The Agnya has 2 petals (1984-0718); The 2 petals govern a) the pineal body, which stores all the conditionings as superego, and b) the pituitary body, which creates the ego (MME); Is the ‘gate’, the space between the ego and superego (1981-0330)

Where the two chiasma cross… and at that point, the Deity is our Lord Jesus Christ… he is in the centre itself of this Agnya… outside he is represented… in front… in the centre… as Kartikeya… and at the back is represented as Shri Ganesha… and he has eleven destroying powers… the Ekadesha Rudra (1979-0722; 1981-0904)

The centre controlled by Christ (1990-0811.2), who is the Incarnation of Shri Ganesha, and is also known as Mahavishnu (1983-0129), whereby the two balloons of ego and superego (conditioning) get sucked in, creating the space for the Kundalini to pass. At the front we forgive, and at the back we ask for forgiveness (1989-0801); Agnya means ‘to order’, or also ‘obedience’ (1978-1218); The Agnya chakra where we forgive everyone… and at the back… where we have to say… ‘if we have made any mistake… oh God forgive us’… these are the two sides of the Agnya chakra (1979-0722)

Now if you have left Agnya… that means there is a possession on it… somehow; What is the mantra for this… for back Agnya… is Mahaganesha… Mahabhairava… correct (1981-0904); Behind… has to be given light… his back Agnya is not alright… tell them to… give light on his back Agnya (1995-0625); If they have a problem with the Agnya, they should use a candle at the back… if their eyesight is getting weak, or is short-sighted (1983-0209); When the left Nabhi combines with either the left Agnya or the left Swadisthan, then you can become vulnerable to blood cancer (1986-0921.2); If left Agnya is catching… put your hand on your heart… just assert… ‘Mother I am the Spirit’ (1984-0622)

We can steady the Agnya, by soothing the eyes – by looking at the green grass, or by looking at the ground (instead of always looking at every man or at every woman, which only leads to wobbly eyes) (1978-1218); The mantra is ‘I forgive everyone’ (1984-0718)

By showing light to God… what we do is we worship light within us… the light element gets enlightened within us. The light element is here on the Agnya. When you do Aarti or when you put light before God… when you show light to God, the light element within you gets enlightened (1980-0927)

Watch me continuously, without blinking… without any pressure on the eyes… attention on Sahastrara… you can do it… without blinking. This is… physical… we have worked out our attention… and on our Agnya (1985-0504)

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– end – 28 Jul 2003