One who has everything but behaves like a beggar, with no Lakshmi principle (1991-0003); Means when you have money, and you don’t have the qualities of a person who should have money… you become very miserly… you don’t want to give any money to anyone… and if you give it, you give it to false gurus, and wrong people – this is Alakshmi… the behaviour becomes very arrogant (1997-1102); Means, that at that time when you are punished… you will be surprised… you will become bankrupt… you will have no money… you will be exposed… you may be in jail (2001-0321)

Tape References

Date/Ref – Title – Qual – mins

1997-1102 Lakshmi & the Maya of Money, Diwali Puja, Lisbon good 55 2001-0321 Mother’s Birthday Puja, Delhi good 50

– end – 24 Apr 2003