Allergies of the skin can be the result of a lethargic liver, resulting from a left side imbalance of the Swadisthan Chakra (1984-0313); Imbalances of the Left Swadisthan can result in lethargic organs, resulting in: allergies of the skin (liver), nervous problems, cancer and leukaemia (1984-0313); Diseases that may result from lethargic organs, include: cirrhosis; rashes; allergies etc (1983-0131); A lethargic liver gives you allergies… all kinds of allergies come to people through their lethargic livers (1983-0209)

Tape References:

Date/Ref – Title – Qual – mins

1984-0313 Intro talk – 3 channels, Delhi – see 1984-0313 good 35

1983-0131 Nabhi Chakra, Delhi good 80

1983-0209 Problems of Left, Right and Centre – Bombay good 65 1984-0313 Intro Talks – Delhi and Hampstead

Chakras affected: Left Swadisthan

– end – 9 Sep 2002