Who lived about 200 years BC, and who was very much respected in India, because after he invaded India, he left again without taking away anything, unlike others (1989-0524)

Alexander the Great invaded India… after Buddha was born… and he went with the idea of conquering the whole of India. He was a very powerful man… but God did not want that, perhaps, and so he was defeated… and one king, called Puru imprisoned him. Now Alexander was married to an Indian lady… and it was the day of Raksha Bandhan… the Rakhi full moon… so she was a clever lady… and so she sent one thread on a small little plate, covered with some nice cloth to the King Puru in his court. So the king had to wear it… because that was the day of Raksha Bandhan… and that day, anybody who sends you this thread, you become the brother. So then he asked… ‘who is my sister’. So they said… ‘she is the wife of Alexander. The king got very upset about it… because a sister’s husband is something very great in India. So he rushed to jail and fell straight on his knees, and begged his pardon… and was so apologetic that Alexander could not understand the whole thing. He then brought Alexander back and put him on his throne. So Alexander started looking at him… and said… ‘I can’t understand this’. So then he went to his house with so many things that the king had given him… jewellery… saris… clothes… horses… elephants… and when he reached home, he found his wife there smiling. So she explained… ‘this is the day of Raksha Bandhan… and when this thread was tied to him he became my brother… and he had to release you’ (1987-0513; 1986-0818)

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