Alcohol was not intended for us to drink, but was provided for us as a polish. Gin is good for polishing diamonds. However if we drink it, then our liver suffers, being also polished, and so preventing the transfer of the heat into the blood. The result is that we become hot tempered and angry. We also can become confused and wobbly when we drink alcohol, which is against our attention (1981-0328); Alcohol was denounced by all the Primordial Masters (1981-0330)… is that which is drunk by those who are not the Devas (1997-0600)

Alcohol is the rotten wine – you have to rot it for days together, and the more rotten it is then it is regarded as something very expensive – it is repulsive (1987-1225); At the time of Christ, wine was never fermented, or alcoholic, but was simply, as it still is today in some places, unfermented grape juice (1981-0328); Alcoholic drinks cannot be created instantly – they have to rot and rot – the more they rot, the ‘better’ they are (1995-1224); Wine is the rotten grape juice, absolutely rotten… it just smells… like rotten cork. The wine has to be 100 years old certified… that’s the best (1992-0621)

The worst for Lakshmi Principle is drinking… is alcohol – they say in India, that a bottle comes from one side, and the Lakshmi runs away from the other. Sahaja Yogis don’t need to drink… they give up drinking… and thus the Lakshmi Principle can be established much more easily (1996-0716); Our attention, our awareness, is based in the stomach, in the void, and can be spoiled by drinking alcohol (1978-1005); Lakshmi will disappear with certain things: alcohol, baddha or ‘possession’ (1986-0921.1; 1987-1024); On this side… at right Nabhi… we can get problems with the liver, resulting from drinking alcohol, leading to anger and hot temper (1981-0328); The Nabhi can be upset by alcohol, drugs and some medicines also (1981-0328)

We have had terrible alcoholics, who could not give up… and they have given up… we had people who have taken drugs… they have given up without difficulty. There are higher vices, and bigger vices which people have given up… and some vices which one cannot mention, that people have given up… and this happens when your attention goes to your Spirit… automatically your detachment works out… means your attention has felt definitely that ‘oneness’ with Reality… otherwise why are you getting detached… but for that it is essential that your attention should be on your Spirit (1978-1002)

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Chakras affected: Nabhi; Void

– end – 9 Sep 2002