Alertness is very important… complete alertness, that we should keep our attention purely for the sustainance of our pure desire (1982-1219); We have to be extremely witnessing in a full way… very alert, extremely alert and witnessing ourselves… what are we doing… then only we reach the completion of our Realisation. Unless and until you reach the completion of your Realisation you can never be masters of your attention, you can never be the enjoyer of your joy, and you can never know the truth fully (1987-1219)

If you are not aware enough, not alert enough, then you must know that you need ‘real’ correction… you must assert yourself, work it out, tell your leader… ‘there is something wrong with me, and please correct me’ (1987-1230.1); Some people go on lingering about, very lethargic, with very slow movements as if they have taken some sort of drugs. But see how the Indians are very alert, especially the Maharashtrians… this alertness you have to achieve… you have to work it out in a very quick and a very smart way. Alertness is very important (1987-1224)

Tape References

Date/Ref – Title – Qual – mins

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– end – 7 Jun 2003