Agnya 5 Summary



Agnya Chakra – Summary

Chakra: Agnya

Deity: Christ, Mahavishnu, Buddha, Mahavira

Physical: Pineal (Superego), Pituitary (Ego), Optic Chiasma Functions: Ego, Superego, Conditionings, Happiness, Unhappiness Qualities: Forgiveness, Thoughtless Awareness, Morality,

Humility, Innocence

Catch: L. Conditionings, Slave of Comforts, Subdued, Fears, Dangers, Worries

R. Domination, Hurt others, Ambition, Aggression, Heartless, Inflated by Achievements or Recognition

Diseases: L. Possession (Subconscious), Cancer, Epilepsy, Madness, Depression

R. Possession (Supraconscious)

Treatments: Look at Green Grass or Ground, Meditate,

L. Bandhan, Burn Name, Light, Ghee Lamp, Sunlight, Candle, Take Responsibility, Ask Forgiveness, Raise the Right Side

R. Shoebeat, Forgive, Moonlight, Laugh at Yourself, Pulling Ears & Asking Forgiveness, Raise the Left Side

Affirmations: L. Oh Divine, if I have made any mistakes, please forgive me.

Mother I am the Spirit

R. Mother, I forgive everyone

Mantras: Lord’s Prayer, Nirvichara,

L. Mahaganesha, Mahabhairava, Mahavira, Hum, Ask Forgiveness

R. Buddha, Mahatahankara, Kshum, I Forgive, Not I… Not I

Petals: Two

Elements: Light, Radiance

Position: Optic Chiasma, Ring Finger

Symbol: Cross