Agnya 1 Chakra



Agnya Chakra

The Agnya is the ‘gate’… the space between the ego and superego… and has 2 petals. The 2 petals govern a) the pineal body, which stores all the conditionings as superego, and b) the pituitary body, which creates the ego; The centre controlled by Christ, who is the Incarnation of Shri Ganesha, and is also known as Mahavishnu, whereby the two balloons of ego and superego (conditioning) get sucked in, creating the space for the Kundalini to pass. Agnya means ‘to order’, or also ‘obedience’; The Agnya chakra where, at the front we forgive everyone… and at the back… we ask for forgiveness… where we have to say… ‘if we have made any mistake… oh God forgive us’… these are the two sides of the Agnya chakra.

The Ego… the balloon at the upper end of the right side channel or Pingala Nadi, that gets bloated as a result of those things that make us feel happy, the balloon at the left temple, and round to the front of the head, that gets sucked in, and reduced when we forgive, and thereby creates a space for the Kundalini to pass; The ego covers the heart, and is to be surrendered; The biggest problem; The main problem; That is quite happy to hurt others, and allows you to do things which are inhuman, and can get inflated by any sort of achievement or recognition.

Ego can project in any direction: a) if forwards, it tries to overpower, or dominate others, b) if to the right side, it becomes Supraconscious, and starts seeing things which are absurd, foolish, stupid, c) if to the left side, it starts seeing yourself as a big man, a very great personality, as a big Christ… d) if backwards, that is the very dangerous one, when people become gurus, which are ruining others, though they have lots of defects in themselves, and they try to pull others into this horrible stuff – is called as absolutely Naraka.

The Superego which stores all the conditionings… the balloon at the upper end of our left side channel or Ida Nadi, at the right temple, and round to the back of the head, that gets bloated as a result of those things that make us unhappy. Conditionings… are those things, that without finding out the truth about them, you have just accepted them as they are… so if you can find out the truth about these things, you will give them up… you may; When it is conditioning, you are in doubts, with this kind of a fear… that ‘I shouldn’t do like this’… ‘I shouldn’t do like that’… ‘this is not allowed’… ‘that is not allowed’… that is the conditioning part of it, and can be of many types; We are conditioned by blind faith, and superstitions… by the different religions we are born into… by the Nationality we acquire when we are born; We have so many conditionings, and we have come here (India – Ed), to get out of them… first of all our comforts; Conditioning has to go… has to be reduced as much as possible; Conditionings kill joy, and must be cleaned out.

With conditionings you develop a superego, by which you can be a person who is very frightened, who takes aggression from others, who is very subdued, over subdued… you run away from your duties… you escape from things… lots of things are there if you are overdeveloped on the left side.

One thing is very important is the humility… you should be a humble person… not think that you are something special… or some sort of a self important person… once you think you are important, then you are not part and parcel of the whole… how can one part be so important… if you start thinking like that, anywhere in your journey of Sahaja Yoga, then I must say you are not in the Sahaja Vasta, the Sahaja State.

If we say ‘Not I… but the Divine that is doing it…’, or ‘I am not doing anything…’, then the ego does not come up, and we become humble; Those who are humble… who are kind… will attract more Sahaja Yogis… so it is important to change your temperament. If you try to show off, nobody is going to be impressed by you… if you think you are something very great, nobody is going to look at you. Be very humble, kind, generous… also very joyous. If you are really doing Sahaja Yoga, no sickness can come… no trouble can come… it is a fact… try to understand.

We have certain powers… and these powers increase, when we humble down. They do not increase with arrogance… with arrogance one can only become stupid… that’s the only end of arrogance. So with humility, one should know that now you belong to Sahaja Culture, and Sahaja Culture is that of humility… if you are not humble, then you have not yet achieved your Sahaja Yoga.

We should understand that how light pervades Sahaja Yoga so much… and you see the light everywhere… so the first element which is light you can say… and the subtlety of the light is radiance… for example a person who gets Realisation has a face which is very radiant… so radiance is the subtlety of light… and so this radiance starts showing on your face… starts expressing itself… and with that radiance, people get impressed. This radiance is to be understood… is the subtle of the light, of which we are made.

Light… is governed by Lord Jesus Christ… and is the highest of elements. Light has an effect… it shows the things that are correct… and makes us understand all the dimensions of worldly things… and ultimately when enlightened by the Spirit, then you start seeing other dimensions also, which sometimes make you laugh… or smile… or cry also; Is absolutely detached. Look after your light, otherwise it will extinguish. When it is established, others will see the light on your face. The light of love never burns, but dissolves all that is bad, turns away from what is wrong, has patience, and expels the darkness, within and without; The light of love is so soothing, so sweet, so beautiful, so enamouring, so abounding… of purity… of relationships, of understanding; If you are the light in the darkness, you have to be brilliant… and not dark… and you have to give light in the darkness… to the dark… and not take the dark upon yourself.