A very famous religious place in the Himalayas (1998-0712), where a drop of water falls on a particular area and creates a Linga… plus… another drop falls on another side, and creates Shri Ganesha (1984-0902), and where a guru lived in his ashram – in those ancient times, these gurus never used to leave their ‘seat’, called as their ‘Takya’ (1998-0712)

When so many people were going to Ambarnath, and so many people got killed, Pakistan said ‘see, they should not have gone to this Ambarnath… it’s a false place… what it’s proved is that it’s not a Holy place’… but when the Haaj thing took place, they had nothing to say… they did not know how to explain… the dying there of so many people. Now what is Mother Earth suggesting… that by going to these places, Holy places… they are really Holy places no doubt… that you are not doing any spiritual ascent… you are not achieving anything, by going to these places – which are really Holy… that cannot be challenged… they are Holy places (1997-0525)

Tape References

Date/Ref – Title – Qual – mins

1984-0902 Ganesha Puja talk, Switzerland [French translation] good 55 1997-0525 Respect the Mother Earth, Cabella good

1998-0712 To be obedient to the Guru, Cabella

– end – 1 Jun 2003