Krodh, which starts from the liver but is expressed through the Vishuddhi. The face becomes red, the eyes become red, and from the mouth all kinds of horrible things are said. The whole expression is so different, when you are angry. So this anger is to be seen… where it is… the liver; To master it you have to face yourself clearly. Krodh is the worst enemy, according to Shri Krishna (1991-0001); Some people have a habit of showing anger with the eyes… and the angry eyes are another dangerous thing to do with your eyes… because they can become mesmeric (1986-0823)

Anger is the worst thing that we have… some people are proud of their anger – anger is a sign of complete stupidity… there’s no need to get angry with anyone. You don’t solve the problem… by anger you spoil yourself… you ruin your own nature… you spoil the whole situation. If anything happens that angers you, settle down and see for yourself why is it wrong, why is it disturbing you… your seeing itself will help this problem to be solved (1998-0510)

Not to bear anger within you… it comes from your liver. You may not even show anger… but inside is anger… so just take it out… clear it out… the liver! If you go on accumulating anger, and bearing it up… it also burns your liver… if you show it off… it burns others’ livers. So best is to take it out… say take a pillow… and hit it hard… or which ever way… take it out (1981-0904)

The only time when you should really be angry… when you cannot tolerate anything against your Mother… or Sahaja Yoga… and one can get into a tremendous temper… so to say that a Realised Soul should not get into a temper is a wrong thing… then, the anger is spontaneous. But you need not do anything… I can look after myself – but the reaction is correct… the reaction is correct (1988-0921; 1977-0215); Ganesha… if he gets angry… be afraid of him… he is innocent like a child… but he can get into a terrible temper (1977-0215)

What you have to do when you start feeling anything… anger against say some very devilish guru supposing… then you build it up in yourself, and that built up anger within you will neutralise that. You need not say it out loud… you need not talk about it… but that built up anger will little bit trouble you also… because it has a little bit reaction… but when it is released it will have an effect… and such a person cannot stand a Sahaja Yogi (1985-0310)


In Hindi language, we can never translate ‘I hate you’… we never say like that… because to hate somebody is sinful (1997-1225); Hatred can be only washed away by pure love (1997-0823.1)

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