Name of Shri Radha, meaning the giver of Joy (1989-0814.1), the one who gives joy… pure joy (1997-0823.1); This The essence of Shri Krishna… was Madhuria… is the sweetness… and Radha who was his energy, was known for Ahlada Dayini, means the one who is joy giving. Ahlada is even more than joy… you see joy can be very general word, but Ahlada means bubbling of joy. The bubbling of joy… that is her power… and she was the power of Shri Krishna. When you meet a friend you know how you feel like… just taking him to your heart… just embracing… don’t know what to do with that… and sometimes it’s so much that you feel like beating… beating yourself and beating the friend… that sort of joy is Ahlada Dayini. That is Radha. So today… the power of joy we have to worship today… the power of joy… and this power of joy which is Ahlada Dayini… with the idea that now we are praying that our heart should be opened by Shiva… and once our heart is open, it will be expressed by the power of Shri Radha and Shri Krishna. This is the combination today. Let us have this way… that is a combination of heart opening… through Vishuddhi we are expressing it… like some people, specially women when they are over joyous they start weeping and crying – that’s Ahlada (1989-0709)

Ahladadayini Shakti has to come within us… which means… when we meet another person in the collectivity, the other person should feel happy with you (1997-0823.1); The message of Shri Krishna is… to show ‘that’ love, which is Ahladadayini… to show your maximum love… not to show your pity… but love which is Ahladadayini (1997-0823.1); What you talk… what you say to others… if it is not Ahladadayini… keep quiet – if you talk sweetly… what’s the harm (1997-0823.1)

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