Agnya 3 Correcting



Correcting the Agnya Chakra

You can find out in a second whether you are on a conditioning side or not… if the left side is catching, then you are conditioned, and may suffer from pains etc. If the right side is catching, then you are on an ego trip, and may have health problems. Or you may be wobbly; If you use any one of these powers, superego and ego, too much… then the other one gets frozen.

Balance is needed for our ascent; First put the left hand towards the Mother, or towards the Photo, and the right hand towards Mother Earth, then put the left hand up, and the right hand towards the Mother; If you don’t have a balance, you’ll just get vibrations in one hand; If you feel vibrations equally in both hands, this means that you are in balance, that you are balanced; If there is a disparity, then adjust it by giving a bandhan.

We can steady the Agnya, by soothing the eyes – by looking at the green grass, or by looking at the ground (instead of always looking at every man or at every woman, which only leads to wobbly eyes).

By showing light to God… what we do is we worship light within us… the light element gets enlightened within us. The light element is here on the Agnya. When you do Aarti or when you put light before God… when you show light to God, the light element within you gets enlightened.

If someone is saying something about you, and it is not true, then what is there to feel bad about? If they are telling lies, there is nothing to be frightened of… if they are telling the truth, then you should be thankful – it may be something bad, but it is a good thing – if it is true, it is good for my ego, but if it is untrue, then what is so important? Then we don’t get upset, we are not bothered what others say… and others will see that dignity. What is new that is coming in, is to be nurtured – is the Joy… that dignified, majestic beauty within ourselves.

Christ has given us the greatest weapon… that we must forgive. It is such a practical thing, to forgive. If we just forgive… then that person doesn’t exist anymore… the person doesn’t trouble us anymore… nor is he in our attention. Just to forgive is the simplest

Correcting the Agnya Chakra thing to do, and the highest thing to do, to get relief from the worldly or mental tortures that we get; Forgive everyone… even if they have harmed you… just forgive them… because by remembering that, you are miserable for nothing at all; At the Agnya chakra, where we forgive everyone… and at the back… where we have to say… ‘if we have made any mistake… oh God forgive us’… these are the two sides of the Agnya chakra.

You all the time try to forgive others… that’s the best way to work it out… but no, we try to forgive ourselves all the time, and not to forgive others – everything we do the other way round. We don’t forgive others, we forgive ourselves… this is the worst thing that we can do; Do not forgive yourselves… forgive others… then you will become gurus.

If you see somebody who you don’t like, or who has been harsh to you, or cruel to you… you get annoyed… disturbed – at that time… say ‘I forgive’… you have to say ‘I forgive’ if there is disturbance.

As soon as you forgive, the responsibility from you shifts, and the Kundalini rises.

When we forgive, we do not imbibe within ourselves, the very thing (e.g. cruelty etc.), which required that forgiveness… and then also, we do not suffer – when we forgive; First thing is very important… is forgiveness… how this forgiveness comes in, is by forgetting the past. If there is forgiveness… you’ll be surprised… you’ll feel very relieved… and your married life will be very happy.

The best way to be with your Spirit, is to forgive… because then your thoughts will go away… and the less you think, the faster you move with your Realisation… do not argue it out, or think it out, but just try to become… you have to become; If you see any thoughts coming in you should say ‘I forgive’… is a very big mantra… and the thoughts will stop.

A Sahaja Yogi is to be known by his character… by his righteousness… by his behaviour… the behaviour of a Sahaja Yogi should be extremely peaceful… Sahaja Yogis who are just rushing up and down… upset… are not Sahaja Yogis.

Correcting the Agnya Chakra

Watch me continuously, without blinking… without any pressure on the eyes… attention on Sahastrara… you can do it… without blinking. This is… physical… we have worked out our attention… and on our Agnya.

Now if you have left Agnya… that means there is a possession on it… somehow; What is the mantra for this… for back Agnya… is Mahaganesha… Mahabhairava… correct.

If there is a possession, then this can be corrected by sitting in the Sun – bhoots do not like the Sun, and will run away.

If there is ego problem it is better to sit in the moonlight, but if there is a problem of crying, better not to look at Moon, but better to see the Sun.

People who are possessed get exposed in Shri Mataji’s Presence, because there is light, and in the light negativity gets exposed. That is the danger… that going in the light you get exposed. Some people who are otherwise normal in Sahaja Yoga also… but once they come before Shri Mataji, they just stand, and something goes wrong with them – because there is lot of negativity within them.

The Superego… gets sucked in and reduces, when the Agnya chakra is awakened, and we ask for forgiveness, without feeling guilty… and can be resolved by taking responsibility.

If left Agnya is catching… put your hand on your heart… just assert… ‘Mother I am the Spirit’.

The mantra for the superego is ‘Hum’.

Light is used to correct a left sided person – but for people who are right sided, the light is not going to help much… like if you put the light before the photo, for those who are ego oriented it is not going to work out; Right sided people should not use any light at all… they should not sit in the Sun… they should sit in the moonlight.

If they have a problem with the Agnya, they should use a candle at the back… if their eyesight is getting weak, or is short-sighted; Behind… he has to be given light… his back Agnya is not alright… tell them to… give light on his back Agnya; Even the Kundalini should be raised with the light… try to use the light or the lamp of the ghee.

Correcting the Agnya Chakra

If we can see our ego working, then we can get rid of it – not to fight the ego, but to surrender it – is the only way to get rid of it; Make your ego be challenged… not to get into temper… try that your ego doesn’t react… that can be achieved very easily if you try… in the mirror, look at yourself, and laugh at yourself… make fun of yourself.

If you have right side problems, then you have to say ‘I forgive’… the mantra is ‘I forgive everyone’; Can be resolved by rejecting the feeling of being ‘in charge’.

‘Pulling one’s ears’, and asking for forgiveness, can help to reduce the ego.

The mantra for ego is ‘Kshum’, or the Mahatahankara mantra.

If we say ‘Not I… but the Divine that is doing it…’, or ‘I am not doing anything…’, then the ego does not come up… and we become humble.

If we have ego, we should raise the left side, and put it to the right side… there’s no other way out… you have to work it out with your hands.

Lord’s Prayer… works to reduce or stop our thoughts, when said as a mantra. Is the Mantra for the Agnya chakra, the sixth chakra. The mantra of the 6th chakra is our Lord’s Prayer, but the Bija mantra is Hum Kshum.

Also ‘I forgive’ has the same effect, as does the Nirvichara Mantra, or the Mahatahankara Mantra.

To stop your thoughts, first say Ganesha Mantra, then the Lord’s Prayer, or “I forgive”, or Nirvichara mantra (3 times), followed by Mahatahankara mantra (3 times), and then raise the left side 7 times to get balance – each as necessary until thoughtlessness is achieved.

This right and left side movement has to finish… you have to be in the centre, and to come in the centre the best thing is to meditate… about 10 minutes in the night and about 5 minutes in the morning. Some people do not meditate… then they cannot grow. The way you can grow is only through meditation and understanding.