself… fully… and move your hand to…

Corner of the neck and shoulder… from the front… on the left hand side. Put your hand and hold it tight: This centre catches when you feel guilty. What guilt can you commit which cannot be forgiven by the powers of God… he is the ocean of love… of compassion… of forgiveness… so now turn your head to the right, and in full confidence say, 16 times:

“Mother, I am not guilty at all”

Be pleasantly placed towards yourself, because you are about to enter the Kingdom of God. You have to love yourself, and respect yourself.

Forehead, across: Press both the sides. This is the centre of forgiveness… and this is the greatest blessing you have… that when you forgive others, nobody dare harm you. So here you say, from your heart… 7 times or 11 times… just say it honestly:

“Mother, I forgive everyone” (1987-1116; 1984-0410; 1982-1008)

You might say it is difficult – but it is a myth. Whether you forgive or do not forgive, you do not do anything. But if you do not forgive, then you play into wrong hands. Is not important how many times – press it on both the sides.

Back of the head: And move your head upwards. Here for your own satisfaction only, without feeling guilty, but in a very pleasant manner, say:

“Oh Divine, if I have made any mistakes, please forgive me”

Fontanelle bone area: Stretch your hand fully, pushing back your fingers, and put the centre of your palm on top of the Fontanelle bone area… which is called as Talu… and press it hard, and move it very slowly clockwise, the scalp 7 times. Bend the head a little. Mother cannot force the Self Realisation upon you – She respects your freedom… you have to ask for it. So please say… in a humble way… 7 times:

“Mother, please give me my Self Realisation”

Now take down the hand, and open your eyes slowly, and watch Shri Mataji (or the photo), without thinking. Now put right hand towards the Mother and slowly… put your left hand above the head… about 4 or 5 inches… now don’t think… that is the main point is… and see if you can feel any cool breeze – some people get it very high (1987-1116; 1984-0410)… first it will be a hot air coming in… doesn’t matter… but slowly you will find a cool breeze coming… it’s very subtle (1982-1008; 1984-0410); Now the left hand towards Shri Mataji, and right hand above the head, and see. Then put the right towards Shri Mataji and see…

Now raise both the hands towards the sky, and push back your head, and ask the question (any of the following) 3 times:

“Mother, is this the Cool Breeze of the Holy Ghost?”; “Mother, is this the Brahma Shakti?”

“Mother, is this the All Pervading Power of God’s Love?”

Now put both hands down, towards our Mother… when you feel in the hands a little cool breeze (1987-1116)

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– end – 6 May 2003